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pt 59 Interrogation

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Officer Manning's p.o.v

'Do any of you have any weapons on you?' I say still aiming my gun at the bunch of miss-fits standing before me.
'No officer we don't' the only girl among the group of guys answers quietly
'Are you okay miss' I ask studying her. She was beaten pretty badly, bruises and blood covered her face and all she was wearing was an oversized jacket.
'Yes' she replies quickly.
'What happened here?' My partner Officer Drake asks lowering his weapon.
'A guy called Adam, took Reign here' a pale guy started pointing to the quivering girl next to him 'And he did this to her, when we found out she was missing we came to rescue her.'
'Is that true miss' I ask
'Yes' she say holding onto the tattooed guy next to her
'Where is this Adam guy now?' Drake asks
'He's in there' a tall guy with glasses says motioning to the room behind the.
'Reign is it?' I ask the girl 'Did this know...'
She doesn't say anything but the way all five guys tense up is enough to go by.
'Here's what we're going to do we're going to put you in separate room while we take statements.' Drake informs them. 'A couple of your friends are in another room already waiting to be interviewed.'
'I want you to come with me' I say holding my hand out to the girl. She hesitates looking at the pale guy standing to her right, he nods reassuringly at her and she takes my hand.
'I going to put you in a room by yourself for a couple of minutes, while we get this sorted.' She doesn't say anything but just nods and follows me.

Officer Drake

'Don't worry she's in safe hands' I say to a heavily tattooed guy who hadn't taken his eye off the girl as she walked away.
'If you guys can follow me into a separate room, I can take statements from you and find out exactly what happened here.' I say leading them down to a room on the floor below.

Officer Manning

I left the girl in the warm hotel suite, I was reluctant to but there was a lot of work to be done. As I was leaving Drake caught up with me.
'What do you think happened here?' Drake asks as we ascend the steps to the next floor.
'Not sure, obviously some kind of fight and possibly a rape.' I reply.
I walked into the unlit hotel room, followed by my partner. I put my hand against the painted wall by the door searching for a light switch. I felt around for the familiar plastic square and flipped the switch flooding the room with a dim-yellowish light.
I surveyed the room before walking in all the way; the first thing that caught my attention was the disarray of the king-sized four-poster bed. Rope hung from the wooden posts and the sheets that would have neatly covered the bed hours before were haphazardly strewn onto the floor.
'Hey Manning come look at this' Officer Drake called from the other said of the room by the dresser.
I cautiously walked over to him, ten years on the force and things still managed to freak me out if they caught me off guard.
'Jesus, is he alive' I ask kneeling down beside the battered body of a half naked male.
'He's breathing if that's what you mean' Drake answered
'This is Officer Manning we need back up and an ambulance to The Mansion Hotel on Delaware.' I say into my two-way.

Benji's p.o.v

'I hope I don't get arrested.' Joel says pacing 'Mom would be pissed'
'Your not going to get arrested, I am' I replied looking at my brother 'I mangled him'
'What do we tell the police?' Mikey asks
'We tell them the truth, all of it' Gerard says. 'What are you going to say to the cops Benji?'
'I'll tell them it was self defence' I answer confidently.
'They won't believe it was self defence' Mikey says from the window
'Why not?' Joel and I say together
'Because you don't have a mark on you' Mikey replies
'Shit your right.' I say pushing himself off the wall and walking over to Joel. 'Hit me.'
'What no way?' Joel says backing away
'Please' I say
'No you'll hit me back' he replies
'I won't I promise' I say
'I can't hit you' he states seriously
'Yeah you can, so hurry your ass up before a cop comes in here and busts me.' I say quickly.
'This is stupid.' He argues
'Joel c'mon just hit me. Please' I beg glancing at the door.
'Ok here goes'
I brace myself quickly as Joel's fist slams into my left cheek sending me back a few steps.
'Fuck!' I shout clutching my face and stamping my feet.
'I'm sorry Benj' Joel says rushing over to my side.

Officer Manning

I went down to the lobby where I found a team of people waiting for me.
'Alright Max' I say greeting a young lady of about 27 she was the department photographer.
'Hey Carl, what's in store for me today, a suicide or a homicide' she asks
'Nothing like that. There's a young lady of about 20 in room 112, she's been beaten up pretty bad her marks need to be recorded. Also room 145 needs to be photographed too'
'Is the girl ok?' Max asked picking up a slick black case that no doubt held her weapon of choice.
'I don't know I haven't been able to get a statement. Get in and out as quickly as possible.' I order
'Roger that' Max says heading for the lift.

