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Chapter 11: The Ultimate Ninja

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Harry Potter/Ninja Turtles 2003 crossover. Read the first three books first. Harry's fourth year at Hogwarts is marked by the return of the Triwizard Tournament. More complete summary in profile.

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Chapter Eleven: Ultimate Ninja

Lightning whipped across the sky late in the afternoon. A storm was just wrapping up and it was only about seven o' clock at night on July 31st 1994. A bolt of lightning struck a television antenna causing a portal open and a mysterious figure to emerge from it. He was wearing a blue, brown, and yellow ninja bodysuit, with a purple cape, and he had a red mask obscuring his face. His red hair was tied up in a ponytail and he had a pair of katanas on sheaths mounted on his back. Needless to say, this visitor was not from around these parts, not even from Earth even. He had dubbed himself the Ultimate Ninja, quite egotistically in fact.

The Ultimate Ninja walked over towards a faucet on the side of the building, causing water to drop into his hand before beginning to apparently speak to his hand.

"Show me, show me the one I seek," said the Ultimate Ninja to the water within his hand.

The water spun around, before revealing the image of the turtle Leonardo.

"Here is the one you seek," whispered a ghostly voice that only the Ultimate Ninja could here.

"Beware warrior, for soon your time is at an end," said the Ultimate Ninja to the reflection of Leo before spinning around and disappearing into thin air, leaving no trace he was ever at that location.

At the lair, it was finally completely clean after Harry's birthday party. Despite the party being in the morning, it took nearly the entire afternoon, until about twenty minutes ago to get everything spotless.

Despite everyone trying to stop him from helping, Harry pitched in with the clean up efforts and now he was sinking down in the chair.

"What a day," said Harry in a tired but happy voice. "Still Quidditch Cup in a few days, right Ginny?"

"Yes, Harry, I'm supposed to take you there on the third," said Ginny who was sitting down in the chair right beside Harry. "So, how are you going to explain Hailey anyway?"

"Lost orphan girl who's magic, found her on the streets, keeping an eye on her during the year when she went to Hogwarts," said Harry.

"Thanks Harry, making me out to be a charity case," said Hailey shaking her head. "Mom said she'd be back in a few minutes, she borrowed your Portus-Amulet to go to Gringotts to get some Muggle money, we're all going out for ice cream for your birthday anyway. It's too bad mine isn't until May 19th, I could really go for another party right about now."

"I couldn't," said Fred who had walked into the room.

"My arms still hurt from all the scrubbing that Ginny convinced us to do," said George.

"With her wand pointing at our heads even," said Fred.

"Our own sister, threatening our very livelihoods," said George in a mock sad voice.

"Stuff it you two, it's my birthday and I did more work than both of you," said Harry.

Raph and Mikey entered the lair just then, having taken all the garbage to the dump to dispose of it. Raph sank himself right down on the couch, and flicked on the television to see what was on the news.

"Gang activity is at an all time high in New York City but could this increased gang violence be a precursor to bigger things to come such as a larger scale turf war," said the newscaster.

"Man, I hate watching the news!" yelled Raph angrily. "It's all bad. All these gangs butting heads, it really ticks me off."

"Raph, everything ticks you off," said Don who was in his workshop, working on the plans for a Tunneler that would allow them to dig deep below the surface of the earth, without getting lost for weeks like they did during Harry's second year at Hogwarts.

"Not everything," said Raph before everyone looked at him with incredulous looks. "All right, everything."

And now in International news, the legendary Riddle house out of Little Hangleton is the center of controversy once again," said the newscaster.

Ginny tensed up at the world "Riddle", there were still a lot of bad memories and Harry looked at the television, waving his hand to silence everyone. He wanted to hear this, as Harry felt something was definitely wrong and may be relating to his scar stinging randomly at odd hours.

"The Riddle family had been the center of many controversies over the past seventy years, starting with the heir of the Riddle family, Tom, running off with a woman that the village believed was ill equipped for a man of his stature, named Merope Gaunt," said the newscaster. "The young Riddle heir apparently married her under the delusions that she would be having his baby, but it was widely believed that she had lied to him and was only after his immense wealth."

Harry speculated that Merope woman was apparently Voldemort's mother, as he remembered reading about one of Salazar Slytherin's daughters marrying into a family with the last name of Gaunt from reading in his journal. Of course, there had to be more as the newscaster went on, leaving Harry little time to ponder what he learned further.

