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Rukia's Gigai

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Ichigo and Rukia have a different view about her gigai.

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Disclaimer: I Do not own Bleach. Bleach belongs to Tite Kubo and VIZ entertainment. This story is rated T.

Rukia's Gigai

Ichigo Kurosaki was running late this morning as usual. He noticed that Rukia was having trouble keeping up with him as he ran. He looked back and noticed that she was leaning against the side of a building for support.

"Geez, Rukia, what's with you? We're going to be late for school!" the orange haired boy reminded her. "That's not really a bad thing though...." he decided.

The raven haired shinigami looked down at her Gigai, which she used as her temporary body until she regained her powers.

"It's this stupid Gigai! It's no stronger than the average scrawny schoolgirl!" she began. She gracefully smoothed the pleated skirt of her school uniform as she glanced down at her chest.

"Just wait until I see those research and development freaks! They're all about boobs and legs when it's muscle I need!" the soul reaper complained in disgust.

"Wha..?" Ichigo looked over at her closely. (What was she talking about?)

"What do you mean? You look just as short and flat chested as the first time I saw you!" the tall teenager said, not realizing just what a mistake he just made.

Rukia Kuchiki turned and looked at him coldly. "Is that so?" she asked, then she stalked over to him and began to stomp him.

"Ow! OW! Cut it out! OW" the teenager screamed out in pain......


Later that night-

Ichigo sighed as he lay on top of his bed, with his hands behind his head. He knew that Rukia was upset with him. After she had stomped him, she left and ignored him the rest of the day at school.

'Damn'... he thought. He hadn't meant to hurt her feelings. They had argued before, but she seemed really upset over this.

He swung himself off of his bed and stood up. He slowly walked over to his closet door.

He lightly rapped on the door. "Rukia?" he called softly.

"What do you want, fool?" the raven haired shinigami asked bitterly.

"Look...don't be like this! Your Gigai looks fine! I mean, you still have that shiny black hair and those blue eyes..." he began, than suddenly stopped.

"Forget it, Rukia! I'm not apologizing!" he yelled to the closet door, embarrassed as he realized that he had acted sappy for a second. That just wasn't cool, he had a reputation to uphold!

He flung himself back onto his bed, hoping that she didn't hear the part about her hair and eyes.....

Inside the closet, the centuries old soul reaper smiled to herself. It was nice to get a compliment at her age-especially if it was from Ichigo.


A/n- This very short idea came from the Manga Vol #2. I capitalized the G in gigai- not sure if I was supposed to, but I liked the way it looked. This is my second Bleach fic and sorry it's so short. I hope to do more drabbles or a longer story soon. Please review and no flames please. Thank you!
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