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Chapter 08: Secret Origins Part III

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Harry Potter/Ninja Turtles 2003 crossover. Read the first three books first. Harry's fourth year at Hogwarts is marked by the return of the Triwizard Tournament. More complete summary in profile.

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Chapter Eight: Secret Origins Part Three

The Shredder laughed evilly as Harry turned to Ginny, he needed to address her quickly.

"Listen to me, Ginny," said Harry. "Avoid fighting these people if at all possible but if you should find yourself in battle, fight like you have never fought before."

"The same goes for you too Hailey," said Lily turning to her daughter. "I know you probably have picked up a thing or two by spying on the Guardians but at the same time, these people are perhaps among the most dangerous. And Harry, I know nothing I can say will stop you from participating in this, so just please be careful and do not get too overconfident in your abilities."

Harry nodded as the Shredder's eyes glowed red before giving his orders.

"Foot Ninja, Attack," ordered Shredder. "Destroy them all."

Stockman laughed evilly as before turning to Professor Honeycutt.

"Oh dear, and I thought I was stuck with an unpleasant robot body," remarked The Fugitoid before getting blasted with a laser from Stockman, causing the robot to fly into the wall with a thud.

"My sons, attack," ordered Splinter as Harry and the Turtles quickly rushed into battle, facing off against the Foot Ninjas in combat.

Harry caught his opponent with a kick, knocking the Foot Ninja down. He ducked a sword swing from another before snapping the sword in half and punching the Foot Ninja. Mikey twirled his nunchucks around as he came down from the air, cracking the skull one of one of the Foot Ninja with a well-placed swing. Elsewhere, Don tucked his Bo staff under the legs of another Foot Ninja so Leo could leap up into the air and knock the assassin down with a kick. Raph twirled his Sai before impaling one of the ninjas upon it. The Foot Ninja fell to the ground, groaning in pain as he slowly bled to death internally.

Hun attempted to kick Master Splinter but Splinter expertly used his walking stick to trip Hun up, causing him to fly into a cocoon shaped object in the Oracle pod chamber and be drenched with a creamy white fluid. Shredder's man mountain minion groaned in pain as Leo blocked a sickle shot from the end of a Kusari-Gama wielding Ninja before leaping up, batting the sickle back, causing the sharp point to stab the Foot Ninja in the neck. The Ninja fell to the ground, motionless. The Foot Elite went towards Mortu but a trio of Guardians had entered the room, going towards Mortu.

"Protect Mr. Mortu," yelled the lead Guardian before he led his fellow Guardians to leap into the air. One of the Guardians blocks a spear shot from the spear wielding Foot Elite, the second manages to fight back a double edged sword from the Foot Elite wielding that weapon, and the third Guardian blocked a battle axe shot before they leaped up, kicking the three Foot Elite guards in the back, causing them to fly right into the side of the Oracle Pod Chamber.

The fourth Elite Guard member, wielding a trident went after Mortu but Mortu blocked the Trident, gripping it in his exosuit hand before flipping the Elite to the ground. In a flash, the Shredder faced off with Mortu.

"Mortu, I have been anticipating this moment for nearly ten centuries," said Shredder, attempting to take out Mortu with a punch but Mortu's exosuit back flipped over a charging Shredder.

"I'm surprised with your super intelligent genius it took you a thousand years to find us," said Mortu, dropping the Shredder to the ground with a spinning kick.

"If these guys have been enemies for this long," started Leo panting as he blocked a sword from a Foot Ninja before sliding through the legs and kicking him in the back.

"Then this is the same Shredder from a thousand years ago," said Splinter, swinging his walking stick over the head of the Foot Ninja Leo kicked.

Mortu continued to use his exosuit to batter Shredder but the monstrous Hun snuck up behind him, grabbing Mortu in a reverse bear hug like hold.

"Finally," said Shredder triumphantly, raising his spiked metal gauntlet preparing to do Mortu in but three Utroms on hover disks went after Shredder, blasting him in the back, before blasting Hun, causing Mortu to slump to the ground, the power of his exosuit having gone dead due the pressure Hun put upon it.

