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Chapter 04: The Arena

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Harry Potter/Ninja Turtles 2003 crossover. Read the first three books first. Harry's fourth year at Hogwarts is marked by the return of the Triwizard Tournament. More complete summary in profile.

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Chapter Four: The Arena

The rapid crowd was in attendance as the Tri Sports Arena as Harry, Ginny, and Turtles are facing off against the purple tentacled monster with one eye.

"Welcome visitors and fellow saurians to another action packed addition of Triceraton gladiators," said a Triceraton Commentator by the name of Raz. "Let me tell you something Zed, we have quite a line up for this full day of games."

"Indeed, Raz!" boomed Zed over the public address system. "Our first match is the four turtle creatures along with the two humans facing off against a Spasmosaur."

"Should be exciting Zed!" exclaimed Raz.

"Or over really quickly," said Zed in a logical manner.

"So this is the Games," remarked Harry lightly.

"Yes, apparently," said Ginny darkly before looking at the Spasmosaur. "Do they actually expect us to fight that thing?"

"No," said Raph.

"Oh good," said Ginny in relief.

"They expect that thing to eat us," said Raph as the Spasmosaur whipped its tentacles at Raph, but Raph managed to leap up, as the Spasmosaur struck the ground hard.

"Well then let's give this thing a little indigestion!" yelled Leo before leaping up and attempted to fire a kick the Spasmosaur but it wrapped a tentacle around his leg, holding up the turtle in the air.

Don was the next to try his luck but a tentacle but wrapped around his waist. Ginny and Harry attempted a double assault but they found themselves immobilized by the tentacles of the Spasmosaur. Mikey and Raph both leapt up at the same time but their efforts were very much in vain as Mikey was whacked onto his back while Raph got the tentacle wrapped around his arms, causing him to hang in the air, glaring at the Spasmosaur.

"These aliens better do something soon or it will be all over Raz!" commentated Zed.

"You got that right, Zed," said Raz as he observed five of the aliens struggling madly at the grip of the Spasmosaur. "Just a reminder folks, don't forget to pick up a program detailing today's events as you go to the concession stands. At twelve slegs, it's a steal!"

The Fugitoid watched in horror as Zanramon looked rather pleased.

"It looks like your friends aren't going to make it out of this one," said Zanramon in mock horror. "But of course, I could stop the match, set your friends free. All I need from you is to build me the Teleportal and I could put a stop to this right now."

Professor Honeycutt paused before shaking his head at the Prime Leader.

"No?" asked Zanramon. "Very well, let us watch and seem them get slowly torn into pieces."

The Spasmosaur put Harry above his mouth, preparing to devour him. Mikey shook his head, before leaping up and kicking the Spasmosaur, causing him to drop Harry. Harry leaped up, kicking it as well.

"Wait a minute, Zed, wait a minute," said Raz. "These little people are fighting back."

Leo ripped himself from the Tentacles before leaping up, ramming both of his arms straight into the top of the cranium of the Spasmosaur. Ginny managed to kick herself over, causing the Spasmosaur to inadvertently bite its own tentacle. Ginny fell to the ground as Donatello and Raph managed to kick off, ripping themselves from the tentacles. Raph, Leo, and Harry rushed forward, all punching at the Spasmosaur, causing it to back off.

"Do you think we hurt it?" asked Harry.

The Spasmosaur growled angrily before going after Harry, Ginny, and the Turtles.

"Not enough," said Leo regrettably as stared at the purple alien monster as it rushed at them. "Run!"

The six ran across the stadium, with the Spasmosaur right behind them, moving extremely face for a purple alien monster.

"Wow, Zed, I've never seen a Spasmosaur move this fast," remarked Raz.

"Radar has him clocked at seventeen photons per Trigon," commented Zed.

Harry looked up at the wall, with a statue of Prime Leader Zanramon on the ledge. The Spasmosaur closed in quickly behind them but Harry had an idea.

"Kick off the wall when we reach it!" yelled Harry. "And then flip."

"Right," said Leo who nodded as the Spasmosaur kept coming for them, licking its lips in anticipation for lunch being served.