Officer Drake's p.o.v

I watched as the paramedics swiftly lifted the limp body of the young male onto the stretcher and wheeled him out of the room.
'Is there any ID?' Manning asks coming up behind me.
'According to his drivers licence his name is Andre Dawson, age 29 from Arizona'
'What the hell is he doing all the way out here?' Manning asks studying the licence over my shoulder.
'Got me' I reply slipping the ID back into the tatty wallet.

Normal p.o.v

'Ok miss if you could turn your face to the left for me' the photographer orders snapping another photo as you do what she requests.
'Now just roll up the sleeves of the robe for me so I can get your wrists then I'll be done' she says with a small smile.
You gently roll up the sleeves of the white rob making sure the fabric doesn't rub against the raw skin on your wrists. You hold your hands out in front of you as instructed by the photographer and hold the pose while she takes a photo.
'Thank you that's all I need' she says looking at you with pity in her eyes. 'I'm very sorry for happened to you tonight miss, and even though I'm not supposed to say so, I hope the guy that did this gets what he deserves.' She says putting her high tech camera back in its shiny black case.
'Don't worry about that' you say hoarsely 'He already did'
You wait for her to leave before walking over to the hotel bed and sitting down on the soft comforting mattress.
It had been about an hour since Benji and the others had rescued you from Adam. It turned out that Bob, Ray and Paul had caused such a ruckus in the hotel lobby that the concierge called the police.
You wondered where they were being alone in this room with your thoughts and bruises was not helping you mental state at all. You pick up the hotel phone and dial Gerard's mobile number.
'Hello' he answers
'Gerard it's me'
'Where are you Doll Face?'
'Room 112, but I don't want to be alone. What room are you in?'
'Room 118'
'Your only down the hall, I'm coming over.' You say
'Sweet heart I think you should stay...'
You put the phone down and make your way to the door.

Officer Manning p.o.v

'Lets go get some answers, do you want the warriors or the damsel in distress?' I ask Drake
'We might as well do the guys first and leave the girl for a while. She looks like she needs some time alone' he says
'That's true, let's go see what our little miss-fits know' I say heading for the stairs.

Normal p.o.v

You open the door of room 118 and poke your head around. Joel was pacing agitatedly across the carpet floor, Gerard and Mikey were chain-smoking by the balcony window and Benji, well he was standing by the bed, his tattooed arms folded and his usually kind face is set into an irritated scowl.
'Reign' Mikey says spotting you. You walk all the way in closing the door behind you.
'You shouldn't be in here' Gerard says 'you could get in trouble.'
'I'm already in trouble a little more won't hurt' you say looking at each of them. Your eyes linger on Benji and you see his features soften and the red mark on his cheek.
'What happened?' you say rushing over to him. You hold his head in your hands examining the fresh wound that appeared on his cheek.
'Joel hit me' he says tilting his head so you could see it better.
'Why?' you gasp looking at Joel.
'I told him to so I can claim self defence' Benji says smiling down at you.
'Oh. Well at least it looks authentic' you say letting your arms fall to your sides satisfied that he wasn't too damaged.
'You haven't said much, how are you feeling?' Benji asks attempting to wrap his arms around you. You push his hands away and step out of his reach.
'I don't know' you say honestly pretending not to notice the hurt look displayed all over his face. 'I'm really numb right now.'
'Where did you get the robe?' Billy asks eyeing you
'The hotel staff gave it to me, just before I had my photos taken' you answer
'What photos?' Joel demands
'Of my bruises it's for evidence I guess. It was so humiliating' you say quietly.

Officer Manning

I open the door of room 118 and see all of them including the girl talking.
'What are you doing in here?' I say attempting to sound stern but failing.
'I was lonely' she says quietly looking at me
'You're not supposed to be in here' I say 'C'mon I need you to tell me what happened lets go back to your room.'
'I can't' she says
'Why not?' Drake asks
'Because I can't' she says shaking her head 'I...'
'Would you prefer if a female office conducted the interview with you?' I ask knowing that sometimes it was easier to speak to someone of the same gender.
'Is that allowed?' she asks unsurely.
'Of course it is. I'll arrange that for you' I say leaving the room 'You can wait here till she gets here.'
'All right who wants to go first' I hear Drake ask as I close the door behind me.