The Utroms continued to blast the lasers at Shredder but Shredder leapt up, knocking two of the Utroms back with a deliberating split kick before grabbing the third by the hover disk and tossing it towards the ground. The Utrom rolled off the disk and looked up in horror, as the axe wielding Foot Elite member stood over it, holding his weapon of choice above his head. The axe wielder brought the axe down, but Leo rolled into action, grabbing the Utrom, causing him to narrowly miss getting sliced in two with the axe.

Leo dodged an attempt of a spear slicing at him before hoisting the Utrom out of the way. The Utrom looked on in horror as the spear wielding Foot Elite kept attempting to impale the Utrom on the end of the spear but Leo kept jerking the alien brain out of the way, causing the poor little guy undo amounts of stress.

"Sorry about this," apologized Leo before throwing the Utrom in the air. "Don, catch!"

Don rolled into action, kicking one of the Foot Ninjas in the back of the head with a kick before catching the Utrom and putting him back on his hover disk. The Utrom breathed a sigh of relief, the disaster of nearly getting impaled on a spear having been averted.

Stockman made his way over to Raph and Mikey, as they pulled out their weapons, wondering what was going on here.

"At last, I finally get my revenge on your annoying mutations," said Stockman wickedly.

Raph and Mikey began to snicker, taking in Stockman's new spider form.

"Stockman, I almost didn't recognize you," said Raph smirking. "New haircut?"

Both the turtles paid for Raph's remark as Stockman warmed up his lasers, before blasting both of the reptiles with jets of red light. Raph and Mikey flew back, hitting the wall with a thud. Stockman prepared to move in for the kill but Shredder turned around glaring at Stockman.

"Stockman, hold, you have more important business to attend to," said Shredder.

"Never!" yelled Stockman disobediently. "My revenge comes first, Shredder!"

"I said hold!" thundered Shredder angrily as his eyes glowed red, which caused shockwaves to emit through Stockman's body, keeping the scientist turned spider bot in check. After a good moment of shocking, Shredder desisted his efforts. "Implement phase three, now!"

"Yes, Master, the device will soon be under control," said Stockman in a monotone device before setting off.

Mortu's exosuit came back to life as he looked around in horror.

"The device?" muttered Mortu before releasing. "The Transmat, we must stop that cyborg before..."

"Forget it, you're going no one," said Shredder, calling all of remaining Foot Ninjas that were standing, which was a grand total of seven along with the Four Foot Elite and Hun. They blocked the path leading to the exit that leads to the Transmat room.

In a flash, Leo kicked Shredder. Shredder flew backwards, crashing into a cocoon shaped object hanging from the wall. Shredder was covered in a milky white substance, laid by the broken open object as Mortu quickly rushed over, pressing a series of buttons on a control panel, sealing Shredder within the object.

The Turtles and Splinter engaged in battle with the remaining Foot Ninjas, as Hun and the Foot Elite ran over, attempting to free the Shredder from his prison. Mortu ran out of the room, followed closely by the Fugitoid, the other Utroms, the Guardians, Lily, Hailey, Ginny, and Harry.

"We will return to assist you as soon as the Transmat is secure," yelled Mortu as the Turtles continued to battle with the Foot Ninjas.

After a couple of minutes Shredder burst out of the Cocoon angrily, looking around angrily as it appeared his enemies had left the room.

"After the Utrom," ordered Shredder, as Hun, the Elite, and a trio of Foot Ninjas that hadn't been knocked out or killed attempted to make a break for the entrance but the Turtles and Splinter leaped in front of the villains.

"You'll have to get through us first," said Raph twirling his Sais eagerly.

"You aren't worth wasting my time," said Shredder, walking over to the control panel and pressing a series of controls, causing all of the cocoon like structures on the wall to break up open and tubes to appear on the wall, filling the room with milky white goop.

Shredder pressed another button and an escape tunnel appeared in the wall, which allowed the Foot Elite, Hun, and the remaining Foot Ninjas to exit. It closed up the minute they left, leaving Splinter and the Turtles in the room, vainly attempting to keep their heads above the goop that the Shredder was trying to drown them in.

