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Chapter 06: Secret Origins Part I

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Harry Potter/Ninja Turtles 2003 crossover. Read the first three books first. Harry's fourth year at Hogwarts is marked by the return of the Triwizard Tournament. More complete summary in profile.

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Chapter Six: Secret Origins Part One

At the TCRI Building, an alien brain on a hover disk was pressing controls on the Transmat device, while looking at an interdimensional scanner. The alien locked onto its target before pressing one final button, causing the Transmat to come to life. A couple of moments later, a stream of blue light appeared, causing the Turtles, Harry, Ginny, and the Fugitoid to rematerialized at the TCRI building, moments after they dematerialized at the Planetoid D'Rial.

"Not this place again," said Raph, looking around at the all too familiar surrounds of the TCRI building.

"Yahoo!" cheered Mikey. "We're home, we made it."

At few seconds later, another Transmat beam appeared, causing all three Federation troops and all three Triceratons to appear right on the Transmat behind Harry, Ginny, The Turtles, and the Fugitoid.

"Don't look now but we brought back some uninvited guests," said Ginny.

"Rule number one of space travel etiquette," said Raph, pulling out his Sais. "Never pick up hitch hikers."

"What is this madness?" questioned one of the Triceratons. "Where are the rest of our warriors?"

The Triceraton turned around, spotting the Fugitoid's presence.

"The Fugitoid, seize it," growled the Triceraton before all three Triceratons began firing their blasters at the Fugitoid.

"Oh dear," said Honeycutt in horror.

"Fire!" yelled one of the Federation troops as the Federation started opening fire on the Fugitoid as well.

The Turtles, Harry, Ginny, and the Fugitoid managed to leap off the Transmat as the Federation and Triceraton troops began engaging in a heated battle.

"Wait!" yelled the frantic voice of Mr. Mortu. "Stay calm, we will return you to your..."

Mortu had to drop down to avoid a blast from one of the Triceratons before ordering three alien brains on hover disks over.

"Deploy the stasis beams," commanded Mortu.

"Yes, sir," said one of the alien brains avoiding the Federation and Triceraton fire to immobilize two of the Federation troops with the stasis beam.

Two of the Triceratons were quickly immobilized along with the third Federation troop. The third Triceraton had been knocked off the Transmat and had taken refuge behind a piece of machinery.

"Beam these intruders back to their original coordinates," commanded Mortu.

Controls on the Transmat were switched on and all three of the Federation troops along with two of the Triceratons were beamed back towards the planetoid where they came from. Harry and the Turtles turned to the aliens, pulling out their weapons, preparing for what looked to be another heated battle.

"My sons, stop, they are not the enemies," said Master Splinter, walking into the room with three of the Guardians.

"Master Splinter?" asked the Turtles and Harry in surprise before rushing over to Splinter. "Master Splinter!"

"My sons, I am see you too," said Splinter as he was hugged by all of his sons at the same time before wincing. "Please, my spine."

The Turtles and Harry let go of their rat master, as Ginny hovered awkwardly in the background, waiting for this family reunion to play out.

"I would like to meet some friends," said Splinter. "I believe you have met the Guardians before. They found me after the battle with the Shredder and brought me here to these benevolent beings that healed me. I also want to introduce you to Mr. Mortu. Mr. Mortu, these are my sons."

Splinter turned to Harry at this moment, as this next proclamation was one that he did not know how his son would take.

"Now, Harry, I have some news that you might find rather interesting," said Splinter slowly and deliberately. "Now even I was skeptical at first and it took a while to convince me, but I found no deception behind who she told me she was."

"Go ahead Master, tell me, I'm sure I can take any surprise you dish out upon me," said Harry, after all, it was not like Splinter was going to tell him one of his parents are alive and residing inside this building. Harry may have thought he saw his dead mother but he felt it was only a hallucination caused by hitting his head.

"Harry, your mother is alive and she is currently residing inside this building," said Splinter quickly.

"The hell!" exclaimed Harry, wondering how this fact could possibly be.

