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One shot yaois

by Kittytaisho 3 reviews

Shigure wonders what's wrong with Kyo that's making him so bothered, not to mention hot. What will happen?

Category: Fruits Basket - Rating: R - Genres: Erotica, Humor - Characters: Kyo, Shigure - Warnings: [X] - Published: 2006-10-29 - Updated: 2006-10-30 - 566 words

"Kyo, what do you think you're doing?" Shigure asked curiously, seeing said cat rolling around on the floor in his room.
Kyo looked up at Shigure with a drunken smile and held out his arms. "Shii-chan!" He purred, rushing to the startled dog and flinging himself into his arms. Shigure nearly had a heart attack as Kyo rubbed his face against his chest, purring like the cat he was.
"Kyo, what are you-oh-doing?" Shigure faltered as Kyo rubbed his face into Shigure's neck and lightly licked a certain spot that made Shigure's brain turn into mush. "Shii-chan..." Kyo purred seductively, rubbing his body against Shigure, having him shiver.
"You're not yourself Kyo. What have you gotten into?" Shigure asked, trying to pull away from the cat. "It doesn't matter Shii-chan.." Kyo purred, leading Shigure to the bed, before making him fall back on it and climbing over him.
"K-Kyo?!" Shigure asked, nearly moaning as Kyo rubbed himself into Shigure's groin. As Kyo's tongue traveled down his neck, that's when Shigure snapped.
He swiftly flipped them over, pinning Kyo beneath his body. "Alright Kyo, you better be ready," He said huskily, gently kissing Kyo's lips as he finished. Kyo wrapped his arms about Shigure's neck, bringing him back down for another kiss. "I've been ready," He replied.
Slowly, Shigure removed Kyo of his shirt, before coming up to lick at his neck. Kyo gave a light moan, turning his head to give Shigure better access. Soon, their clothes were discarded, and Shigure lightly inserted a finger inside Kyo.
Kyo gave a small whimper at the sudden intrusion, before the gentle pain passed and he begged for more. Shigure more than happily obliged, bringing his head down towards Kyo's member. Kyo panted as Shigure enveloped him, his hands becoming entangled in Shigure's hair. "Shigure, more!" He moaned, trying to get him to go faster.
Shigure smirked, and pulled his head up, before slowly coming back down, at the same time, inserting yet another finger into Kyo. After a couple of minutes, Shigure pulled his fingers out, and lifted his head from Kyo's length. Kyo lay panting beneath him, sweat covering both their bodies in a light sheen.
Shigure lay one of Kyo's legs on his shoulder, and swiftly entered the cat, making him cry out at the pleasure and pain of that one act.
Shigure opened his eyes lightly, before he gave a small yawn. 'What a nice dream..' He thought to himself, before he suddenly noticed the extra presence in his room. 'It wasn't a dream!'
Kyo was sleeping soundly beside Shigure, looking so peaceful as he did so. Shigure slipped out of the bed, and made his way to the bathroom, but stopped when his foot came into contact with something.
He looked down and picked up the little mouse. He couldn't help but start laughing a bit. This explained Kyo's sudden strange behavior. He laughed as he threw it over his shoulder, going into the bathroom.
Little did he know it landed on his pillow, right in front of Kyo's nose. Kyo instantly woke up, and upon hearing the shower come on, quickly went to 'help' Shigure.
Who ever said catnip was bad for cats? Now, Shigure likes to keep some hidden in convenient places, for example, inside his shirt. It drives Kyo crazy, but has very, very pleasurable results. So, neither of them complain.
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