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Even a wind god started out small. Very small. And it's a tiny little fic. Byakko. Nuff said...

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Gotcha Gotcha!
by Lara Bee

Sayori entered the large living room where the first birthday of her son would be celebrated and froze. Somebody had obviously wreaked havoc on the carefully decorated room. Some of the large vases were turned over, their contents strewn all over the floor, pillows had been slaughtered, and ...
/Oh no, everything but that/, Sayori thought, bending down to pick up the objects.
Not her baby boy's presents!
Taking a closer look, she suddenly understood who was to be held responsible for the chaos surrounding her.
Little scratch and bite marks on the carefully wrapped present indicated only too clearly who had gotten his paws on them.
/Early/, Sayori thought, even for her son.
Padding through the mess she looked out for the wayward birthday boy, until she found the telltale sign.
There under the couch, tip twitching, showed a little black and white striped tail.
"Oh Byakko," Sayori sighed and pulled her sleeping son out from under the seat, having troubles not to grin broadly at the sign of the little white tiger, neatly wrapped around his last present. Or maybe it was the present wrapped around him?
Blue eyes opened sleepily and Byakko yawned, paws never letting go of the large orange ball of wool that was almost bigger than himself.
And his whole body language spoke of

Written as a fic present for Macx

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