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They're must have been a dash of horniness in their food that night.

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Short chapter... Amy goes on a date with Chris and things end up heated.

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"So Pete, whats the deal with your friend Chris?"

Pete looked at Amy from the other side of the room.

"You can't fucking be serious."

She smiled and shrugged her shoulders "He's hot. I was just wondering."

He laughed "Uhm single. He's a nice guy too. He actually asked me about you -- I told him I was in love with you but had no chance."

He was throwing a tennis ball that they had found in Patrick's front yard up and down, focusing on it. He was content now with Amy liking other guys, and he had actually moved on to dating a girl named Jessie. He still joked around about being in love with Amy, because yes, he was still attracted to her very much so, but knew he had to move on.

"He asked you about me?!" Her face beamed and blushed at the same time.

He threw the tennis ball at her and she caught it "Yeah, hey... I'm going out with Jess later. We can do a double date thing?"

She smiled at him. She was happy they were getting closer as friends. He really was a great guy and she was happy he found a nice girl. She liked Jessie a lot, they got along really well.

"Alright! We can do that!" She threw the ball back at him.

"Sweet. I'll call him."


A few hours later Amy and Chris were making out in the back seat of Pete's car. She was practically in his lap with her hands on his head, grasping and messing up his hair. He had his one arm around her waste and the other feeling up her thigh.

Pete laughed at them through the rearview "Jesus you two!! Settle!!"

Jessie giggled and kissed Pete at a redlight. They're must have been a dash of horniness in their food that night.

Amy broke away from Chris' kiss "Chris -- I had an amazing time tonight." She kissed him again. "I just wanted to let you know that."

Pete dropped of Jessie at her house and made his way back to his house, where Chris' car was parked.

"Amy, do you want to come with me?" Chris asked her, holding her hand.

It was at that very moment that Amy realized that she had gone out with a guy and practically dry humped him the whole way home ... on their first night of hanging out. She felt a little ashamed. She looked to Pete.

Pete put a hand up "Nahh man, sorry... we were gonna head to Patrick's. We had some things to do."

Chris smiled "No, that's cool." He kissed her and she kissed back "can I call you tomorrow?"

She smiled "Absolutely... can't wait!"

She turned to Pete after he got in his car and drove away.

"Thanks. I like Chris a lot, but heavily making out, especially on the first date isn't really my style."

He threw his arm around her "Yeah -- who knows what would have happened if you went home with him."

She laughed "Ha, yeah and sorry for the whole back seat thing. Thats embarrassing ... "

"Nahh its cool, I understand baby."

She hung out at Pete's for a little. Her phone beeped her a text message and it was Patrick. She looked at the clock and noticed that he'd still be at work, he didn't get off until 1:00am and it was just passed midnight.

She flipped open her phone...

Andy's in trouble -- call the store phone. I'll explain...
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