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**ONE-SHOT** The birth of our Hero of Time. It will eventually be a novel-length fic, but it can stay this way until I get my writing juices up and running ;) WARNING: This is NOT necessarily Cano...

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Lost and Found


The air outside was warm and the sun threw golden rays of light into the open window. The thatched-roof cottage was set aback from the other houses of the village. The stone-brick walls were of a local granite mine a little east of the Field and the dirt floor was packed firm from heavy footsteps. The cottage was small, with only three rooms: a common living room with a shabby and worn wooden table in the center for cooking and eating, a small fireplace with a pot suspended from iron rods in the center. Pots hung from hoods in a line beside a beaten and oversized oven. There was a bedroom with one bed that filled more than half of the room. There was also a dresser with boxes on top and a mirror hung over it. Draped over the bed was a quilt of many different patterns that had been a gift many years ago. The third room held a tub and chamber pot. There was a meager amount of personal belongings besides clothing and kitchen ware. There were a few handmade pots created by young children's hands and a bit of jewelry, but not much.

There were few windows in this petite little cottage. One across from the door, of which the sun now showed pleasure enough to grace this house with golden splendor. The one other window was in the small bedroom and looked upon the bed. Facing west, the window caught the beauty of sun set and, at the right moment of the day, the sun spread heavenly blessings of comfort gold into the room and onto the well-made bed, dust dancing in its rays. Every day, at this glorious hour, time seemed to slow and watch the grace of this simple hut that which house two, sometimes three people at a time. Time would seem to pause and look all around and the rabbits in the yard and the cuckoos in their cage would stop and believe in the serene beauty that is life. Nothing stirs and everything is aware. Not even the wind blows at this time of peace. At this indescribable moment, the world would notice this small house and notice the poverty coinciding with it. Then, slowly, the moment would end; the sun would sink a little lower behind the fields of green, a tree would bristle, and Time would move reluctantly onward.

It would be during this moment that a miracle would occur and that sacred time of day would stretch a little longer.

A young woman stepped up to the door. She leaned against it, supporting herself with her elbow, her breathing labored. Everyday tasks were becoming more and more difficult and the load in her belly weighed her down more each day. She looked up at the noon sun, shielding her eyes with her hand. She carefully calculated the time and sighed. She looked down at her skirt to see her stomach bulging out more than ever. She scrunched up her face in thought. She was scared. The pregnancy hadn't proceeded very comfortably and she was constantly afraid the baby would be a girl. She couldn't afford that.

She gathered her skirt and stepped inside the hut. Her sister sat with a grave face at the table, her face cross and her eyes stern. Her jaw was pronounced on her face and her skin was clear, with little blemishes. Her hair was a thick, course brown and was twisted around a small shaft of an ancient maple's limb. The small, pencil-sized bough was an heirloom passed from oldest daughter to oldest daughter for as long as their family had been in Hyrule. It was said that the small shaft contained powers never before imagined, but none knew how to wield it. The handle of the shaft was shaped beautifully and was worn smooth from use.

The woman was very pretty but did not take this feature for granted. Her only child was a young girl, five years of age, and with chocolate colored hair that shone red when the sun sparkled upon it. Young Lucia was a fortunate girl solely because she would be the next in line for the oak hair piece. Her mother would sometimes let her hold it and she had gotten accustomed to its holiness over the short years of her life. Lucia's father had served in the Hyrulian army. Unfortunately, he had never lived to see his twenty-fifth birthday. When the news had reached the woman, she was devastated, though newly born Lucia was oblivious to her mother's tears. Her mother didn't speak of the tragedy. Now her mother's sister stayed with them. Though they lived in poverty, they were content.

"How is Lucia today?" asked the pregnant woman, drawing her sister from her thoughts.

She looked upon her sister's face, searching. After a moment, she replied, "She's as happy as any little girl, as carefree as a baby kitten." She smiled, "She's so wonderful. I can't get angry at her; her face just brightens me whenever I set eyes upon her."

The pregnant woman laughed, "I only hope mine is as glorious as she. She will be no hunter and no supporter, but I suppose she could weave, farm, and everything else; like us."

