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Mark gets bored so he wants to interview Roger

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Mark has always wanted to interview Roger. Mark has asked Roger a million, but today was different, Roger has finally said he would do an interview!

"Here, sit on the couch and I'll get my camera ready" Mark said after Roger said he would do an interview.

"Fine, but this better not take long." Roger said and rolled his eyes

"It wont take long...I promise" Mark said with a big smile on his face.

----2 hours later----

"Roger, please just a little longer and we're done, I promise." Mark pleaded with Roger.

"No, you promised me this wasn't going to take long and now the suns setting!" Roger yelled as he got off the couch and went over to Mark and the camera.

"Roger, please...just another five minutes and we're done." Mark still pleaded with Roger.

Roger took a hold of Mark's Camera and held it out of his reach.

"You can't film me if I go and pee on the camera!" Roger yelled as he ran to the bathroom and locked the door behind himself.

"Please Roger, don't do it! That camera is my life!" Mark yelled at Roger from on the other side of the door.

---5 minutes later----

"Roger please give me my camera back!" yelled Mark as he still tried to get Roger to open the bathroom the door and give him the camera back.

"NO!" Roger said form inside the bathroom. "I'm about to..." roger didn't get to finish his sentence because of what he heard from the other side of the door...

"Is Mark crying?" Roger wondered as he opened the door. Then he saw something he never thought he would see, Mark sitting on the floor with his knees open to his chest and his arms wrapped around them, crying his eyes out.

"Mark, are you ok?" Roger asked his best friend

"Just, give me back my camera Roger...please" Mark cried out to Roger.

Roger at down next to Mark and took him into his arms. Mark tried to get free, but Roger just kept holding him.

"Mark, you know I would never do anything to your camera. I was just messing around." Roger whispered into Mark.

Mark sniffled and looked at Roger and gave him a little smile.

"But you looked serious about peeing on my camera. Why would you do that to me?" Mark asked as he tried to stop crying.

"I was getting tried of you filming me and I wanted to just get you away from the camera for five minutes." Roger answered

"Well, there are better ways of getting me away from my camera and you know that." Mark said as he pulled away from Roger.

Roger let go of Mark, but stayed close to Mark for another second then got up and pulled Mark with him.

"Come on Mark let's go to the Life Café and get something to eat. I'm starving!" Roger said as he went to door.

"AND DON'T BRING YOUR CAMERA!" Roger said as he turned to make such Mark was coming with him.

"Fine." Mark said walking to the door and put his camera down. "But only this once, for Roger." He thought. He kissed his camera good-bye and closed the door behind Roger and himself.

Roger put his arm around his friend as they walked to the Life Café.
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