Leo swam towards the wall, raising his katana attempting to slice at it. He had a cut in the wall for a brief second before the wall healed itself over. Raph, Mikey, and Master Splinter attempted to bat their way through the room with their weapons as Don attempted to vainly figure out the controls but nothing he was pressing seemed to be working. In fact, the goop appeared to fill the room at a more rapid rate.

"I can't work these controls," said Don in an agitated voice.

"And I keep slicing at the wall but it just heals itself," said Leo, attempting to slice at the wall with his katana but it healed over again.

"Wait, that's it, this is a Techno Organic Chamber," said Don swimming over towards the wall. "We need to think a little less techno and a lot more organic."

Don pulled out his Bo staff, whacking at the wall quickly in a sharp manner.

"See, the walls have techno organic nerve endings," said Don, whacking at the wall again the same way. "They can feel. Just follow my rhythm, if we can agitate the nerve endings in this way..."

The Turtles and Master Splinter began batting at the wall with their weapons, causing what appeared to be a groaning sound as the goop bubbled as the walls appeared to shake.

"She's going to blow!" yelled Don as the walls exploded, causing the Turtles and Master Splinter to be washed out into the hallway on the other side, covered in the milky white goop.

"Well, that was nasty," commented Mikey.

Outside the TCRI Building, the National Guard was still engaged in a fierce fight with the security robots, but they managed to blow several robots up in the process but the defenses inside the mysterious building held fierce.

In the Transmat room, the Guardians were standing in front of everyone, swords out in front.

"Guardians, be ready for anything," commanded Mortu.

At that moment, a series of red orbs entered the ring. They hummed for a second before blowing up, causing the Guardians to fly back. The Shredder walked into the picture, along with the Foot Elite, Hun, and a handful of Foot Ninja. Just the sight of Shredder made Harry snap. Harry rushed forward, double-edged sword out leaping up, managing to knock Shredder back briefly with a blow. A kick send Shredder into the air but the nasty ninja landed on his feet before going after Harry, with his metal gauntlet but Harry managed to expertly block it with his double edged sword before back flipping over Shredder but Shredder caught Harry right in the ribs with a kick from behind before turning around, catching Harry with another kick.

"Potter, since our last encounter you have improved, I will give you that but you are still no match for the Shredder," said Shredder, driving his knee right into the ribs of Harry not once but twice. Harry slumped down, feeling as if Shredder cracked several of his ribs with that one shot.

Shredder raised his gauntlet up in the air towards Harry's throat. Ginny looked on in horror and she did something that would be either incredibly brave or incredibly stupid depending on your outlook. As she could not see Harry suffer, she rushed at the Shredder, attempting to knock him down but Shredder saw her coming. He backhanded Ginny, knocking her way like she was an insignificant fly and causing her to crash hard to the ground. Harry rushed over, looking at Ginny who had been knocked down. He looked down at his friend with horror; Ginny's right cheek was all puffy and swollen from where the Shredder hit it. Also, the area around her right eye was already beginning to bruise. Before Harry could gain any measure of revenge for this vile act from Shredder, Stockman blasted both Harry and Ginny with a stun laser, causing them to fly onto the platform of the Transmat.

More laser blasts from Stockman caused Lily and Hailey to join them on the Transmat. The Shredder advanced on Mortu as three Utroms on hover disks attempted to blast at the Shredder with lasers but Shredder walked on through, as if nothing was wrong.

"Stand back!" cried Mortu. "I will not allow you to destroy the Transmat."

Shredder punched Mortu in his exosuit face before kicking him, causing Mortu to fly back onto the platform. Professor Honeycutt flew onto the platform as well, courtesy of Stockman.

"I do not intend to destroy it Mortu, I will use it to send each and every one of you to doom," said the Shredder. "A place where I can get rid of each and every one of your for good. Let us say...the center of the sun."

Shredder laughed evilly but he was interrupted by the arrival of the Turtles and Splinter.

"Not if we have anything to say about it," declared Raph. "Remember us."

"I grow tired of you creatures and your constant interference," said Shredder before turning to the Elite Guard and Hun. "Elite Foot Ninja attack, finish them all."