"A little over sixteen years later, Tom and his elderly parents were found dead in their own house," said the newscaster. "There were no signs of a break in, no signs of a struggle, and each of the three Riddles wore a look of absolute terror on this place. Many speculated the gardener, a war veteran named Frank Bryce, was the culprit but due to no signs of physical injury on the Riddles, he was acquitted of all charges. The Riddle House fell into disarray, most recently owned by a reclusive wealthy man named Lucius Malfoy."

Harry rose to his feet absentmindedly, everything was making sense now. He definitely knew this was connected to Voldemort somehow; due to the fact that Malfoy appeared to now own this Riddle House.

"A few days ago, Bryce went missing, but witnesses state he was last seen on the premises of the Riddle House property," said the newscaster. "The police suspect foul play..."

Harry turned his attention away from the television. Something here appeared to rouse his suspicious Slytherin nature. If his theory was right, then this was Voldemort's father's old house and Malfoy bought it sometime during the war with Voldemort, no doubt to use as a Death Eater meeting place. Bellatrix Lestrange was still at large, and Harry guessed she now might be hiding out at the Riddle House. Bryce appeared to run afoul of something, but Bellatrix was the only person Harry could figure out who would risk murdering someone, due to her sanity not being completely intact.

"Harry?" asked Ginny in a concerned tone of voice. "Are you okay?"

"Yes, just thinking, its really odd that a murder happened at Voldemort's father's old house," said Harry.

"Some things are best remained unsolved for some time," said Master Splinter who had walked out of the room. "I am sure whomever is behind this will be making themselves known all too soon."

"Possibly at the worst possible time," said Hailey in a slightly morbid tone of voice.

"Welcome to my life," said Harry in a dark tone of voice. "Please wipe your shoes and try not to get yourself killed by whatever maniac is after my head this year."

"Harry, I think people attempting to kill you has made your sense of humor a bit dark and brooding," said Leo.

"Leo, you try and have some crackpot after you every other day because of who you are, people after you due too fame and glory, in an attempt to make a name for themselves at my expense and see if you develop a morbid sense of humor," said Harry coolly.

"I wouldn't know, as I have never had anyone after me for reasons of fame and glory," said Leo. "True, we had the Foot after us too many times, but that was due to us getting in the way of the Shredder's scheme."

"Yes, but the Shredder is dead and buried, he blew up in that building, there is no possible way he can come back," said Ginny, attempting to turn the conversation away from this depressing note.

"I hope you're right, Ginny," said Harry as the lair door opened seeing a very irritated looking Lily Potter enter.

"Bloody goblins, I think they believe it's funny to irritate me," said Lily. "I've got the money through, it took me ten minutes to drill it into their horned heads that I wanted American Muggle money. Then I had to fill out so much paperwork that I thought my arm was going to fall off."

Lily took a deep breath to calm herself. She remembered the fact due to her having quite a bit of magical power, when she got emotional, she could give off strong bursts of accidental magic.

"Let's go," said Lily. "And try not to cause any trouble."

Harry snorted at this before everyone went up to the warehouse and into the Battle Shell towards the nearest ice cream parlor.

From the rooftops, the Ultimate Ninja observed the reflection of the Battle Shell going down the street.

"There is the one you seek," whispered the ghostly voice.

"Soon, warrior, we will meet and you will be destroyed," said the Ultimate Ninja before setting off to shadow the vehicle.

In the alleyway behind the ice cream parlor, the Turtles, Fred, George, Hailey, Harry, Ginny, Lily, and Master Splinter was eating their ice cream. Due to their unique condition, the Turtles and Splinter could not enter the ice cream parlor and they all decided to remain outside to maintain strength in numbers due to the newfound rising gang activity in the city.

Harry currently was eating a rather impressive cone with four scoops of chocolate ice cream, smeared with chocolate syrup, and covered in chocolate sprinkles.

"Fourteen years," said Harry between bites of his ice cream. "Surprised I survived this long really but I guess I have managed to avoid many attempts on my life, so I think I can ride out my life for the next couple of years."

"Yes, following the path of ninjitsu is one way to extend one's life expectancy," said Splinter nodding. "The skills and concepts learned in this noble can guide anyone towards incredible feats especially if you believe in your abilities and have confidence that they will see you through."

The Ultimate Ninja watched the group closely, with a dagger with a red ribbon tied to it and aimed it expertly, tossing it towards his target.

"Yes, I..." began Leo before hearing the whizzing of the dagger and spinning around, catching it.

