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Chapter 29: Duel with Draco

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Harry Potter/Ninja Turtles 2003 crossover. Read the first three books first. Harry's fourth year at Hogwarts is marked by the return of the Triwizard Tournament. More complete summary in profile.

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Chapter Twenty Nine: Duel with Draco

It was the day after the Yule Ball. Albus Dumbledore sat in his office with a massive headache as he had been up all night long attempting to figure out where he went wrong. No matter what he did to attempt to take Ginny Weasley out of the equation, so he could take advantage of a very weak and depressed Mr. Potter to implement his own plans, nothing worked. All Dumbledore did was push the two closer together. That accursed bond had been completed and now Dumbledore’s hands were tied for the time being.

Few knew the full extent of Compatibility Bonds but Dumbledore had researched the matter. As much as he detested the concept of magic based on love, hell Dumbledore only decided to use the power of love explanation on Potter to make him weak and ill prepared so Dumbledore could look better in the long run, Dumbledore did research the subject in detail once the bond between the two began to form its first strands within the other’s magic. Compatibility Bonds were tied to the very magical essence of a person, which was tied directly into the mind, body, and soul of the person. To put the matter bluntly, both Ginny and Harry had become even more powerful then they were before as they were drawing off of each other’s magic. With Harry it was only a slight increase, but with Ginny it was a substantial increase, putting her just underneath Voldemort, Dumbledore, and Harry in power. Bellatrix Lestrange and Severus Snape were only a slight level below and would be Ginny in a duel, thanks to a greater amount of magical experience.

Of course Dumbledore amused himself in thinking that if Lily Potter was still alive, she’d be slightly above Miss Weasley in power but Dumbledore personally took care of that little problem. There would be no way she could have survived the trip Dumbledore sent her on, especially without her memories.

Still Dumbledore felt confident as long as the power blocks remained in place on Mr. Potter and Voldemort remained in his half alive state, Dumbledore would remain the most powerful wizard in the world. Even in this primitive form, Dumbledore was an extremely powerful wizard.

Still Dumbledore could not kill Ginny Weasley. His opportunity to due that had passed by and if he killed the girl now, Potter would be driven mad due to the very nature of the Compatibility bond. It was a little known fact but if the one half of the bond died, then the other half was driven completely mad. Dumbledore needed Potter completely sane if he was to take out Voldemort. Then, Dumbledore would eliminate Potter and Weasley to insure his superiority over the entire British Magical community and then the entire Magical world.

“I’m glad to see one good thing came out of the Yule Ball,” said Hermione briskly at Breakfast while looking at Harry and Ginny.

“Good, are you kidding?” asked Ginny. “An excellent thing came at of the Yule Ball and this arrangement does have fringe benefits.”

“Like this,” said Harry, before bending over and kissing Ginny for a few seconds before breaking off as he saw a group of first years staring at them like a group of dears in the headlights. “Although I think we should do this in private, as there will be less prying eyes.”

“I tend to agree, Harry,” said Ginny. “After all, we don’t want to corrupt the poor little first years.”

“You act like we’re all innocent little angels,” said Hailey, who had just joined them at the Slytherin table. “As for me, you can’t very well corrupt what is already corrupted.”

“With you, that’s true more than ever,” said Harry nodding in agreement. “You won’t get any argument from me.”

“Good,” said Hailey.

“Still, Harry and Ginny, other the fact you are dating, there seems to be something a bit different about you,” said Daphne. “I can’t quite place it but there seems to be something different, if not more powerful.”

“No, we’re the same we’ve always been, we’re still really good friends,” said Ginny.

“Yes, there’s just a lot more snogging involved,” said Harry.

“Yes, I would have to agree, seeing as we did get sidetracked about three times coming down to Breakfast,” said Ginny. “Not that that’s a bad thing mind you.”

“So that’s why you were late today,” said Theodore.

“Yes and we tried to leave early,” said Ginny. “But we couldn’t help ourselves and we ended up being about twenty minutes late.”

“Even through we tried to leave an hour early,” said Harry nodding his head.

“How can anyone kiss for that long?” whispered Hailey.

“Ninja training,” said Ginny quietly.

“Yeah, we can hold our breath longer than most other people,” said Harry. “Pretty damn useful if you ask me.”

“I agree with Harry,” said Ginny with a smirk.

