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love n forgotten people

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I had spent my whole school life hating him, it wasn't irrational hate, oh no I had a very good reason. He was my best friend until I was 12. Then he just change I don't how but I definitely know when, It was my first kiss, me and Brendon had both agreed that if we hadn't both received our first kiss by the age of 12 we would kiss each other.
So we kissed well it didn't last very long, because the next minute he had run out of my room. I would love to say that was the last time I saw him. But I couldn't be further from the truth. We did ignore each other though well he did until I got sick of it and ignored him to.
That was fine though, then i met Ryan we clicked instantly we had the same interest everything. I was finally happy again, well until Brendon ruined that. You see Spencer and Ryan were in the makings of a band but had no vocalist and surprise, surprise who turns up ? Yup the one and only Brendon.
The tension between us ruined my relationship with Ryan. So I stopped hanging around with them. Then eventually we drifted apart. That was three years ago.

"you coming han ?" asked Tarah (yup ur my co-star in this m'dear !! Lol)
"erm yeah" I muttered and closed my yearbook.

It was my 18th and Tarah was taking me to see a local band. So I got ready and left.


When we finally got there the place was packed and the band was already playing. I must admit you don't get many band here that play that good. Me and Tarah split up like we usually do and meet up 10 mins before we leave.


6 drinks and 5 phone numbers later it was time to go. I wasn't drunk no I was a good girl just sticking to soft drinks.
I drifted my eyes across the crowd looking for Tarah. I was about to give up before a pair of oh so familiar eyes.
I stared for a moment before turning around and crashing into Tarah and this other person.
"sorry" I muttered.
"no, why isn't it Hannah Sanderson why I haven't seen you in years" sneered Brendon.
"well hello Brendon, such a pleasure to finally meet you again" I said in the same tone.
"c'mon Tarah lets go before we get infected" I said and dragged her out of the bar.

It was the next morning and I was looking through my pockets for my phone. A note slipped out.

I bet you don't even remember me, I never could stop thinking about you.
Will you forgive me ?? Please ? Find me at the airport I'll be there till 11.

I gasped and drop the note. "TARAH !! What's the time ?" I shouted.
"its half ten why" she shouted back.
I ran downstairs grabbed my keys.


I got to the airport with a few mintutes to spare. I frantically looked round for him.
I ran to one end, he wasn't there. I was about to give up until I saw him. He was standing there looking at the ground. Well that was until Brendon moved him towards the gate.
I ran, faster that I have ever in my life towards him.

It wasn't fast enough though, he had already walked through the gate. I was about to give up , go home until an idea struck me.

I ran to the window and opened it. Once opened I screamed "RYAN I LOVE YOU TILL I WILL SCREAM IT TILL MY LUNGS TURN BLUE"
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