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x-x normal p.o.v x-x

I wake up and realise that Olivia has gone. I instantly feel pain in my neck from lying funny. This has to stop I think to myself, I need to find help but who !?
Allie of course ! She knows well everything ! I grab my coat and leave walking slowly to Allie's house thinking about the dream the whole way.
"wondered when I would see you" said a voice bringing me out of my thoughts.
"oh hey Allie and you always do" I said.
"so what to I owe this pleasure then !?" she asked
"well you remember the dreams I used to have well its happening again just different things happening" I said.
"yup I remember you telling me about them do you want me to do what I did last time !?" she asked.
"yeah if you could" I answered.
"ok do you remember what you have to do !?" she asked.
"sit in the chair and relax!?" I asked uncertain.
"yup now sit" she said.
I sat down as she told me and she then began muttering words under her breath I instantly fell into a deep sleep.

x-x Allies's p.o.v x-x

As she feel into a deep sleep I placed my hands either side of her head so I could see what she could.

/The dream/

A slender shape, draped in a black, hooded cape, ran the cape was torn and ripped and the gusts of winds were threatening to lift her off her the and throw her away like a useless doll. Her silver eyes narrowed against the rain and tears, her once beautiful, flawless face marred by days of starvation and hopelessness. She carried a small bundle in her arms, wrapped in blankets and sheltered beneath her torn shawl. Her gaze was blurred by raindrops and tears. In the background, above all the turmoil's of the storm, there were crazed with the sounds of the dark lord and his warriors. The figure placed the small bundle down and walked away ignoring the desperate cries.
A ear piercing scream filled her head as the figure was struck down what ever had attacked her left her writhing in pain.

I then get shocked and brought out of her head. I see her shaking and crying I call out her name but she doesn't snap out of it I mutter some words under my breath and she shot up and then collapsed on the floor.
"are you ok !?" I ask her.
"I ... I've never been that far before" she whispered
I struggle to help her up as it seems her limbs are weak. I place her onto a chair and pass her a drink.
"do you think you will be ok to walk home !?" I ask
"yeah I'll be fine just give me a sec ok!?" she answers
"I don't mean to rush you its just I've got to meet someone in about ten minutes and I don't want to be late" I said.
"Didn't you see Pete like a week ago!?" she asks.
"How did you know !? And I'm not going to see him Patrick said he needs help" I say
"Yeah of course that why your going" she say while standing up.
"I saw that" I say after I notice she rolled her eyes.
She carried on walking but before she left she turned round and poked her tongue out .
"real mature" I shout.
I picked up my coat and left for Patrick's house.
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