“So Potter, you are going out with that Weasley girl?” drawled a very familiar and annoying voice. “I take it her parents can’t make enough money to feed and clothe their hundred children, so they are renting the little sl…”

“Not today, Malfoy,” said Harry. “Badmouth Ginny one more time and I will curse you right now, regardless of witnesses.”

“You don’t have the guts Potter,” said Malfoy.

Harry stood up to his feet, staring Malfoy straight in the eye.

“I don’t have the guts do I, Draco,” said Harry.

“No, Potter, it is obvious that little bitch has you completely…” said Draco but he never finished as Harry blasted Malfoy up against the wall with his wand.

“I did warn you not to badmouth my girlfriend,” said Harry in a dangerous voice. “Four years Malfoy, you’ve been nothing but a pain. If you want to, we can settle this once and for all right now.”

“Potter, how dare you blast me against a wall!” yelled Draco. “I, Draco Lucius Malfoy, challenge you to a duel.”

“Fine, I accept your little challenge, Draco,” said Harry in a bored voice before turning to Ginny. “Ginny, would you give me the honor of being my second?”

“I’d be happy to Harry,” said Ginny wondering what her boyfriend had in store for Draco before turning to Malfoy. “Do you have any friends left that will be your second Malfoy?”

Draco sputtered angrily but Crabbe and Goyle showed up behind Draco looking confused.

“Goyle, you’re my second,” ordered Malfoy.

“Good, nice to see that’s all settled,” growled the voice of Mad Eye Moody, the only teacher who was currently at Breakfast this morning due to the others being at an early morning staff meeting. “Potter, Malfoy, I would like to offer my services to officiate this duel as due to my past as an Auror, I know a few things about dueling protocol.”

Harry nodded and Malfoy looked at Moody with distaste.

“What’s the matter, Draco, scared?” asked Harry.

“I accept your offer to officiate you bug eyed fool!” snapped Draco.

“Duelers, out to the Quidditch pitch,” ordered Moody. This opportunity was too good to be true. He could get a decent picture of Potter’s dueling abilities so he could pass them off to a certain interested party.

Both of the parties headed out to the Quidditch pitch, along with several curious students, most of which wanted to see Draco finally get his just desserts. The weather outside was extremely cold and bitter but it wasn’t every day you saw a magical duel at Hogwarts.

On both sides of the Quidditch Pitch as students filed into the stands to watch, Malfoy and Potter turned to each other.

“Now this duel will go on until one duelist has been knocked out. On the event that one of the duelists dies,” said Moody before looking at Malfoy. “His second will take over. All magic is legal, with the exception of what the Ministry of Magic has deemed dark magic. Do you understand these rules?”

Both Malfoy and Harry nodded, while glaring at each other with hatred. Four years of bad blood was coming right to the surface right now.

“Okay, duelers bow on each other,” said Moody before pausing to allow Malfoy and Harry to each give a short, sarcastic bow to each other. “I want a good clean fight. Let’s get it on!”

“Stupefy!” yelled Malfoy, attempting to stun Harry right off the bat but Harry managed to somersault out of the way of the spell.

“Necto!” yelled Harry, shooting a chain out of his wand, attempting to wrap it around Malfoy.

“Reducto!” cried Malfoy, blasting the chain into dust before it could manage to wrap around him.

Harry waved his wand in a triangular pattern, enchanting the snow drift to rise up into the air and attempt to crash down onto Malfoy.

“Incendio!” screamed Malfoy, barely being able to melt the snow before it landed on top of him. Even Malfoy had to admit that Harry nearly finished him off then and now he was starting to get desperate “Incendio!”

A second jet of fire was sent directly at Harry, as Malfoy attempted to burn him to a crisp with one of the few spells that was not quite deemed dark by the Ministry but quite dangerous to use.

“Accio ice,” said Harry calmly, causing a patch of ice to rip out of the ground. Harry jerked his wand, causing it to slam into the jet of fire, putting it out completely while melting the ice. “Expello!”

A banishing charm knocked Malfoy back, causing him to fly into one of the goal posts on the Quidditch pitch. Harry looked cautiously at Malfoy but he hit his head with a sickening thud. Moody walked over to check on Malfoy, who wasn’t quite moving.

“The winning of this duel, Harry Potter,” said Moody.

The majority of the crowd, at least eighty percent cheered at this outcome. Malfoy had been humiliated by Harry tonight. Ginny ran over to Harry and wrapped her arms around him before kissing him on the cheek.

“That was brilliant Harry,” said Ginny. “You certainly taught Malfoy a lesson.”

