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Precious Things

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Garnet reflects on what it means to be Queen. Gen.

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Notes: Just a quick, introspective Garnet drabble I whipped up. Gen. 290 words.


It is difficult, being a Queen, but Garnet is sure that she will grow into her role, given time. With the death of her mother came grief, sorrow, guilt and endless responsibility. She is just a girl now, but accepting the throne will make her a woman.

Alexandria is a difficult thing to protect; Garnet must keep every one of her people in her thoughts, as well as the city itself. There are walls to repair and rebuild; the sick that she must heal; the poor that she must enrich; the crippled that she must support. Garnet sleeps less and thinks more, but this is part of being Queen, she tells herself.

Garnet remembers being a girl, and the way that she would watch her mother sign papers and give orders from the throne. She remembers thinking that it looked so simple, that she would like to do it someday. Ruling Alexandria. Her mother had scoffed, and now she knows why.

Of course, she has support. Steiner still guards her with his life. Beatrix is a steady presence of quiet support when she needs it. There is Eiko, honest and loud to keep her focused. Vivi, Freya, even Amarant and Quina's presences help.

And Zidane. Garnet is never sure quite what it is, but he seems to clear her mind the most. Zidane will touch her shoulder, or whisper encouragement, or smile as though he has every answer she could ever need, and she feels her will strengthening. There is something in the way he watches her that makes her feel capable of facing the future.

Being a Queen is going to be a true test of her strength. But, Garnet thinks, she has more than enough strength for everyone.
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