The Elite Guard and Hun ran forward to continue the battle. Hun went off against Master Splinter, Leo tangled with the battle axe wielding Foot Elite, Raph locked up with the trident wielding Foot Elite, Mikey went one on one with the Foot Elite spear wielding member, and Don faced off against the double edge sword wielding Foot Elite member. As all this was going on, Shredder turned over to Stockman.

"Stockman, power up the Transmat, finish them all," said the Shredder.

"Yes, Master," said Stockman dully before making his way over to the controls.

"We have to stop, Stockman," grunted Leo, while blocking the fierce moves of the axe wielding Foot Elite before leaping up and knocking him back with a kick.

"And here I am fresh out of bug spray," said Mikey, wrapping his nunchucks around the spear before pulling the Foot Elite he was facing right into a vicious kick.

"Why don't we ask the Shredder to tell him to stop?" suggested Raph blocking the trident with his Sais before leaping up and knocking him back. "Stockman seems to listen to him!"

"Wait that's it, Stockman must have a control chip and I bet it's voice activated," said Don, using his bo staff to whack the double edged sword wielding Foot Elite before back flipping over towards Professor Honeycutt. "Psst, Professor, can your audio processor replicate any sounds?"

"Of course," said the Professor.

"Then we need your best impersonation of the Shredder, right now," said Don.

"Stockman, step away from the controls," said the Fugitoid in the Shredder's voice.

Stockman stepped away from the controls with forced obedience. Needless to say, the Shredder was not too pleased with this turn of events.

"Stockman, don't listen to him, you obey only me," said the Shredder.

Now Stockman was all kinds of confused, getting all kinds of conflicting orders.

"Don't listen to him, override all voice commander protocols," said Professor Honeycutt in the Shredder's voice.

An electrical impulse came through Stockman's body before completely frying the control chip, freeing him from the Shredder's control.

"I'm free, I obey no one," said Stockman before throwing himself onto the Shredder's body, latching onto his body with his spider legs before sending waves of electrical energy. The Shredder stumbled around as Stockman electrocuted him slowly. "Who's in charge now, Master?"

"No!" screamed the Shredder as Stockman really turned up the electrical energy before Shredder's eyes went blank and he fell to the ground, motionlessly as the everyone who had been sent on the Transmat managed to find their way off.

"I'm free, free of him at last," said Stockman before scurrying off and laughing evilly.

"Master?" said Hun uncertainly before scooping up Shredder in his arms.

"Is the Shredder..." began Leo but Hun growled, cutting him off.

"We'll be back, freak," said Hun before setting off with the Foot Elite. A claw shaped time bomb device dropped from Shredder's hand as they left, causing electrical red lines to spread throughout the building and a timer to begin ticking down from ten minutes.

The Turtles and Splinter rushed over to attempt to remove the device.

"Don't touch that!" yelled Lily frantically recognizing the device as one of the vilest pieces of Utrom technology ever created.

"Yes, it's an Utrom implosion device, the techno organic virus it contains will destroy you all," said Mortu darkly. "Already it has thoroughly infected the system. The entire building will implode in less than ten minutes."

Looks of horror all around at the new problem presented to them.

"Can you stop it?" asked Don desperately.

"No, the virus was comprehensive, it spread too quickly," said Mortu.

"So, Shredder found a way to stick it to us, even if defeat," said Raph.

"That about sums it up," said Harry darkly.

Of course, if that were the least of their problems, it would be easily solved. A view screen popped up, revealing the Council, about ready to give more bad news.

"Mortu, the human troops," began the first council member.

"Have destroyed all of the security robots," continued the second council member.

"And are making their way deeper into the building," finished the third council member.

"We have to get them out before the place implodes," said Leo frantically.

"The lower floors are sealed off, there is no way to contact them," said Mortu.

"There must be some one on the outside we can contact," said Harry.

"Fred and George!" said Ginny in realization.

"Of course," said Harry before pulling out his communications device that was linked directly to the Battle Shell.

