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Chapter 14: Dark Days Ahead

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Harry Potter/Ninja Turtles 2003 crossover. Read the first three books first. Harry's fourth year at Hogwarts is marked by the return of the Triwizard Tournament. More complete summary in profile.

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Chapter Fourteen: Dark Days Ahead

Ginny ducked out of the way of the jet of stunners flying over her and Hailey copied her by doing the same. Lestrange managed to slip off, once again evading justice but the stunners must have connected with something, as a groaning sound was heard over the tree. Harry muttered something weakly, but he was obviously not well do to what Bellatrix hit him with.

"Don't try to talk Harry, just stay still," muttered Ginny, terrified that Harry would injure himself further if he moved.

"Everyone drop your wands and put your hands in the air where we can see them," said a Ministry official curtly, as several Ministry officials pointed their wands at Ginny and Hailey.

Mr. Weasley scurried into the woods, waving his hands to stop but he stopped dead when he saw Harry covered in his own blood.

"Ginny, what happened?" asked Mr. Weasley looking horrified.

"Bellatrix Lestrange attacked us, Harry lost his wand," explained Ginny her bottom lip trembling.

"Was Lestrange the one who did this girl," said Barty Crouch curtly, but Ginny could have sworn that he saw a look of hatred flash through Crouch's eyes when she mentioned Lestrange.

"No, but that isn't important right now, Harry needs help," said Ginny desperately. "Can't you see he is hurt?"

The Minister of Magic himself arrived at that very moment, looking down at the sight that greeted him. Harry Potter was lying motionless, his clothes completely soaked in blood and he looked extremely pale, as if he was about ready to die. Fudge decided he better call someone over, because if Harry Potter died at the Quidditch World Cup, especially right under his nose, it would damage his approval rating severely.

"We need a healer," said Fudge, to one of the Ministry wizards. "It is clear Mr. Potter has been hurt badly at the hands of Lestrange."

The wizard disapparted before returning with a couple of healers, who looked a bit horrified at the sight that greeted them.

"We need to take him to the first aid tent," said one of the healers before she turned to Ginny. "What did he get hit with?"

"I don't know, it was a jet of black light," said Ginny in a shaky voice.

The Healers nodded before putting Harry on a stretcher. Harry reached out for Ginny.

"I'm coming too," said Ginny but Crouch raised his hand to stop her.

"No, you'll have to stay and tell what you saw," said Crouch curtly. "You were a witness to this and you may give the Ministry valuable information that might lead them to catch the person who set off this dark mark."

"I could care less, who set off that damn Dark Mark, my friend is near death!" yelled Ginny.

"Ginny, please, calm down," said Mr. Weasley quietly.

"No, Dad, I'll be anything but calm until I know Harry is alright," argued Ginny, her eyes blazing with an unsettling fury.

"Where was the dark mark cast from?" asked Mr. Crouch, pretending as if he didn't hear what Ginny said.

"Over there," said Ginny curtly, pointing to the clearing that she saw it rise from the trees.

The Ministry officials walked over towards the trees, before they apparently found something.

"Barty, you need to take a look at this," said the voice of Amos Diggory.

"What is it?" asked Crouch before his eyes widened in shock. "Winky?"

A house elf was lifted out of the bushes, stunned and right in her hand for anyone to see was a wand.

Harry's wand.

"That's Harry's wand," said Ginny. "He lost it earlier."

"So he did," said Mr. Diggory absentmindedly. "It seemed as if this elf might have taken the wand."

"Now, Amos, I highly don't believe a servant of mine would have stolen a wand," said Crouch before walking towards the bushes. "They should know better."

"I wouldn't bother, Barty, there's no one else in there," said Mr. Diggory.

Mr. Crouch didn't answer; he kept feeling around in the bushes, not satisfied with Mr. Diggory's word. Eventually Crouch turned around, Diggory spoke to him.

"Now, Barty, I need to ask your elf a few questions," said Mr. Diggory.

"Very well," said Crouch coldly.

"Enervate," said Diggory calmly.

Winky's eyes opened beadily.

"Where is I?" asked Winky groggily. "Where is..."

"Caught at the scene of the crime, eh, elf," said Mr. Diggory. "You know who I am, don't you."