Normal p.o.v

'Ok I'm going to record your statement any time you feel like your overwhelmed just tell me and we'll have a break ok' Officer Mckesson said.
You would never have guessed she was a police officer if you saw her walking down the street, she had a kind face, clear blue eyes and a very warm and genuine smile, she looked more like a nursery school teacher.
'Ok' you say
'Please state your name for the tape.'
'Reign Leigh Mercer' you answer clearly
'Where we're you born?'
'London England'
'And your date of birth'
'July 6th 1979'
'So you turned 23 not long ago'
'Reign can you tell me how you first met Andre Dawson?'
'I'm sorry who?' you ask looking at her through confused eyes
'Andre Dawson, the guy who kidnapped you.'
'Oh. He said his name was Adam' you reply quietly.

Gerard's p.o.v

'Tell me in your own words what happened tonight' Officer Drake said
'Well we all were just spending time together you know, and err we...Reign thought it would be a good idea to play run outs, which is this scary game where you have the catchers and the run...and that's not important. Any we did but then it started getting later and Reign hadn' returned so we started to worry...'

Mikey's p.o.v

'...I was sure I was going to make it back to base but the Paul caught me and gave me a dead leg he's so damn sneaky... sorry that's not part of it. Then Benji came back and he was all bloody, so naturally we asked what happened and he said that someone knocked him out and took Reign. So we started to panic we thought maybe it was a kidnapper that may want a ransom due to our famousness...'

Bob's p.o.v

'...Then Reign managed to call us and tell us she was on Delaware Avenue, so we decided to look for ourselves and not get the police involved and that's when Frankie went to get Adam, you know the more people the better...I never like Adam from the start but the others we're like 'he's alright he looks okay to me' and I was like whatever...'

Frankie's p.o.v

'...So then I went to Adams RV and it had hundreds and hundreds of pictures of her decorating it, seriously you couldn't see any wall. So I snatched up a few and ran back to the show the others and that's when we decided to go look for Reign...I told these guys to call the cops but they wouldn't listen because we're sort of famous...we're My Chemical Romance by the way...'

Billy p.o.v

'...We running up and down the Hampton Inn, you know the hotel across the street. Then Joel called me and said he and Benji found Reign, so as agreed I called the others and sprinted to the sixth floor...I'm a pretty good runner I made it there in good time Mikey was struggling though coz he smokes, I keep tell him that cigarettes are bad for you...'

Joel's p.o.v

'...Then I ran in and saw him on Reign so I grabbed him and we started fighting and I was winning. I had to fight a lot as a kid so I was kicking his ass and then I looked over at Reign and that's when he hit me...'

Benji's p.o.v

'...It was self-defence I swear, he totally went for me. I defended my self and the best man won.'
'Mr Madden what's your relationship with Reign Mercer?' Officer Drake asks.
'Oh were friends, we've been friends since high school' I lie.
'So after you fought with Adam what happened?'
'I grabbed Reign and my brother...'

Normal p.o.v

'...And that's when you guys showed up.' You finish.
'Reign during the time you passed out and the time that Benjamin and Joel found you, do you think it was possible for Andre to have penetrated you.' Officer Mckesson ask
'I guess so, maybe I don't know.' You answer unsurely
'I think it would be advisable for you to examined by a doctor and tested just in case Andre had any infections that could have been transferred to you.'
'Yeah...that makes sense.' You say
'I think we have everything we need. Is there anything else you'd like to add Reign.'
'No I've said everything.'
'This interview was terminated on Tuesday July 31st 3.15am.'
'Can I have a shower or do I have to wait for the doctor?'
'It's best that you wait for the doctor first.'
'Am I allowed to see my friends now' you ask
'Yes if they have finished their interviews, would you like me to send them in?'
'Actually can you just send Joel in please?'
'Certainly. Good bye Reign' she says pocketing the dictor phone.
'Bye' you say as she closes the door behind her leaving you alone again.

