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The Next Morning

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the next morning

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The Next Morning

Syd woke up to the sound of Maya running around the house. It wasn't nine in the morning yet, and the little girl was already running around the house. "Damn, I give Brenda and Nate a lot of credit" she thought to herself, as Maya ran up to the couch and poked Syd in the shoulder. Her right arm was in a cast up to her shoulder and her face was pretty bruised. Although the swelling had gone down, it was still black and blue. "Thank god all the lacerations were under my clothes. Poor Maya would defiantly be terrified if she saw me like that." Syd thought to herself.

"Good morning Maya." Syd said, pushing herself up to sit, trying her hardest to refrain from screaming in pain. "Come sit next to Aunt Syd. You remember me from your mommy and daddy's wedding, don't you?" she asked.

"Yes. Why does your face look all funny?" Maya asked, in reference to the bruises on Syd's face.

"Aunt Syd had a little accident, but I'm alright now" Syd explained.

"YAY" Maya said and gave her aunt a big hug. Her niece smelled like baby powder and chocolate chip cookies. Inspire of her injuries, she hugged that little girl as long as she could. Suddenly, her life started to look up.

"Maya, leave your aunt alone. She's had a hard night" Brenda yelled from the kitchen.

"Come here and eat your breakfast"

"OK mommy!" Maya said and she scampered off to the kitchen.

"That's alright. Maybe later I can take Maya to the park, and when I get my arm back, I can push her on the swings" Syd said.

"Are you sure you're up to that? After last night?" Brenda asked.

"Yeah. I've missed too much time already." Syd answered.

"As long as you're up to it." Brenda said. Syd nodded. "How does that sound Maya? Do you want to go to the park later with your aunt Syd?" Brenda asked the three year old.

"UH HUH" Maya said, in between bites of oatmeal.

"She likes you" Brenda said, walking into the kitchen, keeping one eye on her daughter in the dinning room.

"I love her. She's precious!" Syd answered, hobbling behind Brenda into the kitchen. Brenda poured a cup of coffee and handed it to Syd.

"Ahh, you're a doll. You know exactly what I need." Syd said, taking a sip of the piping hot coffee. With that, Nate walks in, struggling to fix his tie. As soon as Brenda saw him struggling, she assisted her husband. "The two of them are so cute together. And they have certainly been through a lot together over the years" Syd thought to herself. With a kiss on the lips, Brenda handed Nate his travel mug of coffee and he left the house, stopping to say good by to Maya. "What a good little house wife Brenda has become. What the hell happened to my sister?" Syd thought to herself. As soon as Maya finished her bowel of Oatmeal she started running around the house. Brenda started chasing her, with Maya's high pitched giggles filling the house. Brenda scooped her up and carried her to the bedroom, to start their day. "I'm really glad you're home Syd." Brenda said, as she disappeared into Maya's room.

"Me too" Syd whispered, "Me too."
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