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Chapter Six: Beaches

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A collection of drabbles, vignettes and short stories about how Seto Kaiba is not cuddly. Challenge fanfic from the LJ community 10snuggles. SetoxJounouchi

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Author's Notes: Here is installment number six! Please read and review. :3

Seto Kaiba Does Not Cuddle

By LilyChan

Chapter Six


"One is never as happy or as unhappy as one thinks." - La Rochefoucauld, Maxisms

It was quiet, save the tide crashing against the shore, the wind blowing, and the fire crackling. They had just shared their first real date together at the beach. For once, the paparazzi decided not to follow them. That didn't make him unhappy.

So what did? He didn't know what to say. As we all know, Seto Kaiba was not one to break the ice. However, Jou was kind enough to break the ice for him.

"Wow," he merely said. Seto blinked and glared at him.

Wow? Is that all you can say, mongrel? He wanted to say, but he just didn't have the heart to.

It was their first date, after all. He had to leave a good impression. The brunet felt the sweat on his palms and crossed his arms to hide it. He couldn't show his weakness even in front of the person who saw some moments.

He had to prove to the other, and himself, that he's strong.

"If I didn't know any better," he continued with a smug grin, "I'd say you were trying to impress me."

"So what if I am?"

The blond shrugged. "Just saying that I appreciate it, that's all."

The other merely rolled his blue eyes and grabbed the wine that lay in the bucket filled with ice. He popped it open, and as expected, some of the foam fell out of the opening. He picked up the glass and poured some of the wine. Jou merely picked it up and examined it before taking a quick swallow.

He mumbled his appreciation as Seto took a drink himself; although it didn't do much to calm his nerves.

He took a deep sigh.

However, it was Jou who took the initiative to spark a conversation. "So how's business?" He sounded quiet, but Seto didn't think much of it. The blond placed his naked feet onto the cool sand and watched the brunet for an answer.

"Its fine," he started, feeling less awkward, "of course, good help is always hard to find." Jou smiled and nodded. "What's up with you? Do you still play basketball?"

The two froze at what Seto just asked.

"Nah, I had to start working since my father's in debt yet again," he yawned as he tossed his body against the blanket and looked at the stars.

Seto nodded. "Where do you work now?"

"At some construction site. Eh, I have no clue what they're building, but I think its part of Kaiba Corps since I saw the logo on the documentation the supervisor had." He winked as he got up, with his arms supporting his upper body.

Seto shifted.

Jou patted on the space next to him. "Come over here, Kaiba. I know you're not the talking type."

He shook his head. "No. It's filthy."

"Come on! You can always force your servants to wash it later."

The brunet still refused to join him.

To his surprise, the blond leapt from where he was and on top of the richer of the two. He landed right on the sand and was being pinned by a very heavy blond.

"Hey! Get off, you damn animal! This is one of my best trench coats!"

Jou buried his head in his chest and mumbled, "But you're so soft, Moneybags, like a pillow."

Seto kept struggling, but he was unsuccessful. He sighed as turned his head and faced nothing but sand, sky, and sea.

"Fine! Stay like that! But if you think you're staying like that for the night, you better think again!"

When he didn't get a response, save for labored breathing, he cursed, and cursed.

He cursed that he wasn't in the most comfortable of clothes to savor the moment.
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