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The strength of Friendship

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Boy named Gabe in the realm of Harry Potter based in 1950.

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Since he'd gotten here Gabe hadn't been quite the same. He was still himself in appearance. He didn't physically feel any different. He hadn't lost any athleticism, in fact he felt like he was getting quicker, stronger, even smarter. He just didn't feel quite the same inside though. He felt focused in on bringing his parents to justice. He didn't care for the little games as much. Basketball wasn't the same, neither was soccer. Nowadays he preferred going on long runs, sometimes over two or three hours. They were quiet and peaceful. He could just think, or sometimes not think at all. He would see all sorts of life, animals running around, trees growing, fish jumping out of the lake. He couldn't help but be overtaken by the beauty of it.

Other days, he would run just to see all the life. Just to see the animals and the trees. Just to smell the green grass and the flowers. Winter came and the life seemed to disappear. He would see a deer every so often, but it just wasn't as majestic. On his first run in winter, he realized something. He realized that life was what he cared about most. The animals, the trees, the flowers, even the grass, all were the most important things to him in the world. And somehow he felt that his parents were the exact opposite of it all. They represented death. They represented the winter.

The more he began to think about this, the more he got uncomfortable running outside. "Just wait until spring, just wait." He would tell himself. Until then, he found ways to occupy himself, but he was most usually all by himself or with Mantoa. Most of the time the two would work on spells, rather Gabe would and Mantoa would keep an eye out for danger, or the patrolling teachers. That was because Gabe was practicing spells that he wasn't supposed to be. Trying to grasp the advanced magic that would enable him to defend himself against his parents.

It wasn't until a run in with his old pal Sean, (hope you don't mind the powerplay). That Gabe realized he'd been neglecting his friends. Once the realization hit him, he began to miss it. And it was in this train of thought and loneliness that he made his way out to the lake, looking for someone to talk to.
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