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Three dog night anyone?

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My first fiction so..well don't be nice you can be as harsh as you want but youa re going to have to read this to figure out what it is.

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I was sniffing around the Collin's garbage when I heard the howl . That meant the neighborhood dog watch was calling a session, not that there are actually that many dogs around here. Just three really: Sparky, a hyper active miniture schnauzer; Teetotal, a big chocolate lab who really hates it when we make fun of his name; and me, Bellonce. No I have no idea what my humans were thinking when they named me, so don't try asking. The Parkers, my humans, were a bit strange in the head if you ask me.
Back to the story though! I took my dear sweet time getting to Sparky's front yard, I was in no hurry to be anywhere. I didn't care if the world was ending it was going to have to end on my schedule right now.
"Bell where have you BEEN!!!!" Sparky demanded bouncing up and on the spot which really wasn't that uncommon of an occurrence, he was a schnauzer after all.
"Taking my damned time. Why does it matter? I don't see Teetotal anywhere!" I said pointedly.
A bark from behind me told me I was wrong again.
"I have been here for about ten minutes, Pup! You should be more punctual!" Tee braked at me.
"Sorry I'll try." I said knowing perfectly well I wouldn't.
"Well first thing on the agenda is the Nelson's new flower beds. They smell awful and I put to vote a resolution to dig the up immediately!" Sparky yapped.
"Seconded." Teetotal barked.
"Agreed." I answered.
"Well then it unanimous. Chipper make sure you get that down on the agenda for later tonight." Sparky said to the secretary squirrel who was furiously scribbling down our every word on an oak leaf.
"Yes sir!" Chipper said with a salute.
"The next item on the list comes from Chipper's kin. The squirrel summit request that we chase the stray tabby cat, Lawrence, away due to the plundering of three of their nest. All in favor please bark all opposed howl."
A chorus of three barks sounded .
"Good, that's all for the official agenda is there anything else you two would like to put to vote?" Sparky asked .
"Yeah, why doesn't chipper ever get a day off?" I asked in all seriousness.
"Shut up Bellonce!" Teetotal growled.
"Fine but aren't there squirrel labor laws that prevent this...I mean the Geneva Convention does prevent cruel and unusual torture and hanging around you two ugly pugs goes beyond that " I joked knowing I was pissing them off.
"Watch it pup!" Teetotal snarled.
"I'm just saying...."
"Meeting adjourned! Disband!" Sparky interrupted me.
I happily pranced back to me trash can happy to have ended yet another meeting far earlier than it would have without my assistance. I felt rather proud of myself. So much for a three dog night we had all parted ways for good hopefully. I really hate being a dog sometimes.
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