"Hello, Harry," said a quiet voice, as Harry turned around to see his smiling mother. Harry opened his mouth and shut it. How could this have happened? She was supposedly hit with the one thing that could not be blocked, the Killing Curse.

As everyone was distracted, the lone Triceraton left on Earth managed to slip into a tunnel, before dropping straight down into the sewers, so he could elude capture before wandering off aimlessly, in hopes of securing communications equipment to radio the nearest Triceraton base for assistance.

"This is...this is...I'm afraid I'll need more proof than your word," said Harry in a slow voice, before turning to Master Splinter. "Sorry, Master Splinter, but I need to make sure this isn't some trick."

"I understand, Harry," said Splinter quietly.

"Proof, let's see, your father and his friends called themselves the Marauders, they became Animagi because Remus was a Werewolf, Sirius was a dog, James was a stag, and the traitor that I refuse to name was a rat," said Lily, looking rather angry when she referred to Wormtail. "I still can't believe he betrayed us, we trusted him but I'm getting off the subject. The password to the map was "I solemnly swear I'm up to know good." To clear the map it was "Mischief managed". I told Dumbledore under no circumstances you should be sent to my sister Petunia, as she has a hate for magic, along with her equally hateful husband, Vermin err I'm sorry, Vernon, who works a drill company called Grunnings. Bellatrix Lestrange killed my parents right before my seventh year at Hogwarts and she put Petunia under the Cruciatus curse until I saved her. You were born on July 31st 1980, we had to go into hiding due to Voldemort coming after us and with great regret, we made the traitor the Secret Keeper, even through everyone but myself, James, Sirius, and Dumbledore thought it was Sirius. Voldemort came on that night."

Lily took a deep breath; she hoped that was enough information for her son to believe her.

Harry looked dumbstruck. Sure, there would be several pieces of information that Wormtail could have leaked to Voldemort but Harry knew a Death Eater would have never said Voldemort's name, only referring to him as the Dark Lord.

"Mum, It's good to see you alive," said Harry in a low voice. "Dumbledore said you were dead..."

"Dumbledore says a lot of things," said Lily in a dismissive voice, pulling her son forward into a hug. "Most of them are to manipulate others for his own benefit, but we'll get to that later. Right now, I am going to take you to meet your sister and I'll attempt to explain how I managed to survive Voldemort's attack, even through there are parts of it I don't understand."

"I have a sister," muttered Harry in shock.

"Apparently you do," said the voice of Hailey Potter as she walked out of the shadows. Harry looked at her and smirked. With her messy auburn hair and green eyes, she looked like a mirror image of his mother when she was younger, only she had the cursed Potter hairstyle.

"Hailey!" said Lily in surprise. "I thought I told you not to follow me here."

"Actually, you did but when have I been known to listen to authority," said Hailey in a mischievous tone of voice before turning to Harry. "I guess you're my brother. Actually, I've always wanted one of those, so you came at the right time Harry."

Hailey then turned over to Ginny, with a calculating expression.

"So whose your girlfriend," said Hailey.

"I'm Ginny Weasley and Harry and I are just friends," said Ginny.

"Of course you are," replied Hailey with a wink not really believing the older girl's words.

"Okay, come on you three, we can go in the other room while the others talk about what happened on your little voyage," said Lily. "You can always fill me in later."

Hailey, Ginny, and Harry followed Lily to the opposite room as the Turtles turned to Master Splinter.

"Master Splinter, this is Professor Honeycutt," said Leo, introducing Splinter to the Fugitoid.

"I must apologize for my present condition, you see I was..." began Honeycutt before launching into the explanation of his current condition and what happened during their exploits in space.

Lily, Hailey, Harry, and Ginny sat down around a table in a room that was mostly empty, beside the tables and chairs inside.

"Well, Mum, how did you manage to survive that night with Voldemort?" asked Harry.