"What was that?" asked Raph. "What's going on here?"

"Watch your back everyone," said Leo. "There's someone here that definitely shouldn't be here."

Everyone stepped out of the Alleyway, attempted to look for the culprit.

"It isn't the Foot, is it?" asked Mikey anxiously.

"No, not the Foot," said Splinter wisely, examining the dagger that had been tossed towards his son. "I have seen this marker, although not around here."

"What exactly is it, Master Splinter?" asked Harry curiously.

"A universal challenge match," said Splinter shortly.

The Ultimate Ninja decided to make his presence known, by walking out of the shadows towards the group.

"Young warrior, the one they call Leonardo, I have come to this dimension to battle Oroku Saki," said the Ultimate Ninja. "Unfortunately you stole that honor away from me when you defeated the Shredder in combat. So for fame and glory, I must now destroy you."

"Hold on whack bag, if you mess with my brother, you mess with all of us," said Raph.

"You got that right," said Mikey.

"Ditto," said Don.

"This is against the rules," said the Ultimate Ninja.

"I know," said Splinter grimly.

The Ultimate Ninja's eyes widened in a sign of recognition at the sight of Master Splinter before bowing in respect at the wizened old rat. Harry looked rather confused at what was going on here and by the look on his mother's face; it appeared Lily did not have the slightest clue either. The Ultimate Ninja clapped his hands together before bowing. A few seconds later, a spectral being appeared. This new arrival was known as the Gyoji. He had a paddle in his hand and he waved it, causing a dome to appear over everyone, trapping them inside.

Raph leaped up angrily, attempting to slash at the dome with his Sais but it was all for naught as it appeared to be unmoving.

"What's the deal with the cage!" screamed Harry; looking rather unnerved that this was going on. He hated being in enclosed spaces for extensive amount of times due to his time spent in the cupboard at the Dursleys.

"If the warrior known as Leonardo refuses to accept the challenge, then your lives are forfeit," said the Gyoji indifferently.

"And if he accepts, then his life is the one that will be forfeit," said the Ultimate Ninja wickedly.

"Leonardo, you must choose, my son," said Splinter.

"Sensei, there is no choice," said Leo before turning to the Ultimate Ninja. "I accept the challenge."

"So noted," remarked the Gyoji.

"I demand a full observance," said Master Splinter in a commanding voice.

"So granted," declared the Gyoji.

"Full observance?" questioned the Ultimate Ninja. "Very well, old one, have your full observance, that will not change the outcome of this match."

The Ultimate Ninja disappeared into thin air before his voice echoed through the cage.

"Warrior, warrior, come and meet your end," whispered the voice of the Ultimate Ninja.

"Okay, is it just me or is this bloke a bit of a drama queen?" asked Fred.

"You and I are of like minds, dear brother," said George.

"Okay, I do have a question, Master Splinter," said Leo. "What exactly am I supposed to do?"

"You must face him in combat, my son," said Splinter. "And do be careful, he will be a deadly adversary."

The Gyoji waved his paddle, causing a puddle of water to move underneath Leo and him to sink through it like quicksand.

"Leo, no!" yelled Raph as he joined Don, Mikey, Harry, and Hailey in an attempt dive towards Leo, but he sunk through the puddle of water and out of their reach.

"What you do to him!" yelled Hailey making a step towards the Gyoji ready to smack him around but Harry and Ginny grabbed her arms, holding her back from doing something she may regret.

"Behold," said the Gyoji calmly waving his paddle at the water, causing a reflection of Leo to appear. It appeared the Turtle had ended up in Central Park.

Lily leaned back against the dome, with a confused look on her face. She did not have a clue of what was going on at all as this was definitely something she did not hear about. If Lily could name one thing she hated above anything else, that was being kept in the dark and not knowing about something that was happening around her.

On the screen, Leo was looking around confused, cautiously drawing his katanas when a swirl of purple appeared behind him, with the Ultimate Ninja standing ominously behind Leo, stalking his prey.

"Leo turn around!" yelled Harry frantically.

"Harry, I don't think he can hear you," said Ginny in a soft voice while putting her hand on Harry's shoulder in a desperate attempt to calm him down.

The Ultimate Ninja attempted to get a shot from behind to Leo but Leo ducked and the Ultimate Ninja swung another palm thrust towards Leo but Leo once again avoided him before the Ultimate Ninja back flipped away from Leo before somersaulting towards him, kicking him with both feet. Leo flew a couple of dozen feet, before hitting head on with a light post. The impact from the collision had caused the light post to bend in half.