Crabbe and Goyle rushed over to Malfoy, who was just coming to. Malfoy wasn’t too pleased that Harry Potter had humiliated him in front of the majority of the school. He shoved his two cronies out of the way before pointing his want at Harry.

“Crucio!” yelled Malfoy, using the spell his father began teaching him how to use the previous summer.

Harry was caught in the back with the spell unaware and screamed for a brief second before biting his tongue. Ginny looked horrified and took out her own wand to hex Malfoy but she was cut off at the pass.

“Stupefy!” yelled Moody, knocking Malfoy out with a stunner. Potter could not under any circumstances be driven insane and Moody was quick to act to make sure this didn’t happen.

Harry looked at Malfoy with distaste. The fact he used an Unforgivable showed that Malfoy felt he could get away with anything due to the fact of who his father was.

“Alastor what is the meaning of this?” asked Dumbledore who had just arrived out on the Quidditch pitch. One of the fifth year Ravenclaw prefects, a fine, upstanding girl by the name of Cho Chang had told Dumbledore that Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley attacked Draco Malfoy and the boy had challenged Potter to a duel to uphold his honor. Dumbledore felt that some of this was partially fabricated due to the fact that Malfoy was normally responsible for inciting his share of trouble.

“Well, Mr. Malfoy was making some slanderous remarks about Miss Weasley that Mr. Potter didn’t take too kindly to,” said Moody. “They had a nice little duel which Potter won fair and square then Malfoy cowardly attacked Potter from behind. Not only did he attack him, but he hit him with the Cruciatus Curse.”

“The Cruciatus Curse,” said Dumbledore going pale. “Draco Malfoy used an unforgivable curse?”

“Yes he did Albus and I would say investigate this matter, because it is likely his father might be teaching Malfoy a little dark magic on the side,” said Moody.

“There will be action taken with young Draco,” said Dumbledore gravely. “If Evan Darthmorth gets a hold of this, I shudder to think what he might make of this. I must contact the Ministry to inform them of this grave event.”

Dumbledore walked off thinking about what had just happened. Malfoy would have to be punished for this attack on Potter but he never knew the petty school yard rivalry between these two had escalated to this level. Not even James Potter and Severus Snape had hated each other as much as Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter. That fact alone was definitely saying something.

The news involving Malfoy was definitely quiet for the next several days but the fact remains he wasn’t at Hogwarts. Under official Ministry decree, all mail going out of Hogwarts was being scanned so no word of the Malfoy incident could leak outside of the walls of Hogwarts.

“I heard that Malfoy is suspended for the rest of the year at Hogwarts, pending an investigation on his conduct over the past four years at Hogwarts,” said Daphne at breakfast one day.

“Investigation, he shot an Unforgivable at Harry!” said Ginny incredulously as Harry nodded in agreement at her side. “That’s all we need to put Malfoy away in Azkaban for the rest of his miserable life, case closed.”

“It’s not as simple as that,” said Theodore. “Any other student with that many witnesses and they would have been sent straight to Azkaban that very day. No questions asked whatsoever. Unfortunately, Lucius Malfoy is using his money to simply get a lesser punishment for his son…”

“Tell me about it,” said Harry in a tired voice. “I did press charges on Malfoy for attacking me with that Unforgivable. Both Lucius and Fudge are attempting to pay me to shut up as I threatened to go straight to the Prophet with this and the fact Fudge threw me in Azkaban last year for no good reason.”

“Harry, are you really planning to do that?” asked Hermione.

“Yes I am, but I’m fair unlike the Ministry of Magic,” said Harry. “I’ve given them sixty days to give Draco his proper punishment. If I don’t see him in Azkaban by the end of February, the Daily Prophet will be getting a nice little article penned by me about the double standards in the Ministry of Magic and how the Minister can be easily bought.”

“About time someone enlightened the Magical world,” said Hermione.

“I agree,” said Daphne nodding her head. “For too long, the Ministry has been run by people who are more interested in gold then the betterment of magical society. It’s disgusting if I may say so.”

Before Harry could respond, he was greeted by a very unwelcome and annoying addition.

“YOU!” screeched the voice of Pansy Parkinson looking at Harry with a hateful glare, joined by Crabbe and Goyle who had dumbfounded looks on their face. “How dare you, Potter?”

“Parkinson I swear to Salazar you just took about ten years off my hearing by screeching in my bloody ear,” said Harry, wincing from the shrill sound that entered his ear.

