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Just Communication

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After participating in a rescue at a US research base John begins to experience strange and amazing side effects.

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Chapter Twenty Eight: Just Communication

Living Room

Tracy Villa, Tracy Island

Scott sighed as he tried for what had to be the thousandth time to read one of the many files that Dad had left behind for him to read through while he was away in New York and Washington. No matter how hard he tried to get into reading the document the meaning of the words eluded him, every word seeming to merge together becoming a meaningless mass of black and white.

His thoughts kept drifting to John and how he was lying unconscious in the sickroom as the nanites did something to his brain. Though he knew that it was irrational Scott couldn't stop worrying that the nanites could be changing John's personality, that when he woke up again he would not be the same person but someone completely different, a stranger with their brothers face. Scott didn't know where the irrational fear came from but no matter how hard he tried he couldn't shake it off.

Growing irritated at his inability to focus on the file he was supposed to read Scott closed it with a frustrated sigh and rubbed his eyes. Come on Scott Carpenter Tracy focus, /he thought, /John's going to be fine the nanites aren't going to change his personality. That only happens in science fiction stories so stop worrying.

"You look like someone with a problem Scott," John's voice abruptly said from very close by making Scott jump a mile. Immediately there came the familiar sound of laughter from both John and Gordon. Lowering his hand Scott saw both John and Gordon standing right in front of the desk in absolute hysterics. Scott was alternatively relieved to see that John was once more in the land of the living, and annoyed at the fact that John had just tried his hardest to give him a heart attack.

Before he could say anything caustic to his brothers for trying to scare him to death Virgil came in from the balcony where he had been painting another landscape. The familiar sounds of brotherly laughter having brought him out of his painting trance and prompted him to come and investigate what was going on. Virgil froze when he saw Gordon and John standing in front of the desk with Scott looking relieved and a little ticked off from their father's seat of power behind the desk. Virgil sighed in relief at seeing John once more up and about and seemingly in very good spirits, if the way he was laughing was anything to go by.

"Hi John," Virgil said. "Welcome back to the land of the living. How are you feeling?"

"Hi Virg," John replied. "Thanks. I'm feeling fine. Before either of you ask the nanites have done something else in here," he tapped the side of his head with a finger, "but what they have done exactly I haven't a clue yet. They have done something to my head though."

"Oh what have they done given you a brain," Scott asked grinning mischievously and his blue eyes shinning with amusement. Gordon and Virgil laughed while John scowled playfully at his older brother.

"More than you ever had Scott," John shot back laughing, the comment making Virgil and Gordon laugh even harder even as Scott scowled.

"Nice comeback John," Virgil replied still laughing his head off ignoring the glare Scott shot his way. Scott stood up and started to open his mouth to issue a very sharp retort when a familiar beeping sound filled the air. Saved by the bell guys, Scott thought glaring at his three earth side brothers before glancing at the portraits to see that the eyes on Alan's were flashing in time to the beeping sound. Oh please not another rescue operation so soon after dealing with the eruption of Mount Baker, Scott thought as he sat back down and pressed the hidden control to answer the incoming call from Thunderbird Five.

"Go ahead Alan," Scott said. Immediately the portrait vanished to be replaced by a live feed and Scott was immediately able to tell that the incoming call was not for a rescue. If that had been the case Alan would have called from the space stations control room, instead the backdrop was that of the living and entertainment area on the station.

"Hi Scott," Alan said grinning. "I was just calling to see how John is?"

"I'm fine Alan," John replied moving into the range of the video pickup. "I only just got up after the last dying swan act I did. I'll call you properly and fill you in on what's happened in another few minutes."

"Ok John," Alan replied.

"Has there been any news from Dad Alan?" Scott asked. Alan shook his head.

"Not yet Scott," Alan answered. "Though dawn has broken over New York now. It should be about six in the morning there now. Knowing Dad he will be just getting up he should be giving you a call shortly."


Jeff's Hotel Room

New York Hilton, A Few Minutes Later

Jeff Tracy inwardly sighed in relief as he downed the cup of fresh coffee that room service had brought up for him. He felt the hot, bitter liquid flow down his throat into his belly and the caffeine it contained hit his bloodstream to banish the fuzziness he always had upon waking up.

Feeling much more human from the coffee Jeff made himself comfortable on the edge of the bed. He would go and have a shower in another few minutes then head down for a very early breakfast even though he was still partially full from the huge meal he had at last nights dinner meeting. Still he knew he had to have breakfast as it was probably the only time he would get to eat at all today given in that just over an hour or two he would fly Tracy One to Washington DC and his meeting with Admiral Hayden at the Pentagon. Jeff couldn't help but smile at the thought of meeting Admiral Hayden face to face again, it had been along time since they had last met. But before he did anything else at all today he wanted to make a very important, very personal call. Raising his wristcom he pressed the button on the side.