"Winky not be knowing that sir," said Winky shakily, in a terrified voice.

"I am Amos Diggory, head of the Department of Control and Regulation of Magical Creatures," said Mr. Diggory. "And you were found in direct violation of the law prohibiting house elves from using wands."

"I not be using it sir," said Winky. "Winky just being finding it sir..."

"We shall see elf, as there is a way to find out if a spell has been used by a wand," said Mr. Diggory.

"Winky not be using magic, she swears," sobbed Winky.

"Prior Incantato," said Mr. Diggory, as everyone gasped as a skull with a snake protruding from its mouth exited from Harry's stolen wand.

Diggory cancelled the spell before rounding on Winky.

"So, you are not being using magic and..." said Mr. Diggory.

"Amos, that is enough," said Mr. Crouch. "My elf may have simply been finding the wand after the instigator of this panic shot off the spell."

"Yes, and it didn't seem like a house elf's voice to me," said Hailey, surprised at her own daring. "It sounded deeper."

"See, eyewitness account," said Mr. Crouch as if this was an open and shut matter. "I will deal with my elf accordingly and I suggest the rest of go to see if you can find any of the people who attacked those Muggles tonight."

Ginny sighed in relief, she assumed that she was being dismissed. Harry was more important in her mind than the Ministry bumbling around, attempting to capture a bunch of Death Eaters.

Hailey looked around to make sure no one else was listening before turning to Ginny.

"Mom's going to have a fit if she finds out what Bellatrix Lestrange did to my brother," said Hailey, to Ginny in a low tone of voice.

"I'm afraid you're right, I think Lily will attempt to go after Lestrange herself for this latest incident," whispered Ginny.

"That's why I'm not going to tell her, Harry will be okay, so no need to distract her from what she is researching," said Hailey although her voice seemed as if she was convincing of this fact just as much as Ginny.

Hailey and Ginny arrived back at the tent where Hermione was greeting them in front of the tent.

"Did you hear..." began Hailey.

"Yes, I heard about it, but they managed to patch up Harry," said Hermione. "He was really lucky he wasn't killed but from what the Healer told me he suffered a lot of cuts on the side of his chest and a punctured lung due to that curse. He's sitting in there right now, he had to take a blood replenishing potion but he should live."

Ginny and Hailey entered the tent, as Fred, George, Percy, Ron, Bill, and Charlie was sitting around the table, along with Harry. Harry's clothes still looked drenched in blood, but at least the blood wasn't oozing out from underneath his shirt.

"Hello, Ginny, Hailey," said Harry weakly as Ginny rushed over to Harry, wrapping her arms around him, causing Harry to wince slightly. "Ginny...not that I don't appreciate the sentiment, I can barely breath as it is, so I need all the air I can get."

"Sorry," said Ginny letting go of Harry.

"No, that's okay, you couldn't have known," said Harry. "Did they catch Lestrange?"

"No, unfortunately not, she slipped away," said Ginny. "What happened to you anyway?"

"It's not that big of a deal," said Harry, attempting to spin what happened into what Lestrange did to him as not being such a big deal.

"Harry, I think it was a very big deal, the Healers told me that the curse that Bellatrix hit your normally rips the person in half, killing them instantly," said Hermione. "It was designed during the war with You-Know-Who as a more painful, bloody way to kill people by some of the more bloodthirsty Death Eaters."

"Yes, Hermione, the side my chest looks like raw hamburger, I have pain when I breathe, but I'm alive," said Harry. "That's more than I can say about most people that got hit with this curse."

Mr. Weasley arrived a couple of minutes later.

"The Ministry is in disarray out there," said Mr. Weasley. "Crouch sacked his house elf, despite her not doing anything and oh, here's your wand Harry."

Mr. Weasley handed Harry his wand.

"Crouch's elf was sacked," said Harry. "What happened to cause him to want to do this?"

"Well, she was caught with your wand, the same wand that a mysterious person used to set off the Dark Mark," said Mr. Weasley. "The Dark Mark caused the Death Eaters attacking the Roberts family to scatter, but the Ministry was unable to capture who was behind this."

