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Jesse saves suze from an attck who buy and whos behind it?

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Hiys its becki I love Jesse and I just finished reading Avalon high it's a good book and I now love Will... I noe but you will still all love it.... Like u all wuv me... lol

Xoxoxoxoxo becki

Yeah so how you doen...

God I just love the rain... I know rain in Carmel. Freaky right? Oh well but at least I am happy...
Yeah well I have the love of my life... my mentor and my friends and there all happy with me at the moment...
What more could I ask for?

I just love the way the rain makes me happy the coldness of the water runs down my arm and I wipe it away before I giggle... (I know me and giggle, Jesse sure has changed me into a girl... but I still love him...)

A black van slows down and follows me so I pick up my pace.
A guy gets out of the passenger's seat his wearing a black jump suit. And starts walking after me...
They think I don't see them. (How stupid of them...)

I jump when my phone rings...

"Good morning Quirida." Jesse's soft voice greeted me making me feel a whole lot better...

"Did someone sleep in again?" I asked laughing...

"Yeah how did you know?" he replied joining in to laughter.

"Ummm... maybe because your car was still in the drive way when I left...
(And yes I did move out of home and into the flat above Jesse's god he was so cute early in the morning...)

"That's cool..." (God does he try and sound like me? But I love him...) "So... am I going to see you after your classes?" (OMG no wounder I was in love with this guy...)
"Yeah." I replied flirtatiously.

"Sorry Quirida but I have to get ready for this seminar..." he sounded sad about it...

"Oh ok love you!"

"Love you too; ill meet you after the Seminar... I'll come pick you up..."

"Ok I'll be waiting..."

We both hung up and I turned around and saw nothing... so I turned back and started walking towards campus when the guy from before stepped right in front of me and covered my mouth with his hand... so I couldn't scream...

He tried to pull me over to the van I kicked and bit his hand and he lat go instantly.

"You bitch... I'm gonna get you for that."
I tried to run away but he kicked my ankle and I fell over. He picked me up and I was still struggling to get free when I saw Jesse's car... I was saved...

I kicked off my thong... (Not that type... get your mind out of the gutter... lol... I mean the shoe...) and I kicked it at the windscreen. It hit and he looked to see what it was... when he saw me his eyes widened in shock and then turned in to anger aimed towards the people who did this to his sweet Quirida...

*******Jesse's pov ************

I thought I recognised that shoe I looked over to where I thought it had come from and then I saw her mi Quirida... (The el Basted who did this to my precious Susannah will pay...)

******Suze's pov ********** **
I saw Jesse pull over blocking the Vans escape...

"I don't think the lady wants to go with you..." said Jesse

"And why, would you think that?"

"Coz no one touches MY girl but me..." (Yay he called me HIS girl... but the whole 'but me' thing practically made me jump for joy...)
The guy flung me to the ground and I landed on my saw ankle as Jesse swung a punch at the guy who hurt me...
The guy yelled in pain and all the guys got out of the van and were ready to fight... What was going to happen to us?
But the police showed up and they ran for it seeing as Jesse's car was in the way of the van...
Jesse held out a hand and I grabbed it and he lifted me up.

"Are you alright?" he asked his soft voice calmed me...

"Yeah thank's to you!"

"Your welcome mi querida." I smiled and melted onto his arms, his perfect warm comfortable arms I never wanted to leave them ever...

"I could get out of this seminar and look after you!" he suggested smiling.

"Jesse you've wanted a chance for this for too long now go. I'll be at home I just hope the professor wont flunk me..."

"Maybe if I ring her she would understand?"

"Its worth a try I handed him my phone and he dialled the number for the school."

"Hello can I talk to Professor Lang." said Jesse calmly.

"May I ask who is calling?"

"Doctor Jesse De Silva."

"Just one moment." there was a slight pause and then he herd the professor's voice.

"How can I help you? Doctor."

"Well there has just been an accident and a student of yours wanted me to tell you that she wont be able to make it to class today... she's afraid that you would fail her..."

"May I ask what student?"

"Susannah Simon..."

"Oh dear is she alright?"

"We don't know yet, were doing all we can for her..."

"Tell her don't worry about it I'll send another student over with her work so she can catch up when ever she feels like it..."

"I'll let her know..."

"Take good care of her."

"We will she will be back to her old self in no time..."

And he hung up smiling brightly. "Your mine for the rest of the day!" he said picking me up in his arms and taking me towards his car.

"So what are we going to do today?" I asked him as he drove home.

"Well the way I know you feel like ice-cream then we can hang and watch movies and stuff." (I sure as hell wanted to do the 'stuff' more') we stopped for ice cream and then headed back to our apartments. My ankle was still bad that we stayed downstairs in my apartment and Jesse went to get the DVD's

**************************************End of chapter~************
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