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I would do anything for love

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This is just a lil bit bout Lorelai and Chris (wooooo)

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I would do anything

Chris kissed Lorelai slowly and passionately, kissing down her neck till he reached the top of her t-shirt. Slowly he rapped his arms around her stomach and pulled her body closer to his, till every bit on her body was touching some of him. Lorelai groaned slightly before rapping her arms around his neck and pulling him back till the back of her legs hit the back of the bed.

Chris tip-toed around the room trying not to run into anything as he tried to find his clothes so that he could have a shower.
"Owe" Chris said when he kicked the dresser
" ok mental note, when Lorelai wakes up clean the room".
Chris found his clothes and left the room slowly closing the bedroom door as quietly as he could.

Lorelai woke up and walked into the bathroom.
"Chris is that you?"
"Yep babe I'll be out in a sec"
"No don't" Lorelai said removing her clothes and opening the shower door and hopping in with him.
"Hey" Chris said planting a kiss on Lorelai's soft lips.
"Oh my god, this shower feels so nice" Lorelai said
" Or is it the person in the shower with you?"
"Nope it's the shower" Lorelai said laughing, then putting her hands around Chris's waist.
"Hey you know we wont be able to do this anymore" Chris said getting as close to Lorelai as he could.
"Why not?"
"Because your four months pregnant now, imagine how much room you'll take up when your seven months pregnant" Chris said laughing at his fiancé.
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