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Chapter Three

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The sun was beginning to rise. I was lying on my back on my bed, staring at the ceiling. Thoughts flooded my head. Why did Kales rescue me? Why does she care so much about me? I'm a vampire. I'm a hideous monster. Look at what vampires did to her family! Why does she still help us? Doesn't she have any resentment towards monsters like me who ruined her life?
I turned over onto my side facing the closed bedroom door. Why was she crying before? Why did she hug me? Why does she care about me? About my feelings? Why is she the one helping me and not my friends? Where are my friends? Why isn't Mark back yet? He was supposed to be looking for them. Where are you guys? I need you. I really do...
With the last thought, I slipped into sleep. I didn't want to care about anything anymore. I didn't want to think or to feel. I didn't want to live.
"Pete, please," Kales looked worriedly at me the next night. She was the only one home with me, seeing as TJ and Mark had both gone out tonight.
I was sitting at the kitchen table, a cup of the blend in front of me. I shook my head sadly. She doesn't understand...
Kales sat down next to me, "Pete, please eat." I couldn't look at her. I didn't want to see the tears in those violet eyes. "What are you going to do? Starve yourself?" she asked softly.
I gulped and sat unmoving, staring fixedly down at the blend as if it had all the answers in the world.
Kales bit her lip. Why can't I help him? I'm so terrible at this. I'm such a failure. A few stray tears cut a watery path down her cheeks. She closed her eyes.
I looked over at Kales with her eyes closed. She opened her eyes and stared sadly back at me. She looked so helpless, so defenseless. I immediately felt a terrible guilt for putting her through this.
"I want to help you Pete," she whispered softly.
I drew in a ragged breath and began drinking the blend. I don't want help, but I can't stand to see the hurt in her eyes.
A little while later, the two of us were sitting on the couch, not paying much attention to the news on the TV. Kales was sitting at one end, and I was sitting at the other, hugging my knees to my chest. There are so many questions I want to ask her, but can I ask?
Kales looked over at me. She seemed to have some sixth sense that could tell when I was thinking of her. "Mark and TJ will find your friends Pete. They're really good at finding lost people."
/So did they find me? /Kales seemed to know what I was questioning before I even spoke. "Three months ago, the Reverend was taking tabs on all his hunters. Apparently, you were one of the best. He needs you now. So he came to us to help him track you down. I was the one who hacked into the lab computer system and found your name on a tester profile. Mark and TJ set the plan to get you out of there up, and I carried out the actions."
"Why didn't he come looking for me before three months ago?" I was confused and scared. I hugged my knees tighter and hid my face.
Kales was silent for a moment, "I'm not sure why. It doesn't make sense if you were one of the best. He might have thought you were dead, especially since he hasn't heard from the other people you hunted with."
I looked up at her, horror written all over my face. My heartbeat quickened. What if they're dead? I began to shake. Kales scooted over and wrapped her arms around me, laying her cheek against mine. I whimpered a little and shook some more.
"Pete, everything's going to be ok," she whispered. I wanted to believe her. She sounded so sure of it. There was solidity in those words. I pushed myself deeper into her arms. She reached up and ran her fingers through my black emo bangs. I actually stopped shaking. Now's the perfect time to ask her.
"Kales, why aren't you afraid of me?" I whispered softly to her, almost afraid to ask. I was afraid she would let go of me, pull away and leave me feeling alone again.
But she didn't. "Because I don't hold prejudices. There was only one vampire that killed my parents. You weren't that vampire. I have no reason to be afraid of you, or to hate all vampires for the actions of one."
I turned my head so I could look into her violet eyes, "But I'm a monster, I kill."
"You kill vampires that live up to the cliché," she answered.
"But what if something happened. What if I changed? What if I started killing people? Aren't vampires supposed to be unpredictable?" I said. I wasn't sure if I was actually trying to make her scared of me.
"Pete, there are people who would look at you and think of you solely as a killing, heartless, monster. But there are also people who can look at you and see a human underneath," Kales kept her gaze steady on my eyes.
I pushed my head into her shoulder. Please don't be afraid of me Kales. You've been too nice. Please don't let go of me.
"I'll always be here for you," whispered Kales. I promise. There's something human about you Pete. I'm not going to let that part of you die.
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