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[Drabble] Slight spoilers for after VotE I suppose. It's implied, but never really said. Implied SasuNaru or NaruSasu depending on how you look at it.

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Sometimes when he can't get to sleep at night he sits beneath his window and lays his head against the sill, looking up and out the window at the endless night sky as he counts the stars, wondering, vaguely, if he is looking up too.

Sometimes when sleep wouldn't come and he has already counted a million stars, he wonders if things would have been different. He wonders about things that could have been and should have been but will never be. He wonders about the things that would come next and he hates it. Because there are things that no matter how hard he wishes, he can never change.

Sometimes when he can't get to sleep, he sits there silently, holding the mix of cloth and metal, as calloused fingers run over the grove indented across Konoha's leaf and he wonders why things had to turn out this way and he thinks that maybe there should of been more that he could of done. But there isn't, he knows this and he hates it.

Sometimes ... sometimes he thinks it would of been better if he had followed.
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