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Crime And Punishment

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Harry will soon have to deal with the reprecusssions of his actions as of late. Meanwhile the Dark Lord finds the perfect opportunity to strike.

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Chapter 10
Crime and Punishment

It had been a week since Harry lost control. Afterwards Harry had been confined to his room until his punishment could be decided. Harry didn't argue, he knew this was going to be bad. It was bad enough when he was sending Slytherins to the Hospital Wing; now that he had nearly killed one of his professors and injured two others there was very little chance this would just blow over.

Harry was working out his frustrations on a punching bag when a hidden door in the back of the room opened. Harry didn't need to look over his shoulder to see who it was. Only one person other than himself knew about that door. Plus there was no mistaking the scent.

"You shouldn't be here Mione." Harry said quietly.

"You really want me leave?" She replied.

"Never." Harry answered honestly. "But I don't want you to get into trouble over me."

"You wouldn't even be in trouble if I hadn't invited Victor." Hermione said looking at her feet. Tears began to fall from her face. "This is all my fault." She cried. In a heartbeat Harry had crossed the room and wrapped his arms around her.

"Hey, this isn't your fault. Sometimes things happen that we have no control over." Harry cupped Hermione's chin in his hand and stared into her eyes. "I lost my temper. Whatever happens as a result isn't your fault okay?" Just then Harry's front door opened and Professor McGonagall stepped in Hermione moved to step back, but Harry held her in place.

"Headmaster's Office right?" Harry said calmly. McGonagall nodded then left the room. "I'll be back in a little bit." Hermione shook her head, and rose up on her tiptoes gently kissing Harry on the lips.

"I'm coming with you." She said firmly. Harry hesitated for a moment then nodded his head in agreement.


Harry stepped into Dumbledore's office groaned. "Let's see: Snape, Fudge, Umbridge, and Dumbledore. This looks grim already." Harry carefully glanced around the room. "Tell the Aurors you've got hiding in invisibility cloaks to leave." Harry slightly stepped in front of Hermione while keeping his eyes on the Aurors. "I'm not going hurt anybody here. At least not today." Harry said glaring at Umbridge.

"I told you he would notice them." Chuckled Dumbledore. With a slight motion of his fingers the pair of Aurors in the room removed their invisibility cloaks, yet they did not leave the room. Instead both glanced questioningly at Umbridge as if asking permission for something.

"You will relinquish your wand for the duration of these proceedings Potter." Umbridge said with false courtesy.

"On a cold day in hell."

"You will relinquish your wand boy." Growled one of the Aurors.

"That would be pointless. Believe me. I'm no less dangerous without my wand." Harry said evenly. One of the Aurors made a subtle reach for his wand. "Don't even think about it. I said I wouldn't hurt anyone, but your starting to try my patience." Harry growled.

"You are the most insolent child I have ever met Potter." Umbridge spat.

"Yeah, I get that a lot."

"Let's cut to the chase. The school board has decided, and Harry is to be expelled immediately." Stated Fudge.

"Well can't say I'm too surprised." Muttered Harry. "Wonder if there are any rooms available in Hogsmeade?" He wondered.

"Absolutely not." Fudge growled. "You will be returning to your Aunt's house immediately." As soon as the words were out of Fudge's lips Harry laughed.

"Really? I'm supposed to go back to my Aunt's house?" Harry asked stepping towards Fudge.

"Yes Potter that's right. If you refuse you'll be arrested." Fudge said trying to regain control. Harry took two more steps, and leaned forward till he was an inch from Fudge's face.

"Who's gonna make me?" Harry growled. At that moment a chill ran through Harry's spine. Looking over his shoulder Harry saw the two Aurors pointing their wands at Hermione. "Nothing personal boys, but if you don't lower your wands you'll be returning home missing a few limbs." Harry growled darkly. His eyes beginning to glow neon green.

"You will surrender peacefully Potter, or else things could possibly get very messy here." Said Umbridge.

"You know, I can think of four ways to disarm those Aurors. Two of which are quite lethal." Harry replied.

"Harry don't!" Hermione shouted. "If you resist then they'll be able to lock you up without a trial, but if you don't resist you can prove your innocence. Even if you beat them you'll just become a fugitive."

"You see, this is why I didn't want you to come along. You're always the voice of reason.." Harry muttered lightly. "Alright Mione." Harry relented. He held his hands forward as one Auror slapped a pair of magical handcuffs on his wrists.

"You're not getting out of this one Potter. I'll make sure you serve a nice lengthy sentence for all the grief you've caused the Ministry." Gloated Fudge.

"Gee I can't wait." Harry replied sarcastically. "Hope someone packs my luggage."


Within the hour Harry was aboard the Hogwarts Express being escorted by six Aurors. Harry sat calmly in the compartment. The Aurors never taking their eyes off of Harry. Every few minutes one of the Aurors patrolling the train would report in. Other than that the Aurors were completely silent.

"So when does the snack trolley come by?" Harry asked.

"Quiet boy." One Auror snapped. "Prisoners are not supposed to talk."

"You shouldn't be so negative in your final hours." Harry said quietly.

"What are you talking about?" One Auror asked.

"You're all going die here." Harry whispered. He looked up and stared into the eyes of the Auror. "Now that I'm out of Hogwarts they'll come for me."

The compartment grew silent once more until a few moments later. The car began to shake violently and the lights began flickering on and off. The main Auror quickly grabbed the intercom and began shouting orders.