"These aliens are running out of room rapidly, Zed," said Raz excitedly. "Just a reminder, Triceraton Gladiators is brought to you by Ran-Zam's Yum Stuff, makers of the best meat food on a stick in this galaxy or any other."

"Leap!" yelled Harry, grabbing Ginny's hand so he could assist her at flipping back properly without almost falling flat on her face again.

They leapt onto the wall before flipping off, over the rushing Spasmosaur. The Spasmosaur crashed head on into the wall. A creaking noise echoed throughout the Tri-Sports Area before the statue of Zanramon fell off the podium, crushing the Spasmosaur underneath its immense weight.

"Unbelievable, Zed, the Spasmosaur has been defeated," said Raz.

"What an upset!" cried Zed. "I say this may be the biggest upset in the history of Triceraton Gladiators!"

Zanramon was looking sullen as the Fugitoid was doing a victory dance in celebration.

"Booyah!" yelled the Fugitoid before calming down. "As the boys would say. It looks like my friends wrecked your statue Prime Leader Zanramon. So sorry."

Zanramon smashed his hands into the table in anger before radioing the Triceraton security guards at the arena.

"I want those aliens vaporized!" yelled Zanramon before hearing the cheers of the crowd, before changing his mind. He had a different idea in mind. "No wait, I have a better idea. Something really cruel."

Back in the arena, as the others were catching their breath after the last victory, Mikey was dancing around the arena like a goof, playing to the crowd.

"Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee," chanted Mikey. "Who be the Turtle, the Turtle be me."

At that moment, a group of angry Triceraton guards flew over on their tech packs, pointing their laser blasters straight at Ginny, Harry, and the Turtles. Mikey gulped in horror at the Triceratons advancing on them.

Uh, if you're mad about wrecking that statue, it was his idea," said Mikey, while pointing at Harry.

"Thanks a bundle, Mikey," said Harry in an agitated voice before finding himself, along with the others being blasted at slowly, as if they were being drawn back towards something.

"What a morning sports fans!" exclaimed Raz. "For those of you just joining in, six offworlders, in the form of four mutant turtle creatures and two humans, scored an upset victory over a Spasmosaur and now they are about to be blasted into extinction."

"Not quite, Raz," said Zed as a pit opened up in the ground which Harry, Ginny, and the Turtles were being backed up towards. "By decree of Prime Leader Zanramon, these six offworlders will be back later in the show for last warrior standing free for all."

"That's something isn't it, Zed," remarked Raz. "To go up against a Spasmosaur is one thing but to tangle with our accomplished Triceraton Gladiators is another thing together. Rest assure, it will be a fight until the death, when only one will be left standing at the end."

"Right now, by network edict, we are going to take twenty trigons straight of advertisement breaks," said Zed excitedly.

"Should be exciting, shouldn't Zed?" asked Raz as the Turtles, Harry, and Ginny fell into the pit, landing down with the rest of the Gladiators.

Looking around, Harry saw they were surrounded by a bunch of ill tempered, battle scared, Gladiators, all no doubt rejects from the same prison they paid a stint from as well.

"So, I can't really say much for the decor," said Harry.

"Or our new roommates," said Ginny with a shudder looking around at Gladiators who looked rather intent on causing bodily harm with the first person who crossed their paths.

"Just another kind of prison," said Raph absentmindedly reaching for his Sais before remembering they were confiscated by the Triceraton Army.

"That is why we should be finding another plan of escape," said Leo, looking around but there appeared to be no way out.

"Hah," said a purple alien with a blue mullet. "There is only one way out of here and if you aren't prepared to fight to the death, you will be finding that way out soon enough, aliens."

"You newbies won't see another sunrise," said a rather grim looking Triceraton who happened to be a Gladiator prisoner as well. "You're all slaves now, just like the rests of us."

Who's Mr. Sunshine over there?" demanded Raph, pointing to the Triceraton who had just spoken.

"That is Traximus the Mighty," said a red alien with white claws. "Undefeated champion of the Games. You would do well to address him with respect."

Just at that moment, an electrified whip bounced off the ground, as a heavy set Triceraton who had half of his right horn missing and the half was replaced by a metal horn shape walked into the picture. Three armed guards flanked the heavyset Triceraton.

