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Day 3

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Day three

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My head was heavy and I wanted to go back to sleep. I wish I hadn't had that last drink. We were sitting in the Hotel's restaurant, eating breakfast. Everyone was in horrible state, except Ryan of course. It's hard to get a hang-over from drinking soft drinks all night. Maybe partying with them was the right thing to do, because they were a lot more welcoming and open towards me. Not Brendon though, he just sat there asleep.

"Max? Did anything happen between you and Bren last night?"

I opened my eyes to see who had asked that. Spencer was sitting opposite me with a questioning look on his face.


He just nodded, looking like he knew that I wasn't telling the whole truth. But I was, wasn't I?

"Oh, I just thought, because you left together and everything."

"No, I don't get into relationships with my interviewees."

"Oh, then I believe my chances are ruined."

Ryan winked at me. Such a sweet guy. I smiled and looked down on my plate.

"When do we go?"

"Soon, I hope. We're just waiting for the driver."

We stood outside the hotel, waiting for that damn driver. It was a hot and sunny day, so we opted to wait outside, well some of us, to get some tan. The band was there and we were just sort of hanging out. They were very nice, even though a hang over from last night lingered over all of us. They made sure I knew what was going on in their conversation, all except Brendon who ignored me, pretty much like he had done in the past few days. That just proved to me that last night had been a dream.

Finally the tour bus arrived and we got on. It was refreshing to get into that air-conditioned bus. I sat down with my laptop, ready to type in yesterday's notes and load the pictures I had taken. It was about time I sent my editor an update on how things were working out. The guys had retired to their bunks, too tired to do anything but sleep. To my surprise Brendon sat down opposite me, with a big frown on his face.

"Did we ... Did you ... Did I kiss you last night?"

I didn't look up from my computer, I just nodded. He cursed.

"It never happened OK, don't mention it to anyone."

This comment of his made me look up.

"The list of things that I shouldn't mention keeps getting longer. What next?"

He opened his mouth to speak but closed it again. He did that several time before he eventually spoke. Shame, I was about to like the silence.

"I didn't enjoy it. It was just a spur of the moment kind of thing. I didn't mean it."

"Then why bring it up?"

He glared at me.

"To make sure you wouldn't go on telling everyone about it."

"That stunt of yours could cost me my work, so I'm not speaking up about it."

He just nodded before smiling.

"Great. See you later, I'm going to sleep."

I just shook my head and kept on with my work. Man, that boy was weirder then anyone I had met before.
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