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One: The Awakening, Part I

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Rise and shine.

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One: The Awakening, Part I


I sat up on the mattress and rubbed my eyes. My whole body felt tense and sore. Good night´s sleep my ass. With my left hand I felt for the lamp on my nightstand but it wasn´t there. I shimmied my legs over the edge of the bed and started to feel around for it with both hands.

Alright, obviously I was not in my room.

Yesterday was kind of a blur to me so it didn´t really come as a surprise that I didn´t exactly know where I went to sleep last night. Maybe this was some hotel room?

I got out of bed and started moving around, my arms stretched out in front of me so I wouldn´t bump into any furniture or other objects that could possibly be in my way. Weirdly enough, there wasn´t anything standing around between the bed and the wall that I touched after having made several steps forward.

I felt around for a light switch.Upon not finding one, I started to make my way along the wall, my fingers grazing the cold uneven surface. Good God, in what kind of flophouse was I?

I cursed loudly when I bumped against what turned out to be the bed from which I had recently risen. I felt my way around the metal frame and stiff mattress with slightly bent knees just to find myself faced with another wall. My left hand was sliding along it, still in search for a light switch, the other one was stretched out in front of me. Five steps later I felt a plastic surface. A chair. Next to it was a table. A few steps further I encountered a TV set. I felt around for the on-button.

If the piece of junk had been on stand-by I wouldn´t have had to feel my way around in this hellhole to find it. I turned the TV on. Flicker.

It shed enough light to allow me to make out the light switch. The next moment the room was illuminated by the glaring light of three neon lamps attached to the low ceiling.

By the way, the light switch was about two inches from the spot on the wall where I must have started my journey around the room. Just the opposite direction that I was going, of course. Bummer.

The place was about 17 by 13 feet. Against the wall on my left was the bed with its white sheets. It was faced by a grey camping table and a black plastic chair. A few feet away from me, on the right side, just as the table and chair, was the TV. Still flickering.

I turned around one time, my eyes scanning the walls. I turned around a second time. This had to be a joke. Behind me, on the same wall as the light switch, was a door. A sliding door. Metal.

I turned around again. There were no windows. Just a small mirror on the wall opposite to the door.

No windows. What kind of place was this?

"This time you´ve really gone too far, Dirty!" I yelled at the door.

This was not funny.
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