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Simple Thoughts

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OneShot. Galinda's simple thoughts on her roommate, Elphaba.

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Simple Thoughts

It was times like this when Galinda most admired her roommate. Not when she was sarcastic, not when was witty, and certainly not when she made fun of her with her shrewd knowledge; but when she sat quietly over her bed with a book over her arms, undisturbed by any other presence, oblivious to the outer world. She could be so silent and so focused on her reading, that Galinda sometimes doubted if she was still breathing. Her thin, green fingers would grasp the end of the page when her hungry eyes finished reading the last lines of that page, and would turn it over with such delicacy that it made no noise whatsoever, as if it all were a dream... nothing but air.

Her long, black hair would always be up in a bun, so that its thickness wouldn't disturb her profound absorption and meditation. That thick, dark hair of hers; always an annoyance in her line of sight. Though Galinda thought it was beautiful in its own way. It suited the green girl perfectly.

Galinda didn't really hate her roommate... she admired Elphaba's wit and knowledge, as well as her sharpness and passion for her beliefs. Her outspoken mind would always leave an impression on the blond, making her amazement for her even bigger, and the mystery of her thoughts even deeper. Galinda had met no other woman with such fervor and conviction for what was right, and not for what everyone said or thought. It was one quality that she admired above all others. Galinda didn't think that her roommate was aware of her admiration and respect for her works and nature. Nobody could match such intellect as Elphaba's, something Galinda had long ago desisted in figuring out.

"Is there something you require, Miss Galinda?" Elphaba asked, her eyes never leaving the yellowish page in front of her. It occurred then to Galinda that she had been starring at her all this whole time. And she had nothing to excuse herself with.

"Well, now that you ask, Miss Elphaba, yes, there is something I want to know." Galinda paused before continuing. Her pride had made her answer that, but in reality, she had no idea of what to say. "Whatever is it that you read all the time?" she had invented.

Elphaba lifted her head at that question. She looked directly at Galinda, who had the most ridiculous expression one could ever have. "Why, if I may ask, are you concerned to know my taste on books? Is it that you are interested too?"

Galinda took a moment to answer. She lifted her chin, defiantly. "Perhaps I am." At that, Elphaba smiled. A small, meaningful smile. And then, she returned her sight to the infamous book. Not being able to help it, a grin was formed on the blonde's lips too. Perhaps she was interested, after all.

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