"No," said Raph in a hushed tone of voice.

The Ultimate Ninja pulled out a Kusari-Gama, before swinging the chain towards Leo, attempting to take his head off but Leo managed to move out of the way in time, causing the chain to wrap around the light post. Leo launched himself at his opponent with his katana in hand. In an instant, Leo sliced right at the chain. The Ultimate Ninja flew back into a trashcan in the park.

"Wooo!" yelled Mikey happily. "Two points!"

"That's what I'm talking about," said Don.

The Ultimate Ninja pulled himself out of the trashcan before running off towards the street, jumping over the fence. Leo chased after him, not wanting to his adversary. The Ultimate Ninja propelled himself up into the air swiftly and gracefully, landing on the top of a semi truck. Leo followed his adversary up and the Ultimate Ninja charged at Leo but Leo rolled swiftly underneath his opponent's attack, before leaping up and kicking the Ultimate Ninja in the back, causing him to fall face first onto the top of the truck. Leo pulled out his Katanas, leaping up, attempting to finish off the Ultimate Ninja but the Ultimate Ninja teleported out of the way. Leo's katanas were now stuck in the truck and the Ultimate Ninja reappeared behind him, kicking Leo in the back viciously.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, that wasn't quite fair!" yelled Harry angrily.

"That's got to be against the rules," said Raph.

"Your complaint is so noted," said the Gyoji indifferently.

"Noted!" yelled Raph angrily. "You've got to do something about this now."

"Such things are considered after the match, Raphael," said Splinter calmly.

"After, but by then it might be, too late," retorted Don as he watched anxiously as Leo avoided getting impaled by one of the Ultimate Ninja's katana.

"You know what, I'm putting a stop to this right now, starting with you!" yelled Raph as he dived for the Gyoji but he found himself imprisoned in a miniature cage. Raph pounded on the walls angrily.

"You must not interfere, honor dictates certain rules," said the Gyoji as Master Splinter bowed and the Gyoji used his paddle to free Raph from the cage.

"I know it is difficult to watch, Raphael," said Splinter gently.

"Surely, there must be something we can do," said Ginny.

"I believe there is," said Splinter before turning to the Gyoji. "As a family member, I must request right of attendance."

"So granted," said the Gyoji, before waving his mystical paddle causing a giant puddle of water to appear before it began to suck everyone through the ground.

"Of all the things we have ever done, this is the strangest," said George.

"Yes, even by magical standards, this is strange and mystifying," said Fred as they were sucked through the puddle.

On the truck, Leo was vainly hanging onto the side. The Ultimate Ninja raised his katana, ready for the kill but Leo managed to trip him up before stealing a grapping hook from him. The Ultimate Ninja, while still laying on his back, managed to kick Leo away but Leo swung the grappling hook before latching onto the back of the truck and then swinging up, kicking the ninja off the truck as he fled towards the bridge, pulling out a claw like glove called the Tekko Kagi. Leo expertly leapt into action, disarming the Ultimate Ninja before taking the glove and putting on his own hand, blocking a series of shots from the Katana before leaping behind the Ultimate Ninja and knocking him to the ground with a well placed punch as the dome with everyone arrived right in front of the battle.

"Well, this is surely different," said Ginny.

"Yes, I believe this has to be a great improvement of how we left things," said Hailey as the Ultimate Ninja crawled on the ground as Leo advanced on him. Leo's moment of indecision cost him as the Ultimate Ninja blew a cloud of green fog in Leo's face, temporarily blinding him.

"Okay, tell me how the hell that isn't illegal!" yelled Harry.

"Once again, such things are noted after the bout," said Splinter, while anxiously leaning on his walking stick as the Ultimate Ninja leaped at Leo, knocking him over the side of the bridge. Leo hung on desperately to a cable, dangling hopelessly on what appeared to be his only lifeline between surviving and certain doom.

The Ultimate Ninja rushed Leo, propelling himself at his opponent, katana in hand, slicing one end of the cable, causing Leo to hang helplessly, as the remaining end of the cable sagged underneath his weight. Another swipe of the katana caused the other end of the cable to snap off and Leo to fly hundreds of feet towards the water below.

"No!" yelled Raph. "We've got to save him!"

Raph leaped at the energy dome, attempting to slice through with his Sais followed by Don with his Bo Staff, Mikey with his nunchucks, and then Harry with is double-edged sword, but none of them seemed to be breaking through.