Gerard's p.o.v

'I'm exhausted, I wanna go to sleep' Frankie complained
'I just wanna see Reign' Bob says 'I haven't seen her all night.'
'She's fine don't stress' I reply.
We'd finally been reunited with Bob, Ray and Paul. The only person that was missing was Reign. The atmosphere was sour to say the least; we were all worried and tired.
Just as I lit another cigarette the hotel room door opened and a pleasant looking police officer walked in.
'Is there a Joel Madden in here' she asked looking at each of us
'That's me' Joel announced
'Oh, Reign had asked to see you' she said smiling
'How is she?' I asked
'She's fine, she gave an excellent account of what happened.'
'So what happens now?' Frankie asks
'I'm not sure how we will proceed it's best to ask Officer Manning exactly where we'll go from here.'
'Does Reign need to go to the hospital?' Benji asked
'No we'll have a doctor examine her here as she said she'd prefer to not go to the hospital. Joel if you'll come with me I'll take you to Reign'
'Whoa what about the rest of us.' Ray says 'we want to see her too'
'Reign only asked for Joel, but I'm sure she'll want to see the rest of you later on.' The officer smiled kindly.

Joel's p.o.v

I knocked lightly on the door before entering. I immediately spot Reign sitting on the bed legs drawn up to her chest, she looked so tiny sitting in the middle of the king-sized bed.
'Hey' I say joining her on the bed
'How you doing?' I ask
'I'm ok how are the others? How are Bob, Ray and Paul?' Reign asks looking up at me.
'The others are fine, they're tired and worried.' I say
'I'm glad everyone's fine.' She replies looking me in the eyes. 'Look at your face though' she says studying my cut lip and bruised cheek.
'It's nothing' I say dismissing it 'It was worth it'
'You know the others are dying to see you' I say honestly stroking her hair.
'They are?'
'Of course' I answer.
'I thought they wouldn't want to see me so I only asked for you.' She says resting her chin on her knees.
'What? Why wouldn't...' I was interrupted by a knock on the door.
'Who is it? I say
'It's Doctor Haynes, I'm here to examine Reign Mercer' the voice outside the door stated
'Look I'll come back with the others when your done ok' I say walking to the door and letting the doctor in as I leave.

Officer Manning

'Did we get all the statements?' I question Drake
'Yeah we did, all we need now is for that Adam/Andre guy to come to and we can move on from there.' He answers. 'I sent the doctor up to see the girl already.'
'Good. What is the situation with these kids?' I ask
'Believe it or not, they are two famous bands, doing the warped tour but only one group is performing. Adam/Andre apparently follows the tour every year, which is why he's all the way out here. I spoke to Gerard Way who says they are due to perform in Boston this afternoon.' Drake informs me.
'I doubt they'll make that performance. Listen after the girl is examined, see if the hotel can hook them all up with a room for the night. I want them all in one place.' I say.
'Yes sir' Drake says leaving my side.

Joel's p.o.v

'Back so soon' Ray says when I enter room 118
'Yeah a doctor came by to examine Reign.' I reply closing the door behind me.
'Examine her for what?' Billy asks
'You know STD's and stuff' I answer uncomfortably 'we can go see her when she's done.'
'So she wants to see us' Benji says sitting up straight, he hadn't said a word since before his interview.
'Yeah, for some strange reasons she thought you guys might not want to see her.' I say
'Why would she think that?' Bob asks
'I have no idea' I answer honestly

Normal p.o.v

You tighten the robe around your body and crawl back to your spot on the bed. This was with out a doubt the most humiliating experience of your life, the penis episode was nothing compared to this.
A knock on the door snaps you out of your thoughts and Benji, Joel and Gerard walk in first followed by the others.
'Hey Kid' Bob says sitting next to you on the bed. 'I hate to admit it but I was worried about you.'
You don't say anything you just smile slightly before bursting into tears.
'What's the matter' Bob says looking alarmed
'I...I...' you sob
'Ok don't cry' he says patting you awkwardly looking at the others for help 'I don't know how to do this.' He admits
'Move over' Billy says nudging Bob out the way 'There there Reigny don't cry'
'I can't help it I was so scared' you say into Billy's shoulder.
'Well your safe now, your with us'
'I know thank you for rescuing me.' you say looking at the others through tears
'No problem Zero we do it all over again' Frankie says 'Just not tonight coz I'm beat.' You let out a little giggle at that, he was always making you laugh. You wipe your eyes with a tissue that Ray offers you and blow your nose as quietly as you can.
'Are we staying here tonight?' you ask
'We're not sure what's happening' Ray answers
'But we'll be together right' you say your eyes locking with Benji's
'Sure and if we can't one of us will definitely stay with you' Joel says
'Why don't you go have a shower Doll Face? You'll feel much better when your all clean' Gerard says. 'And don't worry we'll all be here when you get back' he says reading the anxious expression on your face.
'Promise' you say
'I promise' he says smiling slightly.
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