"It's a very interesting story, but I suppose it all starts during my fifth year at Hogwarts," narrated Lily. "You see, I was recruited by the Department of Mysteries due being in the top of my year in Charms and Arithmancy along with tied for first in Potions with Severus Snape. They needed a new spell creator due to their old one mysteriously dying, so they observed for a few months, before deciding I was the right person for the job."

"You got a job in the Department of Mysteries, when you were fifteen?" asked Harry.

"What do you mean, chosen?" asked Ginny in a confused tone of voice.

"Well, you don't choose to work at the Department of Mysteries, the Department of Mysteries chooses you to work for them. After all, it's not like you can go down to the Department and put in an application for a job interview. They also don't care about O.W.L. and N.E.W.T scores, " said Lily. "Unfortunately, this dream job came with a price. I had to use the most demonic device ever used to mankind, the time turner to go to work and to attend Hogwarts at the same time."

"Our friend Hermione had to use one of those last year to get to take multiple classes at once," said Harry.

"They actually let a student use one of those monstrosities for something like taking more classes than they have time for," said Lily in horror. "The Ministry of Magic, as incompetent as they are, would not allow this, which makes me believe Dumbledore allowed your friend to use an unauthorized time turner, which could have even more dire consequences than the standard, Ministry approved models. Speaking of which, who is the Minister of Magic right now anyway?"

"Cornelius Fudge," said Harry.

"Oh I retract my previous theory, the Ministry of Magic would probably allow this to occur if that twit managed to get into the highest office in Wizarding Britain," said Lily before shaking her head to get herself to focus. "Anyway, I’m getting off track. I used the time turner to live a double life for five years, up until that Halloween night. Most of my work was devoted to one thing, finding a way to block the Killing Curse, which was exact project that got my predecessor killed. I worked diligently on this spell for five years in my second life, managing to get it working less than a month before that night. As it turns out, the component to get the spell working was first a person had to cast the spell on a second person and then the person who cast the shield spell would have to fall victim to the Killing Curse. In theory, they would be killed, thus putting an extremely powerful shield around the person they cast the spell on. Then if the person who fired the Killing Curse would attempt to do the same to the shield protected person, the curse would backfire on them, thus destroying them in the process."

"There's a catch through isn't there," said Hailey.

"Unfortunately, I miscalculated something somewhere," said Lily. "On that night when Voldemort broke into our house, James insisted I leave quickly with you, which I attempted to do but Voldemort had the foresight to put Anti-Portkey and Anti-Apparition wards on the house, along with jamming the Floo System from our house. I'll give Voldemort credit, he may be insane but one thing he's not is stupid. Voldemort murdered James before coming up the stairs after me. I felt I had no choice, I had to use this experimental spell, without having tested it yet, although to be fair, how do you test something life altering as a shield on the Killing Curse, with the possibility of something going wrong. I manage to stall Voldemort long enough to perform the spell before tricking him into launching the Killing Curse at me. He rose to my bait and believe you all know what happened from there."

"Yes, Voldemort attempted to kill me but the spell backfired, causing him to apparently die," said Harry. "Unfortunately that wasn’t the case, as I met him, weakened and in a mist like form, but alive none the less."

"So my theory of what Voldemort was doing was correct," muttered Lily in a low tone of voice. "He found a way to create Horcruxes. That's the only explanation of how he survived like that."

"What's that?" asked Ginny curiously.

"Nothing," said Lily quickly. "So, I was supposed to have died but due to one minor miscalculation on my spell work, I managed to somehow survive, as due to my spell work, the first Killing Curse was turned into a rather powerful stunner. I woke up moments later, seeing Harry was still alive and I prepared to take him away from the ruins of the house before something else bad could happen but my plans did not work out as I was struck from behind with a spell that blocked all of my memories and then transported to an alley behind this building, left to die by my attacker. Thankfully, the occupants of the TCRI building found me and brought me here, giving me work. I also found out I was pregnant shortly after that night, which I had not known before losing my memories."

"If you don't mind me asking, Mrs. Potter, what exactly are the occupants in this building?" asked Ginny.

"First of all, Ginny, please call me Lily, Mrs. Potter makes me feel old," began Lily.