"Johnson! What the bloody hell is going on out there?" A hiss of static was the only reply he received.

"They're here." Harry growled. "We don't have much time, we need to get off this train. Get me out of these cuffs."

"Nice try Potter, but we're going to stay right where we are until backup arrives."

The compartment went silent once more before the familiar sound of shattering glass was heard, accompanied by several demonic wails. The Aurors took up defensive positions as the compartment door was thrust open revealing a small skeleton carrying a leather bag covered in spikes on it shoulder. The bag itself seemed to be breathing.

"Quickly! Destroy that creature." The Auror ordered.

"NO! Don't-" Harry shouted, but was cut off by the shout of a reductor curse. The curse struck the bag dead on. Instantly the bag swelled up a violently exploded hurling the spikes lining it in all directions.

In the next car a pair of Death Eaters heard the explosion.

"Do you think that got him?" The first asked.

"Of course. Nothing could have survived that." Said the second.

As soon as the words were out of his mouth the door to the car was ripped from its hinges. Harry stepped through and grabbed the first Death Eater by the throat and snapped his neck. Harry then wretched an embedded spike from his arm and thrust it into the second Death Eaters eye. Harry surveyed the rest of the car and was glad to see that it was empty. He reached into his pocket a pulled a small mirror out.

"Still listening in Ron?" Harry spoke into the mirror.

"Yeah Harry I'm here. Are you all right? Hermione about had a fit when we heard the explosion."

"I'm okay just another day in the office for me. Did you get my luggage smuggled onto the train?"

"Yup. Third car from the back stashed underneath the seat in the first compartment." Said Ron.

"Excellent. I got my wands back from the Aurors that were guarding me, but the whole train is crawling with demons and Death Eaters. Not a situation I'd like to be in without all my toys you know. We're in a tunnel right now, but as soon as we're clear I'm gonna bail." Before Ron could reply his reflection faded out and was replaced by a haunting face that Harry knew all to well.

"You're not leaving so soon are you ickle-baby Harry?" Bellatrix said in a mocking tone.

"So you're on the train huh Bella?" Harry asked coldly.

"That's right Harry, front car."

"Good." Harry grinned devilishly.

With that said Harry pocketed the mirror and stepped into the next compartment. Six demons instantly rounded upon Harry brandishing their scythes. Harry's gauntlets flashed into existence just in time to stop a blade from slicing Harry's head off. Harry dropped into a crouch and then darted forward driving his elbow into a demons skull. Harry vaulted over the next demon then landed a kick to the back of the demon snapping its spine. The third fell victim to a burst of green fire that incinerated him on the spot. Harry blocked the next demon's attack with his left hand then ripped the demons throat out with his right hand. With a sudden burst of speed Harry's form blurred and vanished. He reappeared behind the two remaining demons that promptly fell to the ground with several injuries. Harry walked into the first compartment and reached under the seat and produced his sword, which he then strapped to his back. "No fear. No regrets. No mercy." Harry whispered as he drew his sword and twirled it around one time.

Harry kicked down the door to the next compartment with his wands drawn. A large group of demons awaited him in the center. Harry pointed both wands at the mass of the demons. "Sonicus!" He shouted. Every window in the car shattered as the demons were hurled out of the car by the massive sound wave. Ahead of Harry the door leading to the next car opened on it's own. Carefully, Harry entered.

"I've been waiting for this moment Potter." Said a figure cloaked in black.

"Dolohov. It's been awhile." Harry smirked. "By the way, how's your arm?"

Dolohov began to laugh coldly. "I'm glad you asked Potter. You see my master has granted me a new arm." Dolohov pulled the sleeve from his right arm, and started laughing again. The muscles in his arm began throbbing and growing. The skin on his arm turned red as blade like bones began protruding from various spots completed by a powerful three-way claw where his hand had once been.

"Hope you got the warranty on that thing cause it's about to end up like the last one." Harry growled.

Dolohov launched himself at Harry with surprising speed. Harry barely raised his gauntlet in time. Sparks flew as Dolohov's blades clashed with Harry's gauntlets. Dolohov immediately turned around and attacked again. Harry blocked the attack and immediately grabbed Dolohov's arm and threw him over his shoulder. Dolohov twisted around in midair and landed on his feet. Both men launched themselves at each other meeting in a ferocious clash of bone and steel. Dolohov slashed wildly with his demon arm keeping Harry from gaining any sort of balance in the cramped space. The fight continued until Dolohov slashed Harry across the chest knocking him into an open compartment. Just as Dolohov reached for his prey, Harry slammed the door shut on his arm and punched Dolohov thru the glass door. Dolohov was temporarily blinded by several shards of glass that had landed in his eye when Harry grabbed the upper railing and kicked Dolohov in the face with both feet knocking him thru the window.

"And stay out." Harry said dusting his clothing off.

"The filthy half-breed should not have won. Mistress will be disappointed." Muttered a soft scratchy voice.

Harry spun around to find the source of the voice. Behind him stood Kreacher, an evil grin plastered on his face. Kreacher laughed maniacally as his body began to mutate and grow. His skin bubbled and became a cold granite gray. Jagged bones burst forth from his body covering his back and forearms. Finally, a large mouth full of jagged teeth appeared on Kreacher's stomach.

"Just when I thought my day couldn't get any better."

Triple Threat
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