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Falling Fast

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Attempted suicide, the death of a friend, rape... why couldn't it all just be a nightmare? Rating might go up due to language/violence, and possible sex [shounen-ai] in future chapters.

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F A L L I N G F A S T .
xx How did it come to this? xx

Author's note: This idea was originally supposed to be a webcomic, but I figured it would do just as well as a written story. It's going to be a challenge for me to keep this going, as I am currently deciding on how to end it all... however, since it's going to be uber fun to write, I can promise at least two full chapters. xD Anyway, this chapter is going to be very familiar in structure. Almost every angst/soap opera starts this way. So, I apologize for that beforehand. Please R&R! I really need opinions.

[ C h a p t e r [01] ]

Uwata Reiku dropped the umbrella.


"If it hadn't been for you, none of this would have ever happened..."

The handle clinked as it hit the side walk, and the thing bounced a few times before rolling into the street. The rain hit his face like small pebbles, soaking him to the bone in a matter of seconds.

"I wish... I wish you'd done it. I wish you'd done it before we... before we... You selfish bastard!"

"STUPID!" He growled, clutching at his head. He couldn't cry. Just couldn't. A strangled cry slipped from between his lips. How had it gotten this bad? How had it come to this? But it was no use asking questions that had no answers. All he could do now was remember...

"Get away from me! I-I'm going to do it, whether you like it or-"
/"No! Rei! Give me the gu-"/
"Haru! NO! Get away from him!"

And then:

"Rei, are you alright?" The blonde-haired young man said after turning the corner and spotting the other. He held his own umbrella up, peering curiously at Reiku. "Your lip is bleeding." When Rei did not reply, and instead kept his gaze to the pavement, the blonde, still in his school uniform, advanced towards the younger student and made to place a hand on the smaller boy's shoulder. Immediately, Rei stumbled away from his classmate, hands dropping from his head to rest limply at his sides.

"G...Geh..." He mumbled, sick at the thought of what had just happened. "Get away from me, Masami..." Rei's body was now bent slightly forward, a hand around his stomach. Masami wasn't yet close enough to see that tears had finally begun to stream down Rei's pale face, but he could tell something was very wrong.

Of course, Masami had not been there to see what had happened just a half hour ago. Had he decided to visit Rei's dormroom instead of going to the library, he would have discovered Rei with a small handgun, about to shoot himself, just like Hikaru and Jin had. He would have watched Hikaru run forward to grab the gun from Rei's hand. He would have heard the gunshot that killed him. He would have heard every painful, stinging word Jin had screamed at Rei shortly afterward. No... instead, Masami had been in the library and had not even heard the gun fire, much like the rest of the school, which had already gone home for summer break, or were still waiting in front of the school to be driven home. The dorms were so far away from the front of the school. That's why Rei had decided to do it there. To commit suicide.

Masami had always been compassionate and understanding. But there was no understanding murder. Rei thought to himself. He almost collapsed, then and there, his legs weakening with the heavy weight on his mind and heart. Instead, he picked up his umbrella, and turned to face Masami with a fluid twist of his body, his face mostly clear of emotion, but still dangerously pale.

"What's going on?" Rei blinked at the question, trying not to break at the sight of his friend's worried expression.
"I've got to get home." His voice nearly cracked. Masami took a cautious step forward.
"Then I'll-"
"Go home and not walk with me today."
But the dark haired seventeen-year old quickly disappeared into the rainy mist, umbrella finally coming up to shield him uselessly from the rain.
"Rei..." Masami repeated, unsure what to think. This was a whole new Reiku. No sign of the bright, smiling junior he'd always known. And, being who he was, decided to follow Rei home, content with whatever consequences might follow. He wasn't going to leave him alone today... not when it was clear that Rei needed someone.

But Masami couldn't help but wonder what had made him like that...

What had brought about a side of Rei he hadn't ever seen before.

Almost as if...

He'd just witnessed murder.
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