"Last time I checked, you were old," muttered Hailey in an undertone.

"Thirty four is not old!" snapped Lily. "Dumbledore is a hundred and fifty some years old, now that's old, a bit too old even for Magical people come to think about it but I'm getting off the subject. Anyway to answer your question, Ginny, they call themselves Utroms and their story has a connection to the Turtles and Master Splinter. They are mostly a peace loving race with one notable exception."

"This has been a weird three weeks," remarked Ginny.

"Actually, you were only gone for eight hours," said Hailey in a casually voice.

"It's some complicated explanation involving time and space that I'm not going to attempt to strain myself explaining," said Lily before picking up a communications device that was buzzing. "Yes...yes..okay you're done...I'll bring them in right now."

Lily turned to her two children and Ginny.

"Come on you three, there is very important information you need to see in the Oracle Pod Chamber," said Lily as she lead Harry, Ginny, and Hailey out of the room where they joined the Turtles, Master Splinter, Honeycutt, and Mortu.

"So what's going on here anyway," said Raph, looking confused.

"Let there be no more secrets between us," said Mortu before opening up his suit to reveal an exosuit with an Utrom in the stomach. "Follow me, we shall begin at the beginning."

Outside the TCRI building, the National Guard was moving in towards the building, in an attempt to investigate the flashes of life that lit up the TCRI building twice in the last eight hours. Underneath one of the military trucks a spider robot detaches itself from the bottom before walking towards the TCRI building and scaling up towards the top. After a few minutes, a section of metal opened up, revealing the head of Baxter Stockman from within the spider bot, equipped with a metal electronic piece in place of the right eye that was ripped out.

"I'm back," said Stockman to no one in particular before scaling further up the building, searching for way in to cause untold evil, laughing evilly all the way up the building.

They arrived at the Oracle Pod Chamber. On the way there, Don explained to Harry that the origins of the ooze that mutated the Turtles and Master Splinter had been residue from the Transmat device that the Utroms built.

"Welcome to the place where our race enters its highest state of communion," said Mortu. "A place where many minds enter as one."

Mikey looked around uncertainly.

"I've seen this movie before," said Mikey. "We are not about to have anything burst out of our chests, are we?"

"All will be explained in time," said Mortu before turning to them. "However, due to us only having five pods, a couple of you will not take part of the Virtual Reality experience but instead watch the happenings on the view screen in the next room."

Harry nodded, before motioning Ginny and Hailey towards the other room, as his mother followed them.

"Now please, enter the pods," said Mortu, turning to the Turtles and Master Splinter.

"I can't think of one science fiction movie where a pod has been a good thing," observed Mikey as he stepped into the pod along with the other Turtles and Master Splinter. Professor Honeycutt elected to not watch the show in either place, looking content to admire the Utrom technology.

Mortu pressed a lever, causing the pod helmets to begin to hook onto the heads of Master Splinter and each of the Turtles.

"Now prepare to be one with the sacred history of the Utroms," said Mortu before pressing another switch causing the Virtual Reality Simulator to turn on.

In the next room, Harry, Ginny, and Hailey settled themselves down. Lily did not pay much attention, as she had seen this Virtual Reality presentation quiet a few times. A few seconds after they sat down, the screen came to life, showing exactly what the Turtles and Master Splinter experience in their minds.

The Turtles and Master Splinter found themselves surrounded by blue and yellow circular flashes of light as they dropped into the Virtual Reality Simulator.

"Fascinating!" said Don in awe. "Technically this is only happening in our minds."

After those words from Don, they dropped down in a new location.

"Whoa dudes, we are on an Utrom star ship," said Mikey in awe.

"Look Master Splinter, your friend Mortu's the captain," said Leo, pointing out Mortu who was steering the Utrom ship before turning to a group of three Utroms in a plastic container with some kind of liquid.

"Status report, honored Navigators," said Mortu to the three Utroms in the container.

"Your cause is straight and true..." started one of the Navigators.

"Through the vastness of space," continued the second Navigator.