For the two sisters, having a boy didn't seem a likely chance, considering there wasn't one by blood for many generations. It was sad that they couldn't possibly have any more girls. The state of poverty it would put them in would be too much.

"Where is your daughter, Farfalla?"

"She's in the garden, fetching me some basil."

The woman nodded and walked over to the window, peering into the garden. Lucia was jumping over plants and chasing a lizard, a handful of the fresh herbs clenched firmly in her hand. The woman looked dreamy and motioned to her sister to come watch her beloved girl. Farfalla stood and came to watch. She sighed and pressed her hand to her cheek. They watched the girl for a few minutes, then turned back to the table and sat in silence. After another couple of minutes, Lucia walked in with the basil clasped in her hand, bits protruding out from her fingers. A smile stretched from ear to ear. She cried, "I got it, Mama! I got it!" Her face was flushed with excitement and her knees and dress were covered in dirt.

Her mother smiled affectionately at her triumphant daughter. The little girl ran over to her mother and dropped the herbs into her unsuspecting lap. She laughed and skipped around the room, humming to herself.

The two women watched with grim amusement at the child's oblivious dancing and her mother shook her head and set the basil on the table. Suddenly, the pregnant woman cried out. Her face paled and her eyes scrunched up with pain. Her sister, surprised, yelled in shock and leaped from her chair. She ran to her side and drew the hair from her sister's sweating brow. Farfalla watched as her sister struggled to keep calm, clutching her full belly in dire need. She tried desperately to still her, but to know avail. She quickly turned to her daughter.

"Lucia," she said, "Hurry into the bedroom and take the quilt off the bed. Do that for Mama." When Lucia's face showed blank and speechless wonder, she cried, "Now!"

Lucia sprang out of her uncomprehending gaze and ran into the bedroom, tears starting to brim.

The sound of a galloping horse could be heard drawing quickly near the house. Momentarily, it stopped abruptly outside and its rider waited briefly upon the saddle. When he heard the cries of anguish and tears of Lucia, he jumped from his seat like a cricket from a blade of grass. He ran into the cottage, bursting the door open as he entered, only daring to think of what could be happening. Farfalla cried out in relief and he spared not a moment in helping her sister. Together, they lifted her carefully and brought her into the bedroom and laid her on the stripped bed.

The woman immediately grasped the man's hand and tears came swiftly to both of their eyes. He sat with bated breath and cooed her as best he could. When she cried out in pain, Lucia burst into fits of sobs in fear and worry. What was happening? She stood at the doorway and watched, waiting.

And all the while, as the hours ticked by and they sat waiting for the inevitable, the sun dropped a little more and that magical moment of serenity and peace graced the soon-to-be mother. It was now that the moment lingered but a little longer and all time seemed to watch the birth of this child. But soon, just like any other day, the tranquility passed and the sun sank a little lower behind the hills and Field and Time wandered on in its endless journey.

She dreamed. A terrible pain was constraining her thoughts, but she dreamed. She began to lose control, and her grip began to falter. He yelled in exasperation she did not hear. A woman's voice spoke to her in defiance. She did not heed it. She felt her soul begin to leave her. Her mind began to slip. She fell away.

She opened her eyes and, intrigued, looked around. She stood upon a silver platform and a perfectly clean blue water flowed from under it and ran silently down over the edge into oblivion. She gazed at the walls and realized there really were no walls. A great black expanse stretched as far as she could see, and farther. She saw that it was raining, but it did not bother her. On the contrary, she found it pleasing, for it did not fall heavily and the drops were unfelt by her skin. She was puzzled. She looked up. Where was it coming from? And where was she?

As she considered her surroundings, she noticed she was holding something. A bundle, it seemed; but what was wrapped in it, she didn't know. Then she remembered what she was supposed to do and walked to the edge of the platform, each step heavier then the last and her light treading echoed strongly in this lost reality. She was about to put the bundle into the strangely inviting water, when a pure green light pierced into her sight.

