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Sorry this took so long. I had an important bath with Aiden. haha, no not naked, you fucking pervs.

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And so the story must go on, even with a red spot right at the edge of Patrick's hair line.

The shy boy wouldn't stop smiling like he had something up his sleeve as we rode in the taxi all the way back up the familiar street.

"Why are you being so bitter about this?" Patrick asked. I turned my head away from looking out the window to see Patrick with one of his eyebrows raised.

"Why are you finding joy in my heartache?" I replied. Patrick frowned.

"I'm not. You're mad at me," he pouted slightly and I poked his stomach. "Hey! Not the stomach," I giggled lightly and sighed though my nose.

"I'm not mad, Patrick...I just don't want to have to deal with...Pete," I cringed, my nose scrunching slightly. "I need to throw up," Patrick placed a hand over my stomach.

"Please don' there anything I can do to make your stomach happy?" I bit my lip to stifle laughter.

"Don't make me laugh like that,"

I closed my eyes tightly and leaned my head against Patrick's shoulder while he sighed. We stayed silent for the rest of the ride, Patrick rubbing my stomach when the Taxi stopped.

"Come on, you can puke in his lawn," I smirked lightly and let him help me out, my eyes cringing at the bright sun.

I walked with Patrick, our hands occupied with luggage until we made it to the front door where a certain little Jew opened the door.

"EVIE!" I groaned, wincing and swallowed as he stepped out and whirled me around.

"Squishy," I mumbled. "Your making me squeamish," he put me down and I placed my hand over my mouth. "Get me a toilet,"

Joe glanced inside and let me drop my bags as he whipped me inside and threw me as gently as possible to the ground, right in front of a trashcan.

I heard footsteps while I let my nerves go and when I finished I glanced up to see Pete with a sour and almost squeamish look on his face, eyes narrow and face pulled back into a cringe.

"Jesus, what an entrance and hello," I groaned and closed my eyes, leaning back to wipe my mouth.

I glanced back up at Pete who happened to glance back up to see Patrick lugging in my stuff. Pete's newly darkened brown hair was still pretty much the same, with the exception of his bangs spiked up for today.

I blinked and spat out a little more after seeing the thin black lines around his eyes, smeared slightly for that...special look. Pete seemed to snap out of his trance and moved around me to help Patrick, Joe frowning and moving my hair from around my neck before rubbing my back.

"Things will get better," he whispered. I closed my eyes again and pushed the trashcan away before letting Joe help me stand up.

"What's with the eyeliner?" I asked in a whisper. Joe shrugged.

"Creative diction," I raised an eyebrow. "He...he says it's a way of masking his feelings. The more he wears, the more he's trying to hide," I looked back at Pete who was talking to Patrick quietly by the couch in the living room.

"What is he trying to hide?" I asked. I felt another hand come in contact with my back.

"Whelp, we've still yet to find out," I turned my head and smiled as best as I could.

"Hi Andy," Andy smiled and side hugged me.

"Hiya, kiddo," I frowned as we walked back into the living room, finding myself in-between Patrick and Joe, Andy and Pete on the other couch.

While Pete was leaned back, playing with the arm of the couch, Andy sat forward, waiting for somebody to say something. He awkwardly looked at Joe and he shrugged. I bit my lip, leaning back slightly until I felt safe against the couch.

"What have you, up to, Ev?" I swallowed, looking at Andy who tried desperately to not make it weird.

I was about to respond when somebody's phone went off. Patrick shifted slightly and pulled his out of his pocket, sighing.

"Why is she calling /me/?" I raised an eyebrow.

"Who?" Patrick smiled, opening it and standing up.

"Izzy," he simply said and walked towards the hallway. Joe cleared his throat.

"I'm thinking Patrick's going to be leaving soon," he muttered.

I sighed, my eyes lightly drifting over to Pete who was playing with his phone. He closed it after a moment and I listened as Andy talked to Joe about the on-going angst of Patrick and Izzy.

I sunk into the couch more and felt my stomach vibrate, my hand moving to feel for my phone that was in my sweatshirt pocket. I flipped it open secretly and read it closely.

You look really beautiful, Ev...

I blinked and glanced quickly at Pete to see him observing my expression, that almost creepy empty look in his eyes. I bit my lip and turned to lean against Joe so I was hidden. His conversation paused and he looked down at me.

"You really are sick, aren't you, Ev?" he asked. I groaned and closed my eyes.

"I'm sorry," I whispered. I heard Andy smirk.

"Good old Evie, saying she's sorry," I waved my arm in the air and shifted to lie down, my head resting against Joe's thigh. He smirked lightly and played with my hair a bit.

"You know how she is with her sickness," I smacked Joe and tightened my eyes before taking a deep breath and letting sleep over come me.


My nostrils were filled with the pleasant smell of cinnamon mixed with Frebreeze and the slight hint of cologne.

When I fluttered my eyes open, I found myself in Pete's twin bed, on my stomach with my head buried into the pillow. My stomach churned and I winced as I shifted slightly.

The door creaked open and I glanced to see Pete walking in with a wet towel and a cup that had steam coming from the rim. I smiled lightly and watched as he crossed the room, un-aware of my awareness.

"Hi," I breathed as he sat down on the edge.

Pete flinched slightly and looked down, placing the coffee on the nightstand. A light smile appeared on his features and he ran a hand through his bangs, making them spike up again.

"Hey yourself...all snuggled up and all smiles in my bed," I frowned.

"What's wrong with that?" I asked back. Pete shrugged.

"Nothing, it's just been forever," I studied his face for a moment, the slightly guilt of our past haunting his features. I turned on my back and moved my hand so it pushed the blankets away from my shoulders.

"Pete," he looked down, the same look on his features.

"Hmm?" he answered and I bit my lip, watching as he dabbed the damp towel against my forehead.

"Why didn't you ever bother to call, I mean..." I trailed off trying to catch his distant eyes.

He paused for a moment and bit his lip, removing the towel and placing it next to the coffee. He pushed my dampened bangs away from my forehead and sighed softly.

"I...I never thought about it, honestly. I...I don't know," he mumbled and looked away, his fingertips brushing against my cheek slightly. I swallowed and raised my hand to hold his against my cheek.

"Pete," I called again and he shook his head.

"I don't want to talk anymore tonight, Ev," I bit my lip and nodded, watching him stand up. He paused, looking down at the nightstand before glancing over at the other twin bed on the other side.

"What are you thinking about?" I whispered.

Pete smiled lightly and moved the nightstand out of the little space, crouching to find the bottom of his bed and scooting it all the way over. I sat up slightly as he circled to the other side, pushing it until it bumped into my own bed.

"Mom might get pissed, but I don't mind,"

I was about to turn to face Pete as he climbed into the sea of blankets when a warm hand came in contact with my stomach, pushing me back to the mattress. I bit my lip slightly and rested my arms over Pete's as he snuggled in, forehead against my shoulder, his bangs tickling my cheek.

"Why do you do this?" I whispered. I felt Pete's arm tense up around my waist.

"You should know..." I closed my eyes and tightened my grip into my tank top slightly before gulping.

I didn't want this not after what had already happened.

Pete Wentz was a heartbreaker and Evie Wenz was a vulnerable bitch.

Tru Dat.
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