"All right, listen up meat," growled the Triceraton. "Tonight, you are going to fight for the amusement of our beloved Prime Leader Zanramon. You are going to die with much spectacle. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Master Gruel," droned all the Gladiator prisoners with the exception of Harry, Ginny, and the Turtles.

"Gruel, nice name," remarked Mikey.

"Bet he's a real hit with the ladies," said Harry sarcastically. "I heard the fake metal horns are in this season."

Gruel took the metal prosthetic horn off of his head before picking at his teeth with it with it.

"I seem to be missing practice dummies," said Gruel in mock surprise before turning over to the Turtles, Harry, and Ginny. "You six are going to be my new practice dummies."

Hey, are you calling me a dummy?" asked Mikey in an indignant voice.

"Wouldn't be the first time, Mikey," said Raph as Don, Leo, Ginny, and Harry snickered from behind.

"Silence!" yelled Gruel angrily. "You won't be laughing for long, alien scum."

Gruel motioned for the guards to bring over pointy looking sticks, passing them around to the other gladiators with the exception of Traximus, who was sitting in the corner, refusing to take part in the activities.

"Shock staff practice!" yelled Gruel before turning to Harry, Ginny, and the Turtles. "Remember, practice dummies, no hands. Begin!"

The gladiators turn on the shock staffs, jabbing them towards the six makeshift practice dummies. After a few jabs, Raph leaped up, kicking the purple alien with the blue mullet back.

"Look ma, no hands," said Raph as Harry ducked a shock staff wielded by a grey skinned alien before leaping up and kicking the alien in the back.

Leo and Don waited until two more Gladiators rushed them, about ready to shock them dropping down, causing the two Gladiators to inadvertently shock each other. Ginny ducked a shock staff before managing to kick the alien wielding it into a trip from Harry.

"Enough!" growled Gruel before motioning for the guards to bring out a whack of weapons, who passed them around to all, with the exception of Harry, Ginny, and the Turtles. "Weapons practice, now. Extra rations for dinner to anyone who can take out this filth."

Gruel looked over at Traximus who was still sitting in his own little corner.

"You too slave," ordered Gruel.

Traximus growled at Gruel before pulling himself up, with a battle-axe in hand. The Gladiators charged at Harry, Ginny, and the Turtles but Harry quickly leaped up, knocking the Gladiator back before stealing his weapon, a medieval style Iron Mace. Harry went behind one of the Gladiators, pretending to struggle with the mace. The Gladiator laughed before Harry jerked the chain forward, bringing the mace right into the crotch of the alien, who doubled over in pain, dropping his weapon, a single rusty sword which Leo picked up, leaping into the air and knocking the Gladiator that was pursuing Don back before stealing his weapon, a trident, and tossing it to Don.

Harry managed to hoist the mace over his shoulder before slamming it down into the back of one of the Gladiators, causing him to drop a Kusari-Gama weapon which Mikey picked up, before wrapping around the mallet of the Gladiatorial and pulling it back, causing it to fly backwards as Raph caught it. Ginny was being stalked by a Gladiator wielding a quarterstaff before pressing a switch on the side and revealing a knife on the inside.

"Special delivery!" yelled Harry, kicking two aliens into the one attacking Ginny with a split kick. Ginny picked up the weapon.

"Thanks, Harry," said Ginny gratefully.

"Stop!" yelled Gruel. "Gladiators do not help each other!"

Gruel attempted to whip Raph with his electrical whip but it wrapped around Raph's mallet, causing Raphael to glow a faint blue light as he pulled the whip, causing Gruel to fly headfirst into a pile of some kind of mushy brown substance.

"Wrong, horn head, we look after our own," said Raph.

Leo and Traximus prepared to engage into battle. Traximus swung his axe upward, but Leo blocked it with the rusty sword before flipping back. The Triceraton rushed at Leo, before smashing the axe into the ground but Leo was no longer there. Turning around, the Triceraton ate both feet into his face. Leo raised his sword up into the air as Traximus closed his eyes.

"Do it, finish me," said Traximus grimly. "It is your right as victor and I dare say you will be doing this slave a favor."

Leo raised his sword up into the air, before throwing it down onto the ground. Traximus looked up in surprise, his life was saved.

