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Timberwolves at New Jersey

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Star Wars marathon

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Leave Lovers Dead in Ditches
Chapter Eighteen:
Timberwolves at New Jersey
"I got the mic, and you got the mosh pit."

It was two months after the birth of my darling daughter, and we were just about to start off on our tour. I was leaving Charlie with my mother for about four months while we toured. I know what you're thinking. What a horrible mother I am. I just had a baby, and I'm leaving her with her Grammy for four months. The thing is a tour is no place for a baby, and our band still needed a tour. It was easier to get it done and over with sooner rather than later.
Pete and I were closer then ever, and hanging out with the boys on the tour bus was a wonderful experience for me. I needed a bit of immaturity before I had to go back home, and be a mother, and I think Pete kind of did to. The whole time we were touring I was missing Charlie, and I knew Pete was too.
"Do you think she's alright?" Pete asked me one night.
I looked at him over my book, "Yeah. My mother is a great baby sitter, and I'm sure she'd love to meet my dad."
"That's funny my own daughter is meeting her grandfather when I haven't even met him," he said chuckling.
I just passed it off. As soon as we collapsed into silence I heard a knock on the door "Come in," I said. In walked Patrick wearing a bright yellow hat, and a black shirt, and I began to laugh. "How's it going bumblebee?" I asked.
He glared at me, "Your mom's on the phone apparently Charlie rolled over or something. I mean is that a big deal for a baby?" he asked looking at Pete. Pete just shrugged his shoulders.
"What!" I yelled.
Now it was Patrick's time to laugh, "I'm just kidding. Nobody called."
"Why did you come in here then?" Pete asked. "Other then to torment my wife?"
"We were going to watch a movie. Do you want to join us?" Patrick asked.
I looked up at him from my book, "What movie?"
"Star Wars," he said.
Pete smacked Patrick's stomach, "Which episode?"
Grabbing his stomach Patrick answered, "We were going to do a marathon."
"Why? I mean that's going to take us into tomorrow morning, and we have to play a show tomorrow night. Not to mention we'll be dragging ass during sound checks, and rehearsal." I said.
"I know. That's the fun of it," he argued back.
"The fun of it is to do something stupid that could make us play bad?" I asked.
He nodded, "Hey if you guys don't do it everybody else is, and there going to end up playing bad. You might as well just to sound as bad as them."
I laughed, "You have a point. Come on, Pete; let's show these imbeciles how a Star Wars marathon should be."
I leapt up off the bed, and into the main part of the bus. They were just starting "The Phantom Menace". I plopped down on Eric's lap, and I heard him groan. "Hey watch the family jewels!" he said in concern.
I looked at him, "What family jewels? You and I both know there is nothing in those pants, Eric Thornhill."
"Natalie is back to her old self again," I heard Brennan say.
I looked over at him questionably, "What do you mean?"
"Well no offense," Joe started to say. "But you kind of became unfun when you became pregnant."
"Yeah your hormones made you all PMSy, you know?" I heard Zack ask.
I had never thought of it like that. Now I would have to make it up to them while we were onstage. "Okay does anybody know how bad we're going to play tomorrow night?" I asked.
"No, actually I think we'll be okay. Remember that one time we stayed up all night playing that name game, and then we had a gig the next night? We had no sleep in between," Zack pointed out.
I pointed at him, "I do remember that. We actually played better then we normally did. By the way that name game was pretty fun."
"What name game?" Pete asked.
"Well, you start out with one person, and they say a name then the next person takes the last letter of that name, and has to say another name that begins with that letter. The worst letter to get is 'y'," I pointed out.
"Yeah you guys kept giving me names that ended with 'y', and I wanted to hit you all over the head," Brennan complained.
Patrick then turned to us, "Do you guys realize we haven't even watched any of the movie?"
We started to laugh, and began to watch the movie.


"Hey Natalie, I love you," Pete said giggling.
I looked at him seductively, "I know."
Everyone then burst out laughing. "Hey Luke, shut the fuck up!" Joe yelled.
"Luke, I am yo mamma!" Eric added in a fake Darth Vader voice.
"That was fun I hadn't done that in a while. So, what is the next movie marathon we're going to do?" I asked.
Patrick looked at me, "We're doing another one?"
"Yeah, how about Lord of the Rings?" I asked.
"That sounds good to me. So, when?" Pete asked.
I walked over to Pete, and kissed him passionately. He seemed a better kisser now that I was married to him. I felt him smile against the kiss when everyone started hooting and hollering. "I think next week this time. We can't do it back to back because we'd be so tired. So, well take a week to rest up," I said breaking the kiss.
Pete's lips were kept in kiss mode as he nodded. I laughed, and walked into the back to take a shower. I started the water, and undressed. I stepped in, and the warm water sprinkled over my body.
I turned towards the water coming out to of the shower head, and it washed onto my face. All of the sudden I felt hands start to massage my back. I turned around in surprise, and there was Pete.
"Hello, love," I he said.
I laughed, "You scared me. I didn't hear you come in."
"Well, I decided the two of us should take a shower together to save hot water, you know?" he asked as he kissed my collar bone.
"Okay, but only shower. I'm too tired to have sex," I said.
He laughed, "Since when?"
"Since I became a mother. It's in my right, and you should be too tired as well. You 're a father now," I said.
"That's probably my favorite job. It goes father, husband, bassist," he said.
"That's good, my love, that's very good," I said kissing him.

The sound checks and the rehearsals were tiring, and we were just about to go one stage for the first time. We had sold out, and I was nervous, but Pete was there holding me up. I was glad that he was there. I was wondering if we would play bad. Well, it was time, and now we were going out on stage. . .

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