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My Peach Girl

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He is a tennis genius, and she is the academic genius. What will happen if they get together? (Fuji X OC)

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My Peach Girl

-Chapter One-

I was scratching my head as I stared at my teacher's face. I looked in confusion at the blackboard and back to my notebook. I was trying my best to check if what I was writing ever as almost as the same as in the blackboard. But look what I did...

Great! I just have lost myself in the middle of my doodles. I sighed. I had been like this for almost a week. It seems like moving on wasn't that easy. Physics and Chemistry was my specialty, and now, I can't even let them go inside my head. Hopefully, I would catch up to all of the lessons before exams come up in the air again.

I looked outside the classroom's window. I saw group of students running outside with smiles embarked in their faces. I can't help but to stare and be envy.

It was easy to smile back then. It was already three years since my dad passed away. Until now, I can't get over it. I can still remember the loud and never-ending arguments led by my brother Keitaro over the fact that my dad kept a secret from us.

My dad died from liver cirrhosis. He had been keeping from us that he was under therapy and several check-ups for about two years. It was the consequences of his alcohol addiction way back his junior high school years, before he met my mom and became enthusiastic in playing tennis. It was just also a great regret to Tokyo University since they have lost a great coach and teacher.

My mind suddenly snapped out its little escape when my teacher suddenly sat heavily in the desk. I looked at my classmates' faces. I just can't help but laughed a little. Most of them were just waked up from their sleep. I looked at my professor's face. I can't decipher any of his thoughts, which seems so a little unbelievable since it was my Chemistry teacher was the most readable teacher I ever had.

"Anyway before I dismiss you for today, everyone knows the yearly Scholastic Decathlon in coming, in which we will pick up the best students to represent us to the National Quiz Bee."

Oh, haven't I forgotten that thing too? How could I ever forget that the Scholastic Decathlon is coming up! Winter's about to come and it just means that there would be also a lot of activities soon to be posted in the school's bulletin board, and one of it is the Scholastic Decathlon.

"Anybody here would like to represent your section? Or, anyone here you would like to suggest being your representative?" The teacher announced.

There was a sudden spread of whispers around the class' atmosphere. I was trying my best to skim each of my classmate's face when I arrived at my seatmate's face and, with a different expression imprinted in her face.

"What?" I said with my face perplexed.

"I was just thinking... if I can suggest you as the class representative for upcoming Scholastic Decathlon?"

"Oh! You got to be kidding, Saemi." I replied.

"No, I am not. You got bulk of knowledge in your head and that wouldn't be that bad." Saemi said.

"The knowledge inside my head is not sufficient for such competition." I answered.

"I think not..." Saemi looked away from and pointed his finger to the blackboard.

There were three names listed in the blackboard. My eyes widened in awe in what I saw. My name was on the list!

"How did...?" I looked at Saemi.

She smiled and shrugged.

This will be great. I promised to myself not to get involved with any competition and clubs this year, and look what we got here... I was getting myself into a great trouble of rationality!


The heat of the afternoon was killing my hair's current state. Thanks to the cool air passing in the edges of my face, it wasn't bad after all.

I guessed this year wasn't going to be bad after all. Past months had been so cruel to me and turning these frustrations to a competition would be a good outlet for me to move on. But, it was just so sad to think that it would be my last year here at Seishun Gakuen.

My brothers had decided that we should transfer to Osaka, since most of them were working there. Being the youngest, I begged them to let me stay. But, they wouldn't. Of course, the overprotective mechanism came to bite. They wanted to watch me over my studies and make sure that I would be fine. But, I already used to live alone and support myself. Always left alone at home everyday, and doing the household chores, independence was already my icon. Not to say to least, the part of me of being so apprehensive...

I was passing quietly at the school grounds when I heard faint sound of bouncing tennis balls. I hastily walked my way to the tennis court when I suddenly remembered that the tennis club was having extended time during weekends for the tournament. Though I was having difficulty in running because of my high-heel sandals, I still tried my best to watch even a tiny-bit of their practice.

I stopped when I spotted some few regulars waving their racquets in the air, some few freshmen picking up balls and girls watching and cheering their favorite players. I sighed with great smile in my face. I was about to take a step when I got stumbled with someone.

"I'm sorry." I said.

I looked at my front and saw a face of serenity. His honey-brown hair sparkled in the sun and his smile glisten. I recognized his uniform. He was one of the regulars.

He picked up some of my books in the ground and pleasantly gave it to me. I timidly received it with also a shy smile in my face. I pushed my glasses as I looked at him.

"I guess another new face to watch us practice?" He asked.

"Ah... not really. I just pass by." I replied.

His face was familiar. I knew I saw his picture in the school newspaper.

"Anyway I'm Fuji Syusuke, and you are..?"

"Oh! Hinamori Momoko is the name." I hurriedly reach out my hand for a hand shake, which he received gladly.

"So, where are you heading? It seems like you are into an important business. Today's weekend and you are still caring a lot of books." He asked enthusiastically.

"Oh, these one?" I looked at the few Chemistry books at my arms. "...I'm here for the Scholastic Decathlon, which I think I'm a little late for it."

"I see." He was about to speak when I hurriedly passed away from him.

"I'm sorry, but I really had to go. See you around!" I waved my hand like he was a million miles away from me.

I saw him smiled more mysteriously than before, or it was just me?

Can I also take note how his smile affecting my current state of perplexity?

Now, I'm doomed.
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