"Gladiators look after their own," said Leo simply.

Gruel pulled his way out of the mushy brown substance and he was not a happy Triceraton.

"Guards!" snarled Gruel, as the other Triceraton Guards moved into position, raising their blasters, rounding up all the Gladiatorial slaves.

Meanwhile a fleet of Federation war ships was moving across the universe, in the direction of the Triceraton Homeworld. The Feds had not been idle this whole time; there efforts to locate the Fugitoid were not slowed since Honeycutt left the planet of D'Hoonib.

On board the main ship, General Blanque sat as one of his aides reported to him.

"General, we had to scan three hundred galaxies before we even found a trace of the Triceraton Homeworld but sir we found them," said the aide.

"Good," said Blanque. "Put all war ships on full alert, we need to get that Fugitoid back. If the Triceratons get him to build the Teleportal those horned monsters will use it on us. That Teleportal must be ours so we can use it to wipe out every last Triceraton."

In the Gladiator slave chamber, it was mealtime. The troops ushered the Gladiators through the line one by one, as Gruel was at the end, serving up a yellow slop.

"Eat your last meal," growled Gruel. "I hope you slave trash choke on it."

"Hey look," remarked Don with a smirk. "Gruel's serving gruel."

"What is that smell?" asked Leo, wrinkling his nose in disgust.

"I hope that smell's Gruel and not the food," said Harry casually.

When it came time for the Turtles, Harry, and Ginny to get there rations, Gruel had a mock look of sorrow on his face.

"Whoops, there's no more food," said Gruel in mock sadness, as the pot behind him was still half full of gruel. "My apologies."

Harry raised his hand to slap the prosthetic horn off this goof but a Triceraton guard shoved Harry forward. Ginny turned around, glaring angrily at the Triceraton before opening her mouth to say something.

"Get moving!" ordered Gruel as the Triceraton guards raised their blasters into the air, threatening, causing Harry, Ginny, and The Turtles to decide the best move for now was to back off for now, stationing themselves at the table, with empty plates.

"Man, I'm so hungry, even some of that yellow slop would taste good," said Mikey, picking at his empty plate in a sorrowful manner.

Traximus piled a spoon full of the gruel on Leo's plate.

"Eat, you'll need your strength," said Traximus as the other aliens followed suit, making sure the six that had been denied gruel by Gruel were served up.

"You don't need to tell me twice," said Mikey happily, digging into his gruel with reckless abandon.

"I would like to thank you for reminding me what true honor is," said Traximus conversationally.

"I don't mean to be rude, Traximus," said Leo, frowning. "But why is a Triceraton like you locked up here with the rest of us Gladiator slaves?"

Traximus had a far off look in his eye before responding.

"Because I believed in the Triceraton Republic, the real Republic," said Traximus calmly. "We Triceratons used to value loyalty and honor above all else but now we are run by a dictatorship that craves victory at any cost, stripping us of our noble warrior heritage. I spoke too loud and too often about the regime of our so called beloved Prime Leader before I found myself here, doomed to be a slave until the day I perish."

Traximus paused, straining not to look bitter before forcing his face into a smile.

"I don't know how I could ever repay you for reminding me of this fact," said Traximus, finally.

Mikey finished licking his bowl clean at this time.

"Seconds would be nice," said Mikey before the other three Turtles, Harry, and Ginny gave him all stern looks as if to warn him not to be too greedy. "What?"

Moments later, the Gladiators were summoned to a rising platform by Gruel.

"Prepare yourselves meat, for now you will be leaving to begin slaying each other in a Last Warrior Standing Free For All," snarled Gruel. "All in the name of the amusement of Prime Leader Zanramon."

All of the gladiators prepared themselves with either some kind of weapon or armor. All of them except six that is, as Harry, Ginny, and the Turtles did not receive any ways to defend themselves in the battle ahead. Raph could not help himself to point out this fact.

"Hey, Gruel!" snapped Raph. "How about some weapons?"

Gruel laughed at Raph before pulling out his prosthetic horn.

"Why prolong the inevitable?" asked Gruel as he picked at his teeth with the metal horn. "Soon you will be put out of my misery."

