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Now when you thought it was going to be the cliche vamp stry - think agen

Category: Panic! At The Disco - Rating: G - Genres: Fantasy, Horror - Published: 2006-11-12 - Updated: 2006-11-12 - 153 words

As she walked home tears silently fell from her face, did he really mean the things he said !? She wasn't sure but she didn't want to find out either.
As she walked through the door ignoring the questioning looks from her sister and went to her room. He didn't want her.... She couldn't understand why ?? They were meant for each other they were meant to grow old, get married and have kids but know her future was so unclear and did she really want it to be without her one true love. These thoughts continued to spin round her head.
Tears stained her face ...... she screamed into the darkness.
Finally an idea came to her head .... She laughed to herself brilliant she thought and ran to the bathroom and shut the door.
Will someone save her ?? Before its to late ??
Time will only tell.
She watched in pain
Fell ..............
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