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If the silence takes you, I hope it takes me, too. (part one)

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more tear jerkin'...sorry.

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AN: Okay, so I cried the entire time I wrote this...just so you all know.

Title: soul meets body - Death Cab for Cutie

Pete had decided to get out of his car, walking back to the house with Patrick, silence between them. It wasn't an awkward sort of silence; they just had nothing to say. Pete wanted to take Corbin home and have a long talk with her about trust issues and other boring topics, but things that needed to be diligently worked on.

Patrick walked in, expecting to see Corbin still on her knees in the living room, but was surprised to see her no where in sight. She didn't leave the house, he knew that, so where did she go? Pete also felt confused, walking the whole length of the first floor and seeing her no where. He paused momentarily to stare at the nursery, feeling himself getting jealous at Patrick's preparation and his personal lack there of.

"Dude, where did she go?" Patrick asked walking up behind Pete. He shrugged, his eyes taking in the sight of the pale pink terry cloth sheets that was sitting in the crib, all ready to have an infant occupy them. Patrick smiled as he watched Pete.

"Do you like it? Corbin was really happy," he said. Pete turned around to look at Patrick. He had a goofy happy smile on his face and Pete knew how much this baby meant to him. He nodded.

"Yeah. It's really nice. That's one lucky little girl. She gets to have a caring father like you," he said, trailing off, feeling himself get red in the face. He cleared his throat. "Um, I'm going to go check upstairs, okay?" Pete said. Patrick nodded, staying behind in the room momentarily. Pete shoved his hands into his hoodie pockets as he began walking up the stairs. He didn't know why she would be up here, but it was worth looking anyhow. He checked the guest room at the top of the stairs but found it empty, he looked in the half bathroom and saw it vacant as well. He continued on, down to the end of the hall where the master bedroom was located. The door was shut, which was odd, Patrick never shut doors when he was home alone. Pete turned the knob and pushed it open, his eyes first seeing nothing, and then suddenly he felt all the color drain from his face. Pete wasted no time, pulling his Sidekick out of his pocket and dialing 911. He couldn't believe this was the second time in six months he was calling an ambulance for Corbin. He was sitting on the bed, applying pressure to her scabbing wound, but couldn't get her to wake up. He was crying, telling the ambulance to hurry. He threw his phone down and drug her head into his lap. He was holding her tightly, gently rocking her back and forth; this wasn't going to end like this. Pete was not a religious man by any means, but he suddenly found himself asking God to spare her. He didn't mean what he said earlier, he was just upset with her, and he had a right to be. But for christ sakes he didn't want her to die. He didn't want Patrick's baby to die, it would crush him beyond imagination.

Patrick heard sirens outside of his house and heard them stop in his driveway. Feeling alarmed, he bolted up the stairs and heading to his bedroom. He stopped dead in his tracks when he saw the image. Corbin was lying lifeless in Pete's arms, he was holding her head to his chest and laid his head on hers and Patrick could hear him sobbing. He keep repeating, "Please don't leave me like this. Hang on, baby. Hang on," and it made Patrick lose his breath in his throat. There was banging at the front door, which did nothing to arouse Pete, but Patrick ran down the stairs and pointed the EMT's to his bedroom. They had to literally drug Corbin out of Pete's arms; he didn't want to let her go. Within seconds, they had put her in the back of the ambulance and she was taken away, the EMT's desperately trying to get her to wake up.

Pete couldn't move. He was sitting on a bed, surrounded by blood stained sheets. He didn't know what to do, he felt like if Corbin was going to die, he was going to die too. Maybe not physically, but he knew he would never be the same. Patrick paced around his office momentarily, scared that making that nursery was going to end up being in vain. He didn't want to lose his daughter, not before he ever got the chance to know her, he had a space in his heart he was reserving for her and he was dying to have her fill it in only four months time. He closed his eyes and titled his head back, "God, please don't take my baby away..."


Pete hadn't slept in two days, Corbin was in a coma and her baby was dead. Patrick couldn't bear to even look at her anymore, he was so angry with her for taking away his daughter away. It just wasn't fair. Patrick cried himself to sleep the first night and then let his sadness blame the easiest target...Corbin.

The doctor's offered to let Patrick see his daughter, but he thought that was the craziest thing he had ever heard. He didn't want to see what could have been, what was going to be, it would be too much to bear. But then he thought maybe he should see her, so he didn't regret not doing it later. He followed someone down a dark hallway, immediately regretting his decision to see his six month old dead daughter. The nurse quickly warned him that he wasn't going to see a normal, healthy baby. She was going to be a bluish color with wrinkled skin and not entirely done forming. He took a deep breath as the nurse brought out a small body bag; Patrick immediately felt tears sting his eyes. The nurse carefully pulled out the baby, which sent Patrick into near hysterics at the sight of her. He felt fine that he got to see her, but was most upset that he would never get to hold her. He turned away from the body and walked out of the room fast. He breezed past Corbin's room and went home. He could take anymore of this day...

Pete sat in the chair next to Corbin's bed like he had been for two days, holding her hand and talking to her; he just wanted her to wake up. He wanted to get closer to her for the first time since she got in here and carefully moved her over on the bed slightly, and lay down on his side facing her. He placed his arm around her waist, which was now flat, due to her immediate c-section and fluid drain. She had stitches in her wrist, and her heart monitor beeped, reminding Pete that she was still in there somewhere. He started at her for a while, not remembering drifting off into an uncomfortable sleep, plagued with nightmares of losing his love.
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