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Just Anutha Memory - one shot

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This was written for ma bessie mate as she is currently OBSESSED with tyson ritter so enjoy

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My mate had spent weeks trying to persuade me to go she loved the band and was afraid to go it alone. So of course being the great person I am I agreed. All was going well until Thursday (the night before the concert) when she phoned me up.
Me = whaddup !?
Leila = I'm so sorry don't hate me but I can't go
Me = what the hell do you mean !!??
Leila = look I'm sorry I've got to go
She had put the phone down on me before I could respond.
my first ever concert alone and I was more than nervous. Anyways I don't care I'm going to see The All American Rejects but not just because I love the music but to see a certain someone ......
I managed to work my way to the front so I could see .... Well more importantly to see if he would notice. The concert was awesome his voice was soo .... Words could not describe. I waited in the foyer while they were signing stuff.
I wandered into the line and waited my turn digging out a picture. After what seemed hours I finally got to the front. I placed the picture in front of them. They all signed it not even glancing twice at what they had seen. I can't believe it he didn't even notice, he didn't even care. I walked outside the venue and sat on the curb and cried how could he forget !? I was about to leave when to arms pulled me into a hug. i spun my head round to see two goregeous eyes.

"tyson" i ask confused

"miss me !?" he said.
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