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"ms. Lewis to you care to explain Pythagoras theory to the rest of the class as you seem to know it so well you don't need to listen" Mr. Matthews said.
Sacarastic ass wipe "sorry sir I wasn't really listening" I replied sweetly.
"well how would you like to learn it in your own time" he asked
"well sir I would love to I really would but you see I have a prior engagement" I answered.
"there's no need for sarcasm young lady" he said
"me never" I answered mockingly.
He didn't reply to that he just turned round and carried on with the lesson. But as about to place my head on the table I noticed a note.

Yo Leila, you going to homecoming !? Sophie
Yo yourself weirdo and no you !? Lelia
Of course we get to dress up and you know how much I love to ! And why not !? Sophie
Yeah I do ! lol and because I'm not!! Lelia
Oi !! Lol and pweez go I don't want to be stuck with Mr and Mrs loved up pweez come I promise we'll find the perfect outfit L Sophie

Grr fine if I have to but if I don't find it I'm not going and you can't make me so ner ! :p Lelia
We had to stop the note as the bell had gone I packed up my things and dragged myself to lunch.
"hi!"Vicky shouted
"Hey" we all answered
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