"You have the blessings off..." continued the third.

"The Navigators," said all three in unison.

"O-kay," said Mikey looking at the Utroms in the container. "I am not going to even ask about the brains in the jar, Mr. Mortu."

Mortu did not seem to hear Mikey.

"Mr. Mortu, guys, yo blob heads," said Mikey to the Utroms in the containers. "Fine, be that way, snooty Utroms."

"Mikey, this is Utrom history, it's already happened, we're just experiencing it in our minds," said Don. "It's like watching a movie in our heads."

"But, it all seems so real," said Mikey reaching out to touch the container before the Virtual Reality Simulator became a swirling mass of colors once again.

"Whoa what's that?" asked Raph.

"If it's a movie, maybe we are cutting to the next scene," said Mikey before they dropped off to a location, which saw a sinister looking Utrom restrained by ropes in another container of fluid.

"What in the bloody hell is that?" asked Ginny, looking rather horrified at the evil looking Utrom.

"Fugitive, being brought back to the Homeworld to stand trial," said Lily without missing a beat.

"The one exception right," said Harry calmly

"That pretty much sums it up," said Lily.

"These security precautions are pitiful, you will never hold me," declared the evil alien brain.

Mortu glided into the room on a hover disk at that minute, glaring at the prisoner.

"We have just captured you after a hundred year search," said Mortu. "We are not about to lose the most ruthless criminal the universe has ever seen."

"Bah, I will escape and you will all perish, that is my promise," said the fugitive Utrom.

"Big talk, little slime ball," said Ginny and Harry in unison before looking at each other and laughing.

"Big talk little slime ball," said Raph looking at the evil Utrom from the Virtual Reality Simulator.

"Big talk little slime ball," said Mortu.

"Okay, that was a bit spooky," said Harry as he saw the Virtual Reality Simulator switch to another scene.

Look, they're passing close to earth," said Don before an alarm went off in the ship.

"Security, report," said Mortu urgently.

"Commander, the prisoner is escaping...ahhh the prisoner is attacking," said the voice on the other end.

Mortu turned to another Utrom looking anxious.

"Scramble security, do not allow the fugitive to escape," said Mortu.

At that moment, the fugitive Utrom comes around the corner, with a cable in each tentacle.

"I always keep my promises," said the evil alien brain wickedly. "Good bye...Captain."

Mortu watched in horror as the evil Utrom connected the two wires, causing the ship to begin to short out and spiral out of control, towards the earth.

"Power off," began one of the Navigators.

"Our minds are going dark," said the second Navigator.

"Cell by cell, we are becoming undone," said the third navigator.

"Quick," said Mortu anxiously, while pointing towards the Earth. "Set a course for that uncharted planet."

The Utrom ship free fell towards earth, beginning to burn up as it entered the earth's atmosphere.

"It's only a movie, it's only a movie, it's only a movie," chanted Mikey in an attempt to convince himself before freaking out. "We're all going to die!"

Mortu steered the ship towards the earth, managing to able to crash land it safely but without the navigation systems, the ship became utterly destroyed in the process.

Mikey pulled himself up, his stomach in knots from the Virtual Reality experience before throwing up much to the disgust of Raph.

Another multi colored swirl of light splashed across the Virtual Reality, causing more time to past. The Turtles and Master Splinter found themselves late at night in a field with a group of Utroms and the remains of the ship.

"So to conclude the report, Captain, the technology on this planet is too primitive to build a flying vehicle or even a hyper space Transmat," said one of the Utroms. "The technology to do so simply does not exist."

"Maybe not yet, but we can wait," said Mortu. "We may be trapped millions of light years away, marooned on this planet but we will not give up hope, even if it takes centuries for the Earthling's technology to catch up with the simplest innovations of our own."

"Okay, reality check, how long to these guys live?" asked Mikey. "They are going to wait centuries to build a way home."

"I believe, my son, that is exactly what they do," said Master Splinter.

At that moment, an Utrom scout appeared.

"There is a structure, right on the next rise," said the Utrom.

