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Almost Lost You

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Rory remembers a time when she almost lost Logan when she went to visit him in London. first story for gilmore girls, please be nice. [oneshot]

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enjoy it guys, first Gilmore Girls story:)\n~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\n\n I remember it like it was yesterday. I was sitting in the lobby, waiting for Logan to finish his job that he had to do in London....when it happened. A gang of shooters came into the building, threatening to kill us all. I remember thinking that my life was going to end right there, so I got out of my chair and began to run, but one of the shooters grabbed my wrist and held a gun to my head.\n\"You make any moves....I\'ll shot you.\" I was shaking. He pushed me down into the chair that I was sitting on, and then he motioned to the other shooters to come and tie me up. I sat there shaking as the other men started to tie the rope around me. As I was being tied up, I saw Bobby. She saw me being tied up and she ran up the stairs. I was guessing that she didn\'t want the same thing to happen to her so she ran away, like everyone else was doing. When the man finished tying me up, the scary guy who had grabbed me before, sat in front of me and had a smug grin on his face.\n\"What a beautiful girl you have a boyfriend who is here?\" I was too scared to answer so I just nodded my head.\n\"Who is it?\" I hesitated for a moment and then I finally answered him.\n\"Logan....Huntzberger.\" The man laughed. Why was he laughing?\n\"Why are you dating that rich bastard?\" I looked down and was trying not to cry. I really wanted someone to just shot this guy.\n\" him.\" He laughed even more and then he ripped off a piece of duct tape and put it over my lips. \n\"Well guess what? He\'s the reason why we are here. We came to kill him.\" I tried to scream, but the gag was making it a bit harder. He began to walk towards the staircase, but Logan came running down and he puched the guy in face. The guy fell over and the other shooters were trying to hurt Logan, but Logan punched them all, and with a little help from Bobby, they were all knocked down, or captivated by Bobby\'s good looks. Logan ran to me and he took the tape off my mouth. He put both his hands on my face as I began to cry.\n\"Don\'t worry Ace, I\'m here. Don\'t worry Ace....nothing bad\'s going to happen now.\" I still had tears strolling down my face as he began to untie me. He came in front of me and helped me up. I guess he saw how much I was shaking. As I got up, I saw the man who had grabbed me come behind Logan and he got his gun ready to shot. I was panicked.\n\"Logan look out!!\" Logan turned around and then that\'s when it happened; the man shot him. \n Logan fell to the floor as all of the shooters ran off. I fell to my knees and I put his head on my lap. He was in a great amount of pain. Blood was oozing out of his chest and he was breathing heavily.\n\"Ace....are you....okay?\" Before I could answer back, he went out cold. I was bawling my eyes out and then I called out to Bobby to call 911. While we were waiting for the ambulance to come, I kept him on my lap, and I cried, fearing that his life was over.\n~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\n\nI was sitting on a chair by his hospital bed, and I saw him, the man I loved so much, asleep. The doctors had confirmed that he would live and that he was going to be okay, but he wouldn\'t wake up from the incident that happened two hours ago. I moved in closer to his bed and a rested my head beside his hand. I was exhausted. Not only because it was one in the morning, but because I had been waiting for him all day. I began to fall asleep, when suddenly after five minutes of restng, I felt someone put their hand on my head. I sat right up and saw the face I would kill to see; Logan. He was awake! Iwas suddenly overflown with happiness.\n\"Logan! You\'re awake!\" LOgan smiled and took my hand.\n\"You didn\'t think that I would leave you would you?\" I looked down for a second.\n\"I did think that. I was scared that I would lose you.\" Logan kissed my hand and shook his head.\n\"You didn\'t lose me so don\'t worry about it.\" I looked at him, with tears falling from my eyes.\n\"But I almost lost you! I would hate myself if I did lose you! Please Logan why can\'t you understand that I don\'t want that to happen again.\" I began to sob some more and then he let go of my hand and wiped the tears off my cheek. I looked down at my feet, and he caught my chin in his hand and looked into my eyes, with great amount of concern in his eyes.\n\"Rory....Please stop worrying so much. I just want you to know that you didn\'t lose me and that I will never leave you in this world to fend for yourself. That\'s a promise okay Ace?\" I had to smile. Logan had this sort of power that could always make me smile. \nhe let go of my chin and then I sat on his bed. He looked at me confused.\n\"Rory what are you do-\" I put both my hands on his face and I kissed him. He was shocked at first, but then he wrapped his arms around my waist and we kissed right there on his hospital bed. I let go of him and I laid down beside him. he wrapped his arms around me tight.\n\" you love me?\" I looked at him and I smiled with all my heart.\n\"Of course I do.\" Logn reached over to the counter and went through his pockets of his pants and got out this huge twenty karat gold diamond ring. He looked into my eyes, with love and care in them.\n\"Rory Gilmore, will you marry me?\" I didn\'t know what to say, but then I finally said it.\n\"Yes! Logan I want to marry you!\" He smiled widely and he put the diamond ring on my slender finger and we kissed once more. that day started out bad, but then ended great.\n~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\n\nRight now, as I am telling you this story, I am in bed writng it as my husband, Logan sleeps. I am a proud mother of a daughter. She is only a year old and her name is Nora. She looks lke both I and Logan. I wouldn\'t have been able to have such a beautiful daughter, if Logan hadn\'t lived. If he had died, I wouldn\'t be here with such a beautiful daughter and any reasons to live. I love Logan....and I always will.\n~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\n\nWhat did you all think? did you like it? lol well please read and review and maybe I will add another gilmore girls story. Bye guys
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