She stumbled and stopped. She blinked for a bit, trying to be rid of the spots of light that had invaded her vision. Her brow furrowed and she unconsciously brought the bundle close to her chest. Slowly and cautiously, she looked up to see the fairest woman she'd ever laid eyes upon floating not ten feet away. She was taken aback by her beauty; she was speechless. The woman was naked except for the vines that spread across her body, stretching from her right arm to her left leg, branching out here and there. Though it looked almost like a tattoo, the flora seemed so real and stunningly elegant. Her body was shapely and thin and her emerald green, flowing hair swirled about her. Though she looked no older than the spell-bound woman, her eyes proved otherwise. They were ageless and those who had the privilege to look into them would know they possessed the wisdom of an eternity. In a voice ultimately divine, she spoke:

"Now is not your time."

The woman was caught off-guard and was dumbfounded, for she could not hear such a voice of that pristine clarity without the greatest of awe.

A growing dawn of the most brilliant blue shone not too far away from the goddess. The woman that appeared was no less beautiful than the other but possessed a different air, one of law and dignity. She bore the marks of water upon her pure body and her hair swayed softly. Her skin gave the strange implication of flow and grace and the symbols of water stretched across her pale blue body all down her arms and legs. Her voice was like milk, smooth and creamy.

"My sisters and I have agreed upon your need and your child's becoming more than what you see. Your baby is the future," she said.

On the other side of the jade-colored woman a red light now shone and, after a moment, a woman of the most brilliant and fiery power issued from it. Her skin was smooth and flawless, bringing ultimate enforcement that could not be broken to her figure. Her voice came, not from her parting lips, but emanated from the depths of one's soul and lifted the spirits of those she spoke to:

"Do not place the future into those hands which cannot control it,"

Her hands were coarse and showed the evidence of use. They were the shapers of creation and the fire that spread across her chest and into her shoulders and thighs proved this. Her hair crackled and swirled about of its own accord. Though her appearance was greatly intimidating and power showed in her eyes, the smile which she issued was the most welcoming and joyous sight one could have seen. It brought joy and happiness into the hearts of even the most despairing creatures.

She beamed upon the lost woman and leaned out to touch her. When her hand stroked the woman's disheveled hair, the woman was sent hurtling back, farther and farther. Echoes of "The Chosen One," and "Your child," rushed through her and she was immediately aware of the burden she had to undertake. The cries of a baby and the squeals of a young girl sounded ever nearer with each ticking second.

Your child...

The Chosen One...

She opened her eyes, slowly coming to grips with reality. She turned her head to see her beloved Ream looking down upon her with a great smile on his face. Her sister, Farfalla, was sitting next to him and beaming as well, tears of joy in her eyes.

"What happened?" she asked groggily.

"Halfway through the birth, you fell unconscious. Your sister and I didn't know how it happened, but we were so scared you were going to die," he said, wiping his cheek, "But no. Farfalla finished the delivery, though the process was slow and tedious; not to mention extremely dangerous. Lucia helped cleaning the feces off the baby's body" He looked into her eyes and said, "Your baby really is beautiful, Impa."

She smiled and reached to kiss him lightly. It was then that she realized the baby nursing upon her swollen breast. Her baby lay warm and comfortable against her and, it's true, was very beautiful. A few dark blonde hairs poked out from the scalp.

She sighed, "Yes," she said, "She will be a beautiful girl when she has grown. Finally, Lucia will have a playmate."

The smiles only broadened on Farfalla and Ream's faces. "No, my sister," said Farfalla, "Your baby is a boy."

When the realization finally came to her, she laughed with joy and Lucia, ignorant to what was happening, joined her. "What shall we name our handsome boy?" asked Impa in supreme happiness.

Ream thought for a moment and then proposed with a smile, "How about 'Specialty' in the Ancient Hylian tongue?"

She thought for a while. "Yes", she replied, "I think that will suit him quite nicely. In fact, there is an elegant ring to it."

And, with that, she kissed her baby boy on his petite nose and fell asleep, exhaustion overwhelming her. She never did remember the dream with the Three Golden Goddesses, but unbeknownst to her, she carried a brillian silver streak where Din, Goddess of Power had stroked her.

Farfalla watched her triumphant sister sleep. "Goodnight, Impa," she said. "And goodnight, Link." Then she got up and took Lucia into the yard and gazed with her at the stars.

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