"Jeff Tracy to Tracy Island respond please," he said. Almost instantly the face of his watch vanished to be replaced by the familiar features of his oldest son and Jeff instantly knew that something had changed for the better on Tracy Island. Scott did not look as worried now as he had looked earlier when he had called him to alert him to John's collapse after their return from the rescue operation at Mount Baker. A mission where they had faced the full fury of the volcano as it went into its biggest eruption for centuries.

"Hi Dad," Scott replied. "How are you this morning?"

"I'm fine Scott. How is John this morning Scott?" Jeff asked.

"He's fine Dad. John's back up and about but there have been a few changes in him, the nanites evolved into a new form and they altered John in the process," Scott replied.

"What have they done to John Scott," Jeff demanded to know wondering and worrying about what those damned bio-mechanical things in John's blood and cells had done to him now. Was John still going to be the John that he knew and loved or would the nanites have altered him so thoroughly, so completely that he would be someone new, someone completely different to the person he had been? The nanites were such a powerful and unknown technology that anything was potentially possible with them.

"We're not sure entirely Dad," Scott answered. "Though it has really changed his appearance."

"How?" Jeff asked wondering if he was going to end up playing Twenty Questions with Scott to get answers about what the nanites had done to John now.

Scott smiled and in a calm, clear voice described everything that had happened to John from the moment he had collapsed to the present time. To say that Jeff was startled by how much John had been altered by the nanites was an understatement, in fact he could barely believe it but he could tell from the look in Scott's blue eyes that he was telling the truth.

"And we still don't know what they have done altogether Dad," Scott concluded. "It's going to take awhile for us to find that out. Just like it did before."

"Is John there I would like to talk to him?" Jeff asked.

"No he's not Dad," Scott replied. "John's currently speaking with Alan in his room, lord only knows what those two are talking about but you know what they're like when they start talking." Jeff smiled and nodded. Though their personalities were total opposites Alan and John were very close; the only brother Alan was closer to was Gordon. Alan and John could spend hours and hours talking about anything and everything when they wanted to. It was an interesting relationship the two blond haired Tracy sons had not that anyone minded.

"Yes I know," Jeff replied. "As to what those two talk about your guess is as good as mine Scott. Tell John the next time you see him that I'll either talk to him later or when I return from Washington."

"Okay, Dad. Good luck in that meeting Dad."

"Thanks Scott," Jeff replied. "I better go now Scott. I have a lot of things to do today. I'll check in with you later."

"Okay, Dad." Jeff smiled and turned off his wristcom before standing up and heading towards the bathroom for his shower, his movements a little easier now that most of the weight of worry for John had been lifted off his shoulders. He knew now that John was okay and from all accounts was better now than ever before. Still he knew that he would not completely relax until he returned to Tracy Island and saw John for himself.


Thunderbird Five

One Hour Later

Alan smiled as he broke the connection with John far below him on Tracy Island. He was relieved beyond words that John was okay, though the new thing with his memory was downright freaky. It was like the photographic memory trait that both himself and John had shared all their life, but much better and more efficient.

Though the new trait that really had him interested was the energy sense that John had described to him. It sounded downright weird but interesting. Alan couldn't help but wonder if that new sense could do much more than what John knew at this moment in time. He wondered could John control energy fields as well as sense them. It would be cool if John could turn things on and off just by thinking about it. He had confessed as much to John and had not been surprised to find out that John was wondering if he could do that as well.

Its certainly going to be interesting to find out what he can do now
, Alan thought standing up from the couch he had been sat down on. Pity I'm stuck up here and can't see for myself but I suppose it's for the best that John's down there. Until he's got some proper idea about what he can do and how to control his powers it would be dangerous and foolhardy for John to do a duty here on Thunderbird Five. He could end up hurting himself or worse.

Alan sighed as it occurred to him at that moment that he could end up spending longer than his normal one month tour as space monitor. It would be inconvenient, as it would keep him away from Tin-Tin for longer than he was usually comfortable with. But in this instance he wouldn't mind at all, John needed to learn to control of his powers before it would be safe for him to reassume space monitor duty. I just hope it doesn't take too long for John to learn control, he thought, I don't mind pulling an extra month of duty for John as it would only be fair given he so recently pulled a two month shift for me after I got injured. But more than two consecutive months of space monitor duty would drive me completely batty. Whatever happens though I'll be ready for it, because I have to be.

Alan sighed again then left the living and entertainment room to go to the gym for a workout.
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