"That's extremely troubling," said Harry. "If I remember correctly from what I've heard, the Dark Mark is what was put up over the house when the Death Eaters killed."

"Correct, Harry," said Mr. Weasley. "It hasn't been seen in thirteen years, the last time it was seen was a couple of days before that incident involving you and him. The Death Eaters that managed to buy there way out of Azkaban are naturally terrified of the Dark Mark, due to the fact they think You-Know-Who has returned."

"Wouldn't they be happy if You-Know-Who returned?" asked Ron.

"No, they wouldn't," said Harry. "They disowned him by claiming to be under the Imperius Curse and I doubt very much he takes traitors too lightly."

"I agree with Harry, and whomever shot off that Dark Mark must be trying to intimidate the Death Eaters," said Bill. "Only Death Eaters were taught how to perform that spell so they would have to be a Death Eater at one time, even if they aren't supporting You-Know-Who now."

"Crouch seemed rather keen to hide something through didn't he by firing Winky," said Hailey.

"Now, Hailey, Mr. Crouch would never condone Death Eater activity," said Percy. "The fact he sacked his house elf proved that he did not want anyone to attempt to rightfully besmirch his name..."

"Yes, he fired his house elf for something she didn't do, which I don't feel is right personally," said Hermione. "Actually, I feel that house elves deserve a better deal, someone has to do something about it."

"Hermione, I agree with you but the thing is, if someone tries to, there will be people who would try and shut any movement down before it gains too much momentum," said Harry. "Especially if it conflicts with pureblood ideals. When that anti-werewolf legislation went through the Ministry, I read up about the past relationship between the Ministry and non-human, magical creatures, and stumbled upon something interesting regarding house elves. The fact remains that if every house elf in the world was free, they could overtake humans due to their immense magical power and we'd be the ones who would be the slaves, not the house elves."

"I'm sure house elves would never do something like that, they seem like they would be afraid of their own shadow the way some of them act," said Hermione although there was a distinct lack of conviction in Hermione's voice after Harry told her about what he found out about house elves.

"Yes and Voldemort was a young innocent child once, but we all know what happened there," said Harry as everyone but Hailey winced at Voldemort's name. "I advise you to put this house elf matter out of your mind, Hermione. It's too dangerous to meddle in, no matter what degree of success you would achieve in the long run. At very least, you could be the target of pureblood supremacists who don't like to hear conflicting views. Worst case scenario is you succeed, and the humans become the ones who need saving from tyranny."

"I understand Harry," said Hermione. "House elves being enslaved is something I don't like but I understand the risks of trying to free them."

Harry knew Hermione was sincere in promising and he felt he may have dodged a bullet in getting her promise to back down from what might have been a losing battle that could do more harm than good in the long run.

"So, the Ministry didn't catch anyone, so we are back to square one," said Harry. "Lestrange is still at large, Fudge is still firmly in the pocket of Lucius Malfoy who I bet my broomstick was out there..."

"I'm afraid you're right Harry, but we have no way to prove it," said Mr. Weasley before looking around. "It's really late, I would suggest we try and get some sleep, and maybe catch a Portkey out of here in a few hours."

Everyone decided to make their way to their tents, except for Harry and Ginny who remained sitting in the dining area of the magically modified tent.

"Go to sleep, as if that's so easy after what I saw happen to you," said Ginny to Harry.

"Ginny, perhaps you should get some sleep, I'll be fine sitting here by myself," said Harry.

Ginny shook her head at Harry; it was obvious she was staying with Harry for the remainder of the night.

"Harry, I'm really sorry I couldn't stop Lestrange from doing that to you," said Ginny quietly. "You saved me from the Chamber yet I couldn't save you from..."

"Enough Ginny, it isn't your fault, you couldn't have possibly known that Lestrange would do something like that," said Harry. "You did your best out there, you made sure I got help when I needed it and I'm grateful for that."

"I know how you felt now when you found me in the Chamber, after what Tom did to me," said Ginny quietly. "You were there, lifeless, not able to move and I felt like I couldn't do enough to save you."

"Like a part of you just died," muttered Harry remembering that incident in the Chamber of Secrets.

"Exactly," said Ginny, leaning over, resting her head on Harry's shoulder on the side of his body that was not banged up when Bellatrix Lestrange attacked him. "Please tell me nothing else like that is going to happen that again."