After they had deposited the swamp as a diversion, Fred and George had been waiting in the back of the Battle Shell. The flashes of blue light erupting from the top of the building less than a half an hour after they had dropped the swamp unnerved them. They wondered if something bad had happened to Ginny and Harry. They anxiously waited, as the Muggle troops surrounded the building and then eight hours later, another flash of light, coming back towards the building, was seen. They wondered what was taking so long inside the building.

"Fred, George, are you two still there?" asked Harry's voice in a tentative manner on the other end.

"Harry, what happened, where were you, those flashes of light..." said Fred.

"Yes, do tell us, is Ginny okay, are you okay, what about the others?" asked George anxiously.

"We're all fine," said Harry. "You need to get those troops to evacuate the building. It’s going to self destruct in about seven and a half minutes."

"No sweat, Harry, we'll figure out a way to get those Muggles away from their own certain doom," said Fred.

"Yes, I've got a plan, something incredibly creative," said George, before climbing into the front seat of the battle shell and buckling up. "It's a good thing we have experience in driving with that flying car."

"Only this fine vehicle does not fly, dear brother," said Fred, reminding his twin of that one fact.

"Yes, but we have to work with more primitive materials to do the task Harry has handed up," said George before starting up the vehicle and driving through the barricades towards the troops while honking the wheel madly. "The building is going to blow up, I would suggest you get out of there."

"Yes, only a few minutes before dark and sinister things happen within the building," said Fred.

"What!" yelled the General. "Some one do something about those two twin menaces! Those crackpots will not interfere with my investigation."

Back in the TCRI Building, one of the Utroms was finishing re programming the Transmat.

"Mortu, the Transmat is powered out," declared the Utrom.

"Primary team, assemble on the platform, you're going home," said Mortu.

Two Utroms exited their exosuits and walked towards the platform, on their tentacles.

"I hate walking on my tentacles," whined one of the Utroms.

"Oh shut up, Krang!" snapped the second Utrom as they climbed on the Transmat along with a Guardian. A beam of life engulfed them, sending them back towards the Utrom Homeworld.

Outside, the General spotted another sinister blue light erupting from the top of the building.

"What the..." said the General. "On second thought, maybe we should evacuate."

One of the troops turned around startled at a growling sound. From the smoke, unless this troop's eyes were deceiving him, appeared an outline of what appeared to be a seven-foot tall bipedal crocodile but the thought of such a thing would be out of the realm of possibility.

"Everyone out, double time" said a voice waving the troops out. "General's orders, move it, move it, move it."

The troops evacuated the building without a second thought as Fred and George backed the Battle Shell into the alley way, their mission having been successful.

The Council wheeled their way into the Transmat room.

"Mortu, we are the last, the others have been evacuated," said the Council in unison.

"Secondary team will join the Council," said Mortu as the table from underneath the council slid out, revealing the Council to be the three Navigators that piloted the ship some years ago. They were in fishbowl shaped contenders and they disconnected from their exosuits, each gliding into the arms of a Guardian before they climbed onto the Transmat.

"It is good," started one of the Council.

"To finally be going," continued the second Council Member.

"Home," concluded the third Council Member.

Mortu then turned to Professor Honeycutt.

"Professor Honeycutt, would you care to join us?" asked Mortu. "We could gladly offer you asylum on our Homeworld."

"Really, to live among an advanced civilization where I can use my knowledge and skills for good, its like a dream come true," said Honeycutt before turning to Harry, Ginny, Splinter, Hailey, Lily, and the Turtles. "But my friends, I will miss you. I can't tell you how much I am grateful for your help"

"Take care of yourself, Professor," said Don, as the Fugitoid stepped onto the Transmat platform.

"We are honored to know you and your race, Mortu-san," said Splinter.

"It is we who are honored, Master Splinter," said Mortu before pulling out a glass orb, which was in reality a miniature virtual reality device. "Before we depart, I must give you a small token of our appreciation."

Splinter took the orb, finding himself standing face to face with his beloved Master; Hamato Yoshi dressed in a full Guardian uniform. Yoshi was doing a series of martial arts moves while Splinter observed him before the two bowed to each other.

"Your Master Yoshi was the most beloved Guardian the Utroms have ever had," said Mortu. "He gave his life protecting valuable secrets regarding us but his spirit lives on in our collective histories."