"Let's go check it out," said Mortu as the other Utroms followed him, along with the invisible due to Virtual Reality, Turtles and Splinter.

They arrived at the top of the hill, looking around.

"This is Japan," said Don. "Eleventh century Feudal Japan by the looks of things."

"I only have one thing to say," said Raph. "Wow!"

"To actually be here, to see the birthplace of Bushido and Ninjitsu," said Leo. "Impressive."

Mikey snuck off from the group, observing a Samurai practicing sword motions on a hill.

"Look at me guys, I'm in a Samurai movie," said Mikey, as the sword passed through Mikey due to the Samurai and his sword being solid while Mikey was being a virtual projection. Mikey swung his nunchucks from side to side in a mock fighting stance. "You cannot touch the mighty ronin, Michelangelo-san. I am the storming sea, the breaking wind, the..."

"Michelangelo show some respect," said Splinter, narrowing his eyes at Mikey.

"Sorry, Sensei," said Mikey in a low voice before brightening up as he saw the food the Samurai had apparently brought to eat. "Well I'm definitely going to respect this guy's Breakfast."

Mikey rushed over to the breakfast, attempting to pick up to eat it but due the Virtual Reality Simulator, all that happened was his hands passed through it over and over again, causing him not to get a bite of the foot. As a result of this mishap, the other three Turtles and Splinter were chuckling at him.

"There is some kind of lesson to be learned here but I'm enjoying this way too much to figure out what it is," said Splinter as Mikey's hands continued to pass through the food in a desperate attempt to eat it.

Outside the TCRI building, Stockman managed to locate an entrance point. He ducked his head into the robotic spider frame before diving straight into the building.

Back in the Virtual Reality Simulator, a group of Utroms was appearing to unveil something behind a curtain. The Turtles and Master Splinter watched intently at their unveiling.

"With the technology we managed to salvage from the crash, I give to you, the exosuits," said the Utrom, pulling up a curtain to reveal the robotic bodies that the Utrom still used to this day in the TCRI building.

"So, that's how they developed those robotic bodies," said Don in awe. "Amazing."

"With the proper covering, we should be able to move among these humans, undetected," said the Utrom, settling himself in the hole in the stomach before waling around awkwardly controlling the experimental technology. "I believe a field test is in order."

The Utrom piloted the exosuit, now covered with clothing, around, staggering around as the Turtles and Splinter followed its progress.

"Satisfactory, most satisfactory," said the Utrom from inside the suit. "First field test concluded, the result, a complete success."

As the Utrom stopped for a moment, a battering ram flew from the sky, right through the Turtles and Splinter. They looked around in horror, as it knocked the exosuit along with the Utrom back into a tree. The Utrom inside attempted to regain its composure before looking up to a horrifying sight.

"You!" said the Utrom in horror, spying the fugitive Utrom.

"What a wonderful toy!" exclaimed the evil alien brain. "I want to play."

"It's that evil Utrom," said Raph angrily. "I was kind of hoping he didn't survive that crash."

The evil Utrom pulled the Utrom in the exosuit out before getting into the suit and pulling himself up. The Utrom that had been ejected attempted to scurry away but the fugitive picked him up, before tossing him into the side of the tree.

"I know this happened along time ago but I'm getting made right now!" yelled Raph pulling out his Sais and leaping up, slashing at the evil Utrom which was unaffected due to the holographic illusions.

The other Turtles leaped up, angrily slashing at the Utrom's exosuit but their efforts were in vain.

"And exactly what was that supposed to accomplish?" asked Hailey to her brother.

"I'm not quite sure," said Harry looking confused.

"Well that was pointless," said Don before another time loop appeared in the Virtual Reality simulator.

"What's going on now?" asked Leo, frowning at the longer than normal time loop.

"Time's passing, a lot of time," said Don before the Virtual Reality simulator set on one scene, with the Utroms busily working on more exosuits before they were interrupted by a group of ninjas jumping into focus, throwing bombs, causing all of their equipment to explode.