Gruel laughed as Ginny looked about ready to say something but Harry shook his head while mouthing "no" so she managed to hold in whatever diatribe she was ready to unleash.

Everyone went onto the platform as Gruel pulled a lever, as it slowly rose up into the arena.

"Farewell, we shall not meet again," said Gruel evilly as the platform rose up out of the ground.

"Well, I guess this is it," said Ginny sadly.

"Yes, I'm afraid you're right," said Harry in a dark voice. "I don't know how I am going to find my way out of this one. I think my luck has just ran out."

"Man you two have a pleasant outlook on our chances, don't you," retorted Mikey sarcastically.

Traximus pulled out something wrapped in a gray blanket from behind his back.

"I still have friends in the Triceraton Army, so I managed to get you all these," said Traximus before unrolling the blanket to reveal the weapons of Harry, Ginny, and the Turtles that the Triceratons had confiscated.

"Our weapons," said Raph happily, looking as if Christmas had come early, before picking up his Sais. The others did the same for their respective weapons.

"Your weapons," said Traximus.

"Hello little babies," cooed Michelangelo, while cradling his nunchucks as if they were an infant. "Daddy missed you oh yes he did. Did you miss Daddy?"

"I can't thank you enough for this Traximus," said Leonardo.

"We gladiators look after our own," said Traximus in a final voice.

Back in the Tri-Sports Arena, Prime Leader Zanramon made his way out to a throne high above a podium, flanked by Commander Mozar and three Triceraton Soldiers. Zanramon turned to one of the soldiers before speaking.

"Bring the Fugitoid here," said Zanramon to the solider. "We might be able to better persuade him to be the Teleportal when he sees the slow and painful demise of his friends."

The Triceraton solider grunted in affirmative before setting off to find the Fugitoid.

"Everyone please stand for the Triceraton National Anthem and our beloved Prime Leader Zanramon," declared Raz over the public address system.

Zanramon stood up along with all the Triceratons and assorted other aliens in attendance before turning to address his people.

"Friends and Fellow Saurians, I am pleased to bring you all this day of Games, for the glory and honor of the great Triceraton Republic," declared Zanramon. "I hope to continue to flourish in the name of victory."

At that moment, the Triceraton solider that Zanramon sent out came back with the Fugitoid.

"Ah, Professor Honeycutt you are just in time to witness a grand event," said Zanramon happily.

At that moment, the platform with all of the Gladiators on it rose up into the arena.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you Last Warrior Standing Free For All," said Zanramon. "The rules are very simple, but very deadly. All these Gladiators will fight; maiming each other for the sake of entertainment until all but one has been destroyed. Let the festivities begin."

The Fugitoid looked down in horror as Harry, Ginny, and the Turtles got on one side where the other Gladiators got on the other side.

"This is barbaric!" cried Honeycutt indignantly.

"I know," said Zanramon happily.

Everyone braced themselves as Traximus rushed at Michelangelo with the battle-axe high in air, giving a mighty bellow. Mikey screamed like a little girl but Traximus dropped the battle-axe. The other gladiators with the exception of Harry, Ginny, and the Turtles followed suit.

"What?" asked Zanramon in confusion.

"No we will not fight!" yelled Traximus. "We are done dying for the sick amusement of the Prime Leader. His time is near an end."

"It's time to put an end to this madness," said Zanramon. "Guards, contain them but leave the four turtles and the two humans alive."

A dozen Triceratons blasted at the Gladiators, causing them to back off, leaving Harry, Ginny, and the Turtles alone in the middle of the Gladiator stadium.

At this moment, Zanramon turned to Professor Honeycutt, with an angry glare in his eyes.

"This is your last chance, build me the Teleportal or your friends will face certain annihilation," ordered Zanramon.

Honeycutt paused for a few seconds before giving his answer.

"Never!" cried Professor Honeycutt stubbornly.

"Very well then, you have just sealed their fate," said the Prime Leader curtly before turning to address the crowd. "It is with great honor that I present to you, Monza Ram and the Triceraton all stars."

At the Prime Leader's declaration, a group of four Triceraton All Star Warriors entered the arena, growling, looking ready for combat.