Splinter had tears rolling down his cheeks, which was a great expression of gratitude towards Mortu than any words could ever be. Mortu looked over to the Utrom Implosion Device, it had a mere two minutes and forty-five seconds before it was to go off.

"Now my friends, you must leave while you still can," said Mortu while exiting his exosuit and climbing on the Transmat. "Donatello, will you do me the honor of powering up the Transmat?"

"Sweet," said Don happily. "I'm all over it."

Don walked over the Transmat, preparing to use it to send them all back to the Homeworld. In a flash, a series of shurikens flew through the air, sticking in the control device, causing electrical waves to fly to the air, sending Don flying back.

"As long as I live, none of you will be leaving here alive," said the Shredder, who had just came back into the room along with the Foot Elite and Hun.

Shredder walked towards the Transmat, preparing to finish this once and for all.

"Our thousand year struggle ends now, Mortu!" yelled the Shredder.

Shredder made a move towards the Transmat but Harry quickly knocked the Shredder with a double-edged sword shot, backing him off. Leo kicked Shredder in the back and Splinter leaped up onto the platform, before kicking the Shredder off. Shredder leaped over before landing swiftly on his feet. One of the Guardians pulled a sword out, preparing to go after the Shredder.

"No, protect your Masters, we'll hand the Shredder," said Don.

"Let me finish the Turtles," suggested Hun.

"No, they are mine!" yelled Shredder before turning to the Elite and Hun. "You and the others track down Stockman, he is still of some use to me."

The Elite and Hun ran off to do as their Master ordered.

"No!" yelled the Shredder as Don finished programming the Transmat and the Utroms, Guardians, and Professor Honeycutt were surrounded by a blue ray of light.

"We shall meet again," said the lead Guardian as they began to dematerialize.

"After ten centuries, I will not be denied my revenge," said Shredder, making a mad dash for the Teleportation trail but everyone disappeared leaving just Harry, Ginny, Lily, Hailey, Master Splinter, and the Turtles in the room with the Shredder.

Needless to say, the Shredder did not take being denied his vengeance all too well. Meanwhile, the implosion device had a minute and a half before it was to go off.

"You have been little more than thorns in my side," said the Shredder, raising his metal gauntlet in the air. "But now, you have robbed me of my triumph and for that you shall pay with your lives."

Shredder raised his gauntlet in the air but Splinter blocked it with his walking stick.

"Shredder, there is no time," said Master Splinter desperately. "The building is about to implode, surely not even you can survive that."

"Then we will all perish together," said Shredder stubbornly before slashing Splinter's sleeve and knocking the rat back with a kick.

Don swung his Bo Staff right at Shredder. Unfortunately, he broke his Bo staff over the Shredder's back. He looked in horror as the Shredder kicked him back into a row of discarded exosuits. Raph tossed his Sais at Shredder but Shredder gracefully flipped through the air, catching the Sais in his metal prongs before using them to block Harry's attempts to combat him with the double edged sword before Shredder stood on his hands and kicked Harry back into the wall. Mikey batted Shredder back with nunchucks before Shredder kneed Mikey. Leo propelled himself into the air and sliced at Shredder, causing Raph's Sais to fly out and the Turtle to catch them, with fifty seconds to go before the building imploded.

"Thanks bro," said Raph before leaping up and slicing at the Shredder's armor with his Sais, causing electrical sparks to fly from the armor.

"Use your weapons to penetrate his armor," suggested Don as he kicked opened a box on the wall, revealing all sorts of cords. "I think we can stop him for good!"

Harry twirled around, before he aimed his weapon. In an instant, Harry tossed his double-edged sword into the Shredder's shoulder, causing it to lodge in the armor. Leo tossed a sword to Master Splinter. Splinter rushed forward and impaled the sword right in the Shredder’s should, causing more sparks to fly everywhere. Leo tossed his other sword at Shredder. Raph followed it up by lodging his Sais right in the chest of Shredder. Mikey swung his nunchucks, tossing them so they could stick in the area between the shoulders and the helmet. Ginny tossed her Tonfa, lodging in the hole that Harry's double-edged sword had created within the armor. Lily picked up a piece of pipe, tossing at right between the Shredder's eyes, causing it to stick crudely from his helmet.

