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The Reunion

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takes place in during the 5th season...not finished yet...this is my first story so be and review please

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Disclaimer: I own nothing... this is the first chapter, it applies for the whole story!

The Reunion

"Married, a kid, AND a shrink? I leave you alone for three years and this is what happens? I'm worried about you Brenda Chenowith, or is it Brenda Fisher now?" Brenda, standing by the cliffs, wearing her wedding dress and Nate's jacket, drinking a glass of Champaign, looking out at the horizon, turns around to approach the mystery person who has decided to criticize her at her moment of weakness.


"Did you honesty think I would miss this day? Sorry I'm a little late, your directions sucked."

"I didn't send you an invitation. When you disappeared after I left, no one knew where you were. I was beginning to think you were dead! How did you know I was getting married?" questioned Brenda.

"Connection Bren. Connection. And honey, don't worry, your baby will come. This one just wasn't meant to be. In time, you'll have your little girl." Syd said, in reference to the miscarriage Brenda had the night before, the night before her wedding.

"How did you-" Brenda started to ask, but realizing she knew the answer all along. It was the mental connection that Syd and Brenda share. Syd was telling the truth. She did in fact know Brenda was getting married today and the fact that she lost her baby the previous night, when only Brenda, Nate and Margaret knew.

"Now get over here bitch and give me a hug!" as they embraced, Brenda began to feel as though everything was going to be alright. A feeling she only had when Syd was around. Not even Nate made her feel like this.

"You look beautiful by the way" Syd whispered.

"Brenda?" Nate asked, walking in on the reunion.

"Nate, I want you to meet Syd Chenowith, Syd, this is Nate Fisher, my"

"Husband, yeah I know. He's cuter than I thought! Good job Bren." Syd answered, finishing Brenda's sentence.

"Chenowith eh? You must be a relative of Brenda's"

"I'm Brenda's cousin by law, but sister in reality" answered Syd, confusing Nate.

"Cousin? Sister? Why haven't I heard of you before?" asked Nate, still confused as to the relationship between this mystery person and his newlywed wife.

"Because Brenda is jealous and a little bit ashamed of me."

"Jealous? I think not my friend!"

"Ok, you two have you newlywed moment. I still haven't seen Billy and Mama Maggie. Damn I haven't seen them in almost 5 years. Bren, we'll talk later!" Syd kisses Brenda, gives Nate a hug (after all, he is her new brother-in-law) and walks off, shaking her head, repeating "I can't believe she's a shrink, I can't believe she's a shrink"

"So Brenda, who's this Syd character and why did she suddenly show up at our wedding?" asked Nate.

"She's my cousin. When she was four, her parents were murdered, very Harry Potter-esk. My parents adopted her, changed her last name, the whole nine yards. We grew up together as sisters. All the research and experimentation my parents did on Billy and I, she got it ten fold. While I was Charlotte Light and Dark, she was Samantha Life and Death. I'm sure Claire has read that one too." Explains Brenda, giving Nate the abridged version of Syd Chenowith's life.

"So you guys were close?"

"Very much more than close. Sometimes I swear we share a brain, a wavelength. Three years ago, when I left town, I went to see her to clear my head. She helped me turn my life around. But when I left, she disappeared, until now. No one knew where she was, or if she was even still alive."

"If no one knew where she was, how did she know about the wedding?"

"She just knew. She even knew about the baby. It's out mental connection. I can only explain it as a mental connection" explained Brenda.

"Is she here for good?"

"I certainly hope so. For everyone's sake, I certainly hope so!"
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