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In which Akabane cooks, and Ginji thinks he might never want to eat again.

Category: Get Backers - Rating: PG - Genres: Humor - Characters: Akabane, Ginji - Published: 2006-10-27 - Updated: 2006-10-28 - 200 words - Complete

Ginji had never even considered that there might come a time when he would feel like he'd never want food ever again.

That was before Akabane showed up to Madoka's party (which he was invited to because he'd been there when Madoka announced the whole thing, and Shido hadn't been quick enough to silence her when she asked the transporter if he wanted to come), armed with a grocery bag, a cooler, and a blood-chilling smile.

Currently, Ginji was staring in dawning queasy terror as Akabane held a very alive lobster in place on the tabletop, and with that cheerfully creepy smile proceeded to ram a kitchen-knife through its head, then with a collection of cracking and squishing sounds splitting the still-twitching carcass in two.

Ginji felt himself growing very, very green.

Looking up from his gruesome task, Akabane flashed him a smug, psychotic smile. "Are you feeling quite all right, Ginji-kun?"

Fighting the nausea and fear down to manageable levels, he managed to squeak out a "Y-y-yes, Akabane-san!"

The smile widened. "Ah, perfect. Then we'll move onto the clams. They're still alive, since you don't kill them until you actually cook them. Here we go..."

Ginji could only whimper.
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