The Shredder's arms were flailing around madly, as sparks flew from his body.

"You fools, I am the Shredder, you cannot possibly hurt me!" said the Shredder weakly.

"Don't be so sure," said Don, touching two cords together, causing a burst of electricity to jump up, engulfing the Shredder and causing him to fall to the ground motionless with thirty seconds left on the implosion device.

The Shredder laid motionless on the ground, with weapons of all sorts sticking out before it began to smoke, before the metal plates on the armor began to sprang open, revealing a compartment in the stomach with two beady little eyes staring out at them.

"The Shredder's an Utrom?" asked Don in horror.

The Utrom in the Shredder's armor climbed out, revealing the Shredder's identity to be the fugitive that the Utroms was transporting back to their Homeworld a thousand years ago.

"Ah, it's the prisoner dude!" said Mikey in horror. "He's the one who...who..."

"Who escaped after causing Mortu's ship to crash on Earth a Millennium again," growled the Shredder Utrom.

"He ain't so tough now, let's just squish him," said Raph, before the Utrom launched himself on Raph's head, attempting to suffocate him. Raph was mumbling nonsense underneath the Shredder Utrom.

"What did you say?" asked the Shredder mockingly as he attempted to smother Raph. "I can't seem to here you."

Lily snuck away from the chaos to begin to reprogram the Transmat to transport them outside the TCRI Building. Of course, she had never programmed the damn thing, just helped worked on it, so Lily hoped she could program it correctly.

Leo attempted to pry the Shredder off but the Utrom snapped at Leo's fingers.

"Get him off, our there's going to be a tiny little Shredder alien bursting out of Raph's chest," said Mikey in horror before Raph, despite being smothered by Shredder, smacked him. "Oww!!"

Splinter managed to wedge his walking stick underneath Shredder, causing the Utrom to fly off Raph and smash into the wall. At this point there were ten seconds left before the building was about to implode.

"Everyone quick, the Transmat is reprogrammed," said Lily, hoping she managed to get the coordinates outside of the building right.

Ginny, Hailey, Harry, the Turtles, and Master Splinter rushed towards the Transmat, leaping on as a beam engulfed them with three seconds left. Shredder attempted to hitch a right but they disappeared before he could join them. Shredder looked at the Utrom Implosion device as it had only one second left.

"No!" yelled the evil Utrom in anguish as the device went up.

Fred and George found themselves looking on in horror as the TCRI Building began to blow up, before disintegrating.

"Ginny's still in there," said George in horror.

"Mum's going to kill us," said Fred darkly before a wave of blue light appeared in the sky.

From the light, Harry, Ginny, Hailey, Lily, The Turtles, and Master Splinter landed on top of the Battle Shell with a thud.

"Mom, you really need to work on your aim," said Hailey wincing, as she appeared to have sprained something in her arm.

"Hey, I got us out didn't I," said Lily waving her hands.

"Yes, but not down," said Harry. "Still, at least that's over."

"What happened?" asked George before taking in that Harry was now apparently joined by his dead mother, who appeared to be not as dead as everyone believed.

"Bloody hell!" said Fred. "That's...that's.."

For a moment history was made, as the Weasley Twins were rendered speechless.

"Yes, you two, as you could guess, this is my mother, the rather infamous, Lily Potter," said Harry.

"Yes I know.." said George. "Harry, there is really no delicate way of putting this but isn't your mother supposed to know.."

"Dead," supplied Hailey helpfully.

"Thank you for putting so bluntly," said George. "So Harry's mother is not dead, I suppose you are going to tell me you are his sister or something."

"Actually, I am," said Hailey smirking as Fred and George dropped their jaws in shock.

"Let's go back to the lair," said Harry, looking around as the police had arrived to investigate. "This is going to take a long time to explained everything that happened in the last three weeks or eight hours or whatever."

With those words from Harry, they went back towards the lair to explain all that happened recently and why it had happened.
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