"Well, that was pointless," said Don in a saddened tone of voice.

The Ultimate Ninja raised his hands up in triumph, as it appeared to him that Leo had plummeted to his death from that bridge.

"It is finished, I have won, I have proven myself to be the supreme warrior in the universe," said the Ultimate Ninja gleefully. "Soon all will know my name, I am the Ultimate Ninja. Fame and glory shall be mine throughout the entire Multiverse."

"Keep talking and I'll give you all the fame and glory you can handle," said Raph twirling his Sais menacingly.

"Hold it right there, Raph, I'm not quite finished with him yet," said Leo, who was just climbing over the cables of the bridge, having latched the Tekko Kagi into the side of the bridge as he went down, slowing his descent.

"It can't be," sputtered the Ultimate Ninja.

"It can be and it is," said Leo. "Let you and I finish this right now."

"Very well," said the Ultimate Ninja before launching a shower of Shurikens towards Leo before disappearing in mid air.

Leo expertly deflected the Shuriken with the Tekko Kagi, causing them to stick on the side of the mystical dome. The Ultimate Ninja appeared behind Leo, swinging a medieval style iron mace at Leo but Leo rolled underneath the shot before sticking the blades in the Tekko Kagi in the chain of the mace, before slipping off the glove part and leaping up, pulling the Ultimate Ninja's own Katana from his sheaths. Leo sliced the chain of the Iron Mace, causing the spiked ball to roll to the side. The Ultimate Ninja made a desperate lunge towards Leo but he avoided the shout before rolling forward, catching the Ultimate Ninja with a double kick before leaping up, impaling the swords into the ground, in an "X" shaped motion right above the Ultimate Ninja's neck.

"You lose," said Leo simply as the Ultimate Ninja was pinned to the ground helpless.

"No, no, that cannot be the case, I cannot lose," said the Ultimate Ninja desperately.

"You just did," said Leo. "But you fought hard, it's okay."

"I don't believe it," said the Ultimate Ninja before continuing in a defeated voice. "I surrender."

The Gyoji waved his paddle, causing the dome to dissolve into the air.

"The winner of this match, Leonardo," declared the Gyoji.

Everyone moved towards Leo, giving their congratulations on his victory.

"My son, I have never been so proud of you," said Splinter in a tired, but pleased tone of voice.

Meanwhile, the Ultimate Ninja had managed to pry himself loose and was not done with this, not by a long shot. He blew a cloud of green fog, causing a giant serpent like creature to appear in the air. Before he could command the creature to attack, a giant sword appeared in mid air, slicing the creature in half. The cloud of smoke swirled around before revealing a large intimidating man known as the Daimyo, with a red cloak and a golden mask obscuring his face, with long white hair poking out from underneath the mask, carrying a very regal looking war staff in his hand.

"Your highness," said the Gyoji before bowing.

The Daimyo turned to the figure on the ground with a cold expression.

"You not only disgrace yourself by using such Dark Arts, but the fact you disgrace me, your own father, is deplorable," said the Daimyo coldly to the Ultimate Ninja. "My own son, I have never been so ashamed in all my years. You have not earned this combat but yet you have the audacity to come here, attempting to make a name for yourself."

The Daimyo turned to Splinter and it was apparent the two had met in the past.

"Splinter-San, I commend you for raising such fine warriors and sons," said the Daimyo. "They carry on the tradition of ninjitsu well, even better than my son."

The Ultimate Ninja bowed his head in shame, not because he felt sorry but he was not too pleased his father had caught him in the act.

"Many years ago, we visited this place, the humans here believed us to be Tengu, but we gave a select few the gift of ninjitsu," said the Daimyo before turning to Leo. "Young one, I commend you open your great and honorable way you achieved your victory tonight. I return to you your katana."

The Daimyo waved war staff in his hand, causing Leo's katana to appear in his hands.

"Thank you," said Leo gratefully.

"Come, we go," said the Daimyo, waving his war staff, causing himself, the Gyoji, and his son to disappear in a puff of smoke.

Lily opened her mouth to ask Splinter what that was about but Raph beat her too it.

"Sensei, no offense but what exactly was that all about?” questioned Raph.

"Patience, Raphael, you will find out when the time is right for you to know," said Splinter. "Come now, let us head home."

They all headed towards home with everyone but Splinter wondering what exactly the significance of that little incident was tonight.
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