"What a treat!" exclaimed Zed. "The Triceraton All Star Team, lead by our reigning Tri-Sports Champion of the Homeworld, Monza Ram."

"These six offworlders don't stand a chance, Zed," said Raz excitedly. "The Tri Sports Championship of the Homeworld is not on the line in this fight, but it should prove to be one for the ages nevertheless."

The Triceraton All Stars, growled before charging into battle. Harry barely blocked an expert swing from a spear wielding All Star, before leaping over him, kicking him into a nunchucks shot from Mikey. The Triceraton All Star kept coming but Harry flipped over him, grabbing him by the horns before flipping the All Star Warrior over onto his stomach.

"What a move by that human!" commented Zed.

Leo leaped up, but a Kusari-Gama chain became wrapped around his swords and he was yanked towards the sickle but the All Star gladiator but Don rolled into action, blocking the sickle with his bo staff before Leo pulled free and sliced the chain to piece before leaping up, kicking the All Star in the face.

Ginny was barely able to hold back a sword wielding Triceraton with her Tonfa, as she was pushed back towards the wall, running out of room. Harry and Raph leaped into action, pulling the Triceraton out of the way, with Raph blocking his sword with his Sai. Harry attempted to go in for the kill but the All Star pulled out a dagger, to block Harry's double-edged sword before pushing both Raph and Harry to ground. Ginny leaped up, cracking the Tonfa over the head of the Triceraton from behind, causing him to fall down with a thud.

"I tell you what, Zed, this offworlders fight like..." began Raz before pausing to think of a proper term to use.

"Triceratons," offered Zed.

"Exactly," said Raz.

Harry found himself one on one with the Tri-Sports Champion of the Homeworld himself, Monza Ram. Monza Ram leaped up, attempting to plunge his sword directly into Harry's skull but Harry moved, causing Monza Ram to stick his sword into the ground of the Tri-Sports Arena. Monza Ram growled before Harry waylaid Monza Ram with a vicious spinning kick right to the head. The Triceraton staggered before pulling out a sickle and rushing Harry with it but Harry ducked out of the way of the swing and rolled into the ground, before kicking him back. Monza Ram flew into the arena wall, crashing down with a nasty thud.

"Incredible, the Triceraton All Star Warriors have been defeated!" exclaimed Zed.

"Yeah, this may be the biggest upset in the Tri-Sports history since the last biggest upset in Tri-Sports history," said Raz.

Zanramon got up growling as the crowd cheered. He paused before lifting his hand up and giving Harry, Ginny, and the Turtles the thumbs down. The crowd gasped before beginning to chant.

"Live, Live, Live!" chanted the crowd.

"Somehow I doubt he's going to let us live," said Harry as the Triceraton Soldiers on miniaturized air cars closed in, preparing to blast them with laser fire along with a dozen troops on jet packs, pointing their lasers ready to fire.

"Then let's not leave it up them," said Raph.

"Right," said Don before turning to Mikey. "Mikey, a little slingshot action if you will."

"You got it bro," said Michelangelo, taking out his nunchucks before holding them out so Don could springboard high into the air, right on top of one of the air cars.

"Sorry, pal but your show has been preempted," said Donatello before whacking the Triceraton driver in the face with the Bo staff and tossing him out to the ground below. Don then flew down, picking up the others, heading towards the Fugitoid. They needed to pick him up so they can get off the Homeworld.

As they flew up, the Triceraton guards blasted at the air car, causing them to have to leap down before the ship blew apart. They were up on the ledge with the Prime Leader and the Fugitoid. A bunch of Triceraton Guards were closing in from above on the jet packs and on top of the ledge. Leo looked around hopelessly before noticing the Prime Leader standing to the side of him. Quickly he put his katana right in front the Prime Leader's throat.

"Drop your weapons!" yelled Leo in a dangerous voice as he held his Katana about three inches away from the Prime Leader's throat. "Or you'll be needing a new Prime Leader."

The Troops held up their laser blasters menacingly as Mikey looked at them fretfully.

"I hope these Triceratons are really fond of this Zanramon guy," said Mikey, as Leo held the Katana at the Prime Leader's throat. "I mean, really, really fond."
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