Smoke filled the area, as more ninjas appeared, before a very familiar figure walked into the distance.

"The Shredder," said Harry in horror, wondering if he was seeing what he thought he was seeing on the screen.

Ginny looked at Harry, curiously, attempting to figure out what his horrified reaction to this armored man, was apparently named Shredder. She decided not to press the issue, as from the look on Harry’s face, he appeared to be a very touch subject.

"The Shredder," said Mikey in horror.

"It can't be our Shredder, this is centuries ago," said Don logically. "This must be the Shredder's ancestor or something."

"Foot Ninja, attack," said the Feudal Japan Era Shredder prompting the Feudal Japan Era Foot Ninjas to attack the Utroms. "Destroy them all."

The Utroms got battered and beaten by the Feudal Foot as the Feudal Era Shedder moved in front of Mortu, punching his exosuit.

"What is the meaning of this?" asked Mortu as he fell down from a vicious shot from the Shredder. "We bring you no harm, we come in piece."

"But you will go in pieces," said the Feudal Japan Shredder as his boot barely missed squashing Mortu.

Inside the Oracle Pod Chamber, Stockman managed to slip inside, unknown to both Professor Honeycutt and Mortu.

"This is really an intriguing device sir," said Honeycutt.

Stockman moved towards the back of the Virtual Reality device, pulling off the back panel with one of his arms.

Inside the Virtual Reality simulator, Mikey walked curiously towards the Shredder.

"Stay back, Mikey, don't get too close," said Leo cautiously.

"Relax Leo, this isn't real remember," said Mikey, stepping through Shredder. "Hey, ugly."

Mikey began making faces at the Shredder's back.

"Sweet dreams, you accursed freaks," said Stockman, pulling a pair of cords inside the machine apart.

Inside the Virtual Reality Simulator, the Turtles became part of the program due to Stockman's tampering. The Turtles looked all confused, but so did the Shredder's Feudal Japan Ancestor.

"What!" exclaimed Feudal Japan Shredder, the eyes on his helmet glowing red like his twentieth century descendent.

"Or should I say very unpleasant nightmares," said Stockman in an evil tone of voice, fastening two cords together that should not have been fastened together.

As a result of this action, the weapons of the Turtles along with Splinter's walking stick vanished. Feudal Japan Shredder turned around, before he cracked his fist right into Mikey’s face, dropping him to the ground.

Harry looked at the screen in horror, seeing his brother laid out by the Feudal Japan version of Shredder.

"Is that supposed to happen?" asked Ginny as she looked on in horror from Harry's family becoming visible and then there weapons disappearing from the program.

"No, it is most certainly not supposed to happen," said Lily frantically.

Inside the Oracle Pod Chamber, Mortu was going frantic at the program not responding.

"Something's wrong with the system," said Mortu in an anxious tone of voice.

"Michelangelo’s vital signs, they've gone critical," said Honeycutt in horror, looking towards the Oracle Pod that Mikey was in.

Stockman set off after briefly admiring his handiwork.

"This is Stockman, phase one is complete," said Stockman to a mysterious contact on the other end of a two-way radio built into the metal eyepiece. "Now proceeding to phase two."

Mikey was laid out from the Feudal Shredder's punch as the other three Turtles and Master Splinter rushed over to him, but he remained motionlessly. The Feudal Japan version of Shredder stared at the Turtles and Splinter, taking in their unusual appearance.

"Curious," said Feudal Shredder before turning to the Feudal Era Foot Ninjas. "Capture these creatures, they may prove to be useful."

"Michelangelo is badly hurt," said Splinter to his other three sons anxiously.

At that moment, a group of Foot Ninjas surrounded Leo, Raph, and Don, weapons drawn out. They got into a fighting stance; even through it was going to be an uphill battle without any weapons.

"Someone must have altered the program on us," said Don in a horrified tone of voice.

"Whatever, we’re in it up to our necks," said Leo as they prepared to go into battle with the Feudal Japan Version of the Foot. "This reality isn't virtual anymore."
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