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A New World

by Taynna 1 review

Chris just faded away ... or did he? spoilers for 'Bad Bad World' and warnings for minor character death ... sort of.

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A New World
By Taynna Sandrei

AN: Okay, this fic-bit wouldn't go away and it doesn't fit into my current project at all. I'm hoping that if I post it it'll stop bothering me and let me work on my other stuff in peace...maybe. This entire story is the result of my need for happy endings. I like the fics where adult-Chris is back, but it seems so cruel for him not to achieve his goal when he sacrificed so much for it. This is my compromise.


Suddenly, the pain was gone and he was standing in a white expanse of pure nothingness.

"You did it, Chris."

The voice brought everything into focus and he realized that he wasn't alone in this place. He recognized the voice easily and was surprised to find its owner had appeared mysteriously at his side. "Clarence? What... oh. I'm dead, aren't I. For real, this time."

"Yes. And no." Clarence was dressed just as he'd seen him that last time at the club. "You've completed your mission."

"How is that possible? I just /died/." He sounded angry, though he actually wasn't, he was just - resigned. He'd always known he probably wouldn't survive, even if he'd begun to hope... It didn't matter, he hadn't survived. He was dead.

"Yes, but your death has given Leo what he needs to confront Gideon and change the future."

It took him a moment to completely digest the meaning of Clarence's words. "You mean - it, it /worked/? I changed the future? By /dying/?"

Clarence nodded and smiled reassuringly, "The future you come from no longer exists; that timeline has been erased by the events of today."

That was - amazing. Now that he knew his failure in the attic against Gideon hadn't destroyed everything he'd worked so hard for, he felt as though a huge weight had been lifted off his shoulders. Knowing that his sacrifice hadn't been in vain, that the quest he'd dedicated his life to wasn't a failure was a greater relief than he'd ever imagined.

His thoughts quickly turned to more immediate concerns, "So, what happens to me now? Do I just - disappear?"

The Angel of Death chuckled softly. "No, of course not. You have a full life ahead of you - I hear today's your birthday."

He couldn't help but roll his eyes at the typically evasive response. "Right, but isn't that a different me? What happens to me me?" Chris had always wondered what happened to someone when their timeline ceased to be. Did they die? Did they fade? He wasn't sure he wanted to find out first hand.

Clarence gripped his right shoulder and gave him a comforting smile. "You'll live your life. This previous version will be similar to a past life - you may recall it in dreams and vague feelings ... but, for the most part, you'll start fresh."

"Live your life well, Christopher Perry Halliwell. It's a whole new world." He didn't know what to say to that and Clarence didn't give him the time he would have needed to come up with a response or even the time to process what he felt about this new information. His shock was interrupted by Clarence's hand on his shoulder again and the expanse around him suddenly became too bright to look at.


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