"Ginny, I wish I could tell you but I really don't know," said Harry, putting his arm around Ginny's shoulders in a comforting manner.

They sat there in silence, with Ginny's head still resting on Harry's shoulder, before she drifted off to sleep. Harry just laid there, his arm slowly growing numb, but he didn't have the heart to wake Ginny, as she looked so peaceful when she was asleep.

"Sleep tight, Ginny," whispered Harry as he wrapped his arms around her as she drifted off to sleep. "I'll find someway to end this all so I can have a peaceful life, someday."

Perhaps it was just because Harry spent so much time with Ginny over this past summer but it just seemed so natural she was in his arms right now. In any event, Harry felt they have grown closer recently, especially after his mother removed that magical power block from him.

Bartemius Crouch arrived at his home, with his son, Barty Crouch Junior, bound in ropes, underneath the invisibility cloak, and put under a reapplied Imperius Curse. That house elf did not do her job, disobeying him, so Crouch decided to relieve her of her duties. Crouch raised his wand, opening the door of his house. His son was beginning to become a liability and Crouch believed his son outlived his usefulness so he would have to be disposed of shortly.

Crouch noticed something very peculiar in his house as he entered it. There was a candle lit in his sitting room as if someone had decided to break in his house and make themselves at home. Crouch believed it may be some Muggle teenage punks, as no wizard would dare break into his house, and as a result of this thought, he decided to give these delinquent Muggles a suitable reception.

Crouch raised his wand, he could rough up the people who broke in and then modify their memories later. He looked into the sitting room but there appeared to be no one there.

"Good morning, Bartemius," said a cold voice.

Crouch wheeled around, but he looked down, seeing perhaps one of the most disturbing sights in his life and with thirty years of service in the Ministry, he had seen plenty. Sitting on a chair was a stumped figure, about the size of a baby, but it was the most ugly thing Crouch had ever seen in his life. This thing had red slits for eyes, a bald head that looked charred as if it had been set on fire with a Muggle blowtorch, and waxy, lifeless skin.

"I must say, it is a pleasure to meet the man who passed the laws that caused the deaths of so many of my humble legions of followers," hissed the figure on the chair.

"Who in the bloody hell are you?" asked Crouch, raising his wand at the figure.

"Oh, I believe You-Know-Who," said the figure, before laughing sadistically at his own joke.

"No I don't that's why I'm asking you," said Crouch. "You better talk quick, whatever you are."

"Well, Bartemius, since you asked so nicely, I am Lord Voldemort," said the figure.

"You!" yelled Crouch. "It can't be, the official investigation of the Ministry declared you were dead."

"Bartemius Crouch, the naivety of the Ministry amuses me," said Voldemort. "I was never dead, just exorcised from my body."

"Avada Kedavra!" yelled Crouch raising his wand towards the figure but the spell just hit Voldemort before fading away.

"Fool, you cannot kill something that is not quite considered to be alive, but not quite dead," said Voldemort.

"I'll notify the Ministry," said Crouch but Voldemort laughed off the very notion.

"You really think I come here alone," scoffed Voldemort. "Wormtail!"

Wormtail walked into the room, his Master's wand in his hand.

"Yes, My Lord," said Wormtail.

"Put Crouch under," said Voldemort.

"If you kill me, the Ministry will know, and then they will be wise to your status of not being dead," warned Crouch but Voldemort just responded with a high, cold round of laughter.

"Imperio," said Wormtail coldly causing Crouch's mind to go completely blank and become under Wormtail's control. "You are now under the command of the Dark Lord, slave. You will do everything he says, without any thought against it but you will also act as if nothing is different when you return to the Ministry of Magic."

"I will obey," said Crouch in a monotone voice.

"Excellent," hissed Voldemort. "Most excellent. Now I want you to retrieve my loyal servant, Barty Crouch Junior."

Crouch walked off, looking like a zombie, before turning with his son, who was now unbound and visible, but back underneath the Imperius Curse that Crouch renewed when they left the campsite for the Quidditch Cup. Voldemort looked in his servant’s eyes, removing the hold from the Imperius curse from Crouch Junior's mind.