“Don’t be cute with me Potter, I’m not in the mood for it,” said Pansy in an irritable voice. “How dare you get my poor little innocent Drakey-Poo suspended from Hogwarts? You tricked him into doing that unforgivable curse Potter. My poor Drakey-Poo would never think of doing something like that to anyone ever.”

“Drakey-Poo?” asked Daphne in a low disgusted voice. “Ugh, I think I just threw up a little bit in my mouth.”

“I agree, how sickening,” said Hermione in a low voice looking if she was about to throw up due to Pansy’s endearment towards Malfoy.

“Malfoy attacked me, whether you want to believe it or not,” said Harry. “I would ask you how you could be so blind not to see that fact but you like Draco, so I’ve already answered that question.”

“This isn’t over Potter,” screeched Pansy while walking off with Crabbe and Goyle.

“You know, I’m still debating whether Crabbe and Goyle have moved up in the world or not being with Parkinson instead of Malfoy,” said Harry casually.

“Honestly, she’s horrid but not as dangerous as Malfoy,” said Hermione.

“Only ten times more annoying,” said Harry. “And at least Malfoy’s voice didn’t have that high pitch screech.”

“You’ve got a point there Harry,” said Hermione nodding her head in agreement.

Theodore’s copy of the Daily Prophet had just arrived during all of this. He looked over the paper with a growing look of disgust as he read on. Daphne caught the look on his face and looked over curiously.

“What’s up?” asked Daphne.

“Darthmorth,” said Theodore darkly. “You guys might want to look his latest article. It’s even more slanderous then the last.”

“What did he say about me this time?” asked Harry, trying to keep the anger out of his face but anyone close to him could see that doing this was a difficult struggle.

“No Harry, it’s not about you,” said Theodore. “Not this time even through you are briefly mentioned but you aren’t the main focus of Darthmorth’s attack. Just read the article.”

Theodore, Daphne, Hermione, Harry, and Ginny bent down, looking at the latest Darthmorth article for the Daily Prophet.

The Biggest Mistake Hogwarts Has Ever Seen:

By Evan Darthmorth, Ace Reporter of the Daily Prophet.

Over the past several years, I have criticized the performance of one Albus Dumbledore time and time again. I have received a lot of interesting letters on the subject, some agreeing with me, while others are misguided into thinking that Dumbledore is the greatest wizard who ever lived and can do no wrong. Right now, I am here to present you with findings that will show Dumbledore can in fact do wrong. Last year, he hired a dangerous, bloody thirsty ravenous beast by the name of Remus Lupin to be his Defense Against the Dark Arts Teacher but that is only the beginning of Dumbledore’s misdeeds in endangering the students of Hogwarts. Lupin is a mild mannered puppy dog compared to the beast that Dumbledore unleashed on students who dare take Care of Magical Creatures. I am referring to one Rubeus Hagrid, who mysteriously found himself expelled during his third year at Hogwarts. There were rumors that he injured several students, even killing one and quite frankly, this reporter would not doubt that fact at all. After all these allegations, Hagrid seems to be a pet project of Dumbledore, becoming the apprentice of former Hogwarts gamekeeper, a man know as Ogg (who was rumored to be half troll) before taking on the duties of full gamekeeper in 1970. He has mysteriously kept that job for several years, despite whispers of Hagrid being in possession of an illegal dragon egg and a vicious, three headed dog that was rumored in killing a Hogwarts student during the 1991-1992 Hogwarts school year.

Still as disturbing as all these stories are, I am about to unleash the most terrifying fact of this brute of a man on you. You see, Hagrid isn’t a full blood as he claims. In fact, he isn’t even a full human. No, you see, Rubeus Hagrid is a half giant, from the union of a female giant and a human. This reporter isn’t going to even speculate on how this sin against nature happened but the fact remains Dumbledore is employing a man who is descended from a vicious and blood thirsty species. His type should be hunted down with the most extreme prejudice, no questions asked. For the safety of all Hogwarts students, this reporter hopes that Dumbledore has a brief moment of clarity and sacks this crime against nature. Having these unhealthy influences around will only lead to more students turning to dark magic, such as budding young dark wizard Harry Potter.

Harry had his mouth open in shock. Darthmorth never missed a shot but the fact this article was completely vicious.

“Hagrid’s a half giant,” said Daphne in complete shock. “I didn’t, I mean, that’s a shock.”

