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Roger and Mark are bored one day

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Mark and Roger were sitting around the loft. Mark was fixing his camera and Roger was playing his guitar.

"Mark let's go do something." Roger whined over to his friend sitting on the other side of the couch

"What do you want to do?" Mark asked without looking up from his camera

"I don't bout we go and...get...a..."

"Get a what?" Mark asked a little annoyed

"!" Roger yelled and jumped off the couch

"A Tattoo! Are you crazy?" Mark asked as Roger went to grab his jacket

"Yes and just a let's going." Roger said as he pulled Mark off the couch and out the door.

When they got to the tattoo shop there were only two other people there. One working and the other getting a tattoo.

"Hey boys, I'll be with you in a minute. Why don't you look at the book on the counter and pick something out" The worker said without looking up.

"Ok, Mark you pick what you want me to get and I'll pick what you get." Roger said as Mark went over to the counter.

"What? No way...I'm not letting you pick out a tattoo for me. I don't want a tattoo." Mark argued

"Please, it'll be fun, then we'll have something to remember each other by." Roger said as he put on his best pouting face.

"No, no, no...Oh God Roger don't make that face at me...ok, fine you can pick out my tattoo, but it better be something good." Mark said as Roger jumped up and down.

Two hour later Roger and Mark walked out of the shop with their tattoos. Mark had picked a camera for Roger and Roger had picked a guitar for Mark. They both got the tattoos on their wrists so that they could always remember what each other forever.
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