"Master," muttered Crouch Junior. "My Lord, you have come for me."

"Yes, Barty, I have," said Voldemort. "As you can see I am a rather bastardized form right now but I want you do a task for me that will return me to my full power and spell the end of Harry Potter."

"Anything for you, My Lord," said Crouch Junior. "I remain your most loyal servant as always..."

"But My Lord I thought I was..." began Wormtail, who was not too happy after all he did for the Dark Lord, after handing him the Potters all those years ago, after finding him in that Albanian forest, after bringing him Bertha Jorkins to give him invaluable information, after helping him upgrade from a spectral form to something a bit more solid, he was being cast aside like a piece of rubbish.

"Wormtail, you have a part to play in this plan of mine as well," said Voldemort. "If I remember rightly, Potions was one of the few subjects you weren't completely useless at when you attended Hogwarts."

"Yes, My Lord," said Wormtail through gritted teeth.

"And I know Barty was an excellent Potion brewer, second only to Severus Snape in my ranks, so we need an immense supply of Polyjuice Potion brewed," said Voldemort. "You two will work together to prepare this potion that is crucial to having my plan to work."

"If you don't mind me asking, what is this plan, My Lord?" asked Crouch Junior.

"You'll know soon enough," said Voldemort, going over his scheme in his mind, this plan he concocted was fool proof and it would bring Harry Potter straight to him so he could use his blood for his resurrection, before bringing Potter straight to his demise. Soon Potter would lay broken, battered, and most importantly dead at his feet, the way it should have been thirteen years ago.

His two servants began making plans to make a trip to the black market of Knockturn Alley to acquire the ingredients for the Polyjuice potion while Voldemort looked down underneath his chair, where his faithful snake Nagini was resting. Looking at his pet, brought the subject of his Horcruxes to his mind, as Nagini was the sixth and final Horcrux he created, with the death of Frank Bryce. They were safe, as long as no one figured out how to reunify the pieces of the soul, with his original soul. Voldemort had utmost confidence that no one would stumble upon this information, as Voldemort had given the only known book detailing the rituals to do so to one of his most trusted servants, Severus Snape, to destroy just days before he was kicked out of his body. After all, Voldemort felt there would be no way that Snape would betray Voldemort to anyone, as the Dark Lord trusted Snape with his life.

Back at the campsite, Ginny was beginning to wake up. She believed she must have dozed off when she was talking to Harry and was apparently using her friend’s shoulder as a pillow.

"Morning, Harry," said Ginny sleepily but with her head sit resting on Harry's shoulder. "I'm sorry I fell asleep like that."

"Don't worry about it Ginny," said Harry dismissively. "I think we'll be leaving in a couple of minutes anyway, it looks like everyone is starting to get up."

Ginny lifted her head off of Harry's shoulder just a minute before Mr. Weasley entered the room, flanked by Bill, Charlie, Ron, Fred, George, and Percy.

"Come on you two," said Mr. Weasley. "We need to get Hermione and Hailey, and try and get an early Portkey out of here."

Ginny and Harry rose to their feet, following Mr. Weasley out as Hailey and Hermione exited the tent.

"Harry, are you okay?" asked Hermione.

"Yes, I'm fine," said Harry.

"Yes, I'm glad you're fine Harry, I never want to see anything like that happen to you in my life," said Ginny.

"I don't want anything to happen like to me ever again," said Harry. "I suspect that side of my chest will be sore for a few weeks. I won't be able to do much either, according to the Healers"

"What did the Healers tell you anyway?" asked Hailey.

"Well for a least a week, I can't fly on broomsticks, can't do any physical activity, can't fight any Death Eaters," said Harry. "Still, it will give me some time to read up on wandless magic, as I found out I can't rely on my wand. What if it get stolen again or broken or..."

"I've managed to get in line for a Portkey that leaves in two minutes," called Mr. Weasley. "Come on everyone."

They all followed Mr. Weasley, crowding around a Portkey, before putting their hands on it. A minute later, it pulled everyone forward, before they dropped down in front of the Burrow. Harry pulled himself off the ground, wondering if the Death Eater activity on the Quidditch World Cup was a preview of dark days ahead.
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