“There’s nothing wrong with that,” said Hermione. “Hagrid would never harm anyone.”

“I know that, you know that, but what do you think your average wizard on the street will think when they read this article,” said Daphne darkly.

“That Hagrid is a vicious beast who needs to be hunted down,” said Ginny sadly. “That’s what Darthmorth said more or less.”

“He’s got to pay,” said Hermione darkly. “Who knows who else he’ll bring down with his poisonous pen?”

“Yes, but legally we can’t do anything unfortunately,” said Daphne sadly.

“Yeah, I looked into this matter clearly; we don’t have a leg to stand on. I double checked everything regarding the Daily Prophet,” said Harry. “The writers have the freedom to write whatever they want to, as long as they can back it up with evidence.”

“That’s what Darthmorth did, he’s used evidence to back up all of his claims,” said Hermione. “The evidence is based off of bits and pieces of truth and he has embellished it to make it look ten times worse than it really is. Discrediting Darthmorth is not going to be easy, especially since Lucius Malfoy is backing him financially.”

Harry nodded, Darthmorth struck again and it would take every bit of cunning Harry possessed to discredit Darthmorth.

“So dark,” muttered Crouch from within the confines of his own house that had been kept prisoner in for a couple of weeks now. “My son, my fault. Harry Potter’s destruction, careless mistake, my error, leading to destruction. Dark Lord back, my error, my fault, no use.”

Wormtail ignored the half dead lump muttering nonsense on the chair, proceeding to the room where his master was located. He had received a letter in the post from their spy at Hogwarts. Pushing the door opened, Wormtail looked down at the crouched demonic baby looking creature that was Lord Voldemort.

“Speak Wormtail,” hissed Voldemort.

“My Lord, begging your pardon, I received a letter from our man on the inside at Hogwarts,” said Wormtail.

“What does it say Wormtail?” asked Voldemort with interest.

Wormtail opened the envelope before pulling out a slip of parchment. There was a note of apology for not getting this sent out of school as all mail coming out of the school was scanned due to the Ministry not wanting word of some scandal leaking. He scanned the contents of the letter before deciding to paraphrase it to his Master.

“My Lord, he says that Potter got into a duel with Draco Malfoy,” said Wormtail. “Potter soundly beat Malfoy, but he didn’t seem to use any spells above the fourth or fifth year level. His dueling skills seem elementary at best, no match for your immense power, I’m sure my lord.”

“Excellent,” hissed Voldemort. “When my resurrection is at hand, I will wipe Potter off the face of existence to prove a point. The fact they called this child the source of my downfall is laughable.”

Wormtail resisted the urge to roll his eyes and point out to the Dark Lord that Potter may have been shielding his skills or might not have used his full arsenal of spells against Draco Malfoy. During Wormtail’s time as Ron Weasley’s pet rat, he didn’t observe Malfoy to be anything but a pathetic boy with an inflated ego and no extraordinary magical talent. Malfoy preferred to hide behind his father’s money and his two thugs Crabbe and Goyle.

“Anything else I should know Wormtail?” demanded Voldemort.

“Our source says Draco Malfoy attacked Potter with an Unforgivable after the duel,” said Wormtail. “Potter showed signs of discomfort but the curse wasn’t held on too long. Malfoy has apparently been suspended for his actions.”

Voldemort gave a cold, high laugh at the very thought of Draco Malfoy getting suspended. Lucius definitely did raise a disappointment of a son. It was not the first time this thought when through his head, but Voldemort was glad he never married and had children.

“You may leave Wormtail,” said Voldemort. “Bring any post from our source promptly as it arrives.”

“Absolutely my Lord,” said Wormtail in an obedient tone of voice.

Wormtail walked from the Dark Lord’s room, feeling disgusted as he did every time he came close to that half blood. He deserved to be the Dark Lord, not some half blood who tries to pass himself off as a pureblood and has marred his face with various dark rituals.

Wormtail felt his time would come soon enough. The old man told him that Wormtail could be great. The remaining Marauders only treated him like a doormat and Wormtail made them all pay in time. Sirius was currently on the run from the Ministry, James was six feet under, and Remus was destined to die a lonely, bitter death due the lessened freedoms that Werewolves were not receiving due to regulations passed in recent months by the Ministry of Magic.

Peter Pettigrew would live up to the potential the old man said he had all those years ago at Hogwarts. He would have power and would use Voldemort as a stepping stool to lift himself up to that next level.
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