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Only Time Will Tell

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Hannah and Dusty find some new friends...

Category: Simple Plan - Rating: PG - Genres: Romance - Characters: David Desrosiers, Pierre Bouvier - Published: 2006-11-05 - Updated: 2006-11-05 - 416 words

KK new story in the house please read it and if u dont ill shot ya! JOKING! To the story!

Dusty's POV

i was dressed and about ready to go to the Simple plan Concert and i couldnt wait it was gonna be the best ever.
COME ON DUSTY! yelled my bestfriend Hannah
HOLD ON! i said checking myself for the last time, i was wearing a white shirt that was Def Leppard ( best 80's band in my humble opion ) and ragged jeans and beat up chucks.
KK im Ready. i said
Soon enough we were in here car and off to the venue.

Dusty's POV

Ok so we showed up alittle early. i said to Hannah like it was no big deal but her it was because everything was a big deal.
YEAH LIKE 2 HOURS TO EARLY! she yelled and i kicked her in the shin
Sit! i yelled back
All we have to do is wait. i said
i dont wanna. she said holding her shin
i dont care were not leaving according to my plans. i said
Fine. she said and lad her head on my shoulder

2 Hours Later!
Still Dusty's POV

We sat there and waited and soon cars started to pull up for the show, so we ran to get in line so we got a good place by the stage.
We gave the dude our ticket stubs and ran inside the venue, soon everybody was in and the show started

After the show!
We got VIP passes from some druck dude so we took them and ran backstage, nobody was back there except the bands. Werent there other VIp people?
We met the band and they were so nice. But i seemed to have more of a bond with Pierre. i dont kbow why but he had so much in common with me. But soon time was up and we had to go we spent 3 hours with them.
Well i guess we should go. i said and grabed Hannah off the couch
NO! yelled Hannah like a 3 yr. old
NO! yelled David i laughed
We have to. i said
We started walking out a giving hugs when i came to Pierre i got a hug and he slipped something in my hand and when i went to look at it he closed my hand back up.
Well bye! me and hannah both said walking out the door
That was a start of something new

KK hows u like!
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