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Chapter Two

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AU Thunderbirds. A traumatic watershed event starts Jeff Tracy on a path that will change his and the lives of his family forever.

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Chapter Two

Central Railway Station

Bently, Kansas

Three Days Later

Scott Tracy resisted the impulse to pace impatiently as he waited in the busy main concourse for Alan and John's train from Florida to arrive. All the while he quietly inwardly cursed the intransigent, insensitive authorities that were responsible for the two blond haired Tracy son's being late getting home so they could all support each other through the emotional trauma they were all suffering. Trauma that had been rekindled and reinforced by the publication of the report into the accident that had claimed there mothers life.

The authorities at the college in Florida that Alan was attending doing advanced degree's in computers and aerospace engineering had been awkward and downright insensitive when Alan had been given his copy of the report by an NTSB official. They had point blank refused to allow him to leave classes until yesterday when the report had been officially published. It hadn't registered with or even mattered to the pen pushers in the college's admin section that Alan had been too upset by the reports findings to attend and take part in classes properly. They'd just been thinking about numbers and keeping there precious spreadsheets looking good, they'd viewed Alan as a number, not a person. Understanding and compassion for another human being who was hurting hadn't entered into there cold, analytical minds.

Scott sighed to himself and pushed down his anger and outrage at the way his youngest brother had been treated. It wouldn't do to be all uptight and angry when he saw Alan and John again, he would end up snapping at them and he knew they didn't deserve that. They'd done nothing wrong. Though they would understand his anger, as they and the whole family shared it, they were all outraged by what had happened. The one who was most annoyed though was Dad, Scott knew that he had already written and sent a strongly worded, scathing letter of complaint to the school authorities.

Scott grinned as he found himself suddenly wishing he could be a fly on the office wall when that letter was received. The reactions of those cold hearted bureaucrats when they realised that they had gone and really annoyed one of the richest men in the world would be so interesting to see. They'll probably be falling over themselves to apologise, Scott thought grinning knowing that Dad would not be satisfied with a simple apology from them. The administrators had really gotten his ire up, someone would have to pay the price for such cold hearted, uncaring behaviour.

Scott glanced up at one of the screens that showed arrivals and departure times. He smiled when he saw that his brother's train was due to pull into the station in another two minutes. Not long now, Scott thought.


Transcontinental Train

Approaching Bently Station

Alan Tracy looked up from his book as he felt the train decelerating. Must be approaching a station, he thought before glancing out the window. A smile appeared on his handsome baby face features as the saw the familiar skyline of Bently passing by outside. Almost home, he thought, another hour or so and we'll be back at the farmhouse.

Alan closed his book and returned it to his backpack before reaching over and gently shaking John's shoulder. His older brother had fallen asleep about an hour ago, which was a good thing as far as he was concerned. Neither of them had gotten enough sleep over the last few days.

"John wakes up," Alan said softly. John groaned softly in his sleep bit didn't stir from it. He's gone off real heavy, Alan thought before shaking John's shoulder a little bit harder. He felt awful guilty about having to wake John but he had no choice in the matter. "John."

John snorted and opened his eyes sleepily. After a moment he yawned and stretched slightly, his elbow almost bashing into Alan's shoulder, before giving his younger brother a curious look. What did he wake me up for, John wondered though he knew it would be a good reason. Alan had long gotten past the stage where he would wake someone up just to have someone to talk to. Give either himself or Alan a book on a long journey and they would quite happily disappear into it, losing themselves in the story.

"Sorry to wake you John," Alan said apologetically. "But we're coming into Bently station."

"Oh right. Thanks I didn't want to sleep past this place, whoever's come for us would be major grumpy if I did," John replied as the train came into the station and came to a halt at one of the platforms. Alan laughed softly.

"True," he agreed. "They'd be grumpy at you for sleeping past the station and grumpy at me for letting you."

John smiled and stood up, being careful not to hit his head on the overhead baggage rack in the process even as he stepped out into the isle. At six foot six he was by far the tallest of the Tracy's only Uncle Peter matched him for height, so he had to watch his head in places like this. After retrieving their cases from the rack he stood aside to allow Alan out and smiled when he saw Alan also being careful not to bang his head. Alan was six foot four and like him had to be careful in such places.

"Come on lets get off this train before it decides to pull out," Alan said grinning. John grinned back and nodded and let Alan lead the way down the isle towards the doors.

"I wonder whose come to meet us," John said as they disembarked, both shivering in the cold air which struck both of them with shocking force. But then we've got used to Florida, John thought, we've almost forgotten what its like to be cold.

"My guess would be Scott," Alan replied as they headed for the bridge that crossed three platforms before depositing them in the main building. "Burr its cold out here but then it is winter and were both used to Florida."

"Which is never cold so we notice the cold back here more," John agreed with a smile as they stepped into the warmth of the main building and headed for the automated ticket barriers between them and the main concourse.


Main Concourse

Scott smiled when he saw Alan and John appear near the ticket barriers. Though the approach to the ticket barriers was crammed full of people his brothers were easy to spot because they were so tall. Especially John, he towered over everyone around him with ease.

Scott waited until his younger brothers were through the ticket barriers before waving a hand to attract their attention. A grin appeared on his face when Alan and John locked onto his wave hand and homed in on him like a pair of seeker missiles.

"Hi guys," Scott said as they reached him.

"Hi Scott," Alan replied just beating John to the punch. "Your looking well working on the farm and ranch seems to agree with you."

"Yeah well it's not the air force but its okay," Scott answered smiling. "Certainly helps me get back in shape after my ugh experience."

Alan and John both nodded knowing what Scott was referring to. It was the experience that had ended what had been a promising career with the slowly recovering US air force. Scott had been sent to the Middle East as part of a UN peacekeeping operation six years ago after a fundamentalist Islamic regime ceased power in Iraq. When a brief war had erupted between Iraq and Israel the UN had tried to intervene and come under fire. Scott had been shot down, captured and tortured to within an inch of his life by the Iraqi regime.

By the time Scott had been rescued he had been only just clinging to his sanity, his normal strength and dignity gone leaving him an almost broken shell of a man. He'd been soon diagnosed as suffering from severe post traumatic stress and been given an honourable medical discharge from the military. It had taken a very long time for Scott to recover both physically and mentally from his experience, he had almost taken his own life at one point, the recovery had taken years. As it was even now Scott was still weary of going to the beach or park and taking his shirt off in public, he didn't like showing the scars he carried especially on his back.

"Well are we going to stand here all day," Scott said breaking the moody silence that had started to descend on them as they remembered that painful experience that to this day still periodically gave him nightmares.

"No let's go home," John replied. "Where's the car Scott?"

"This way," Scott answered as he started leading the way out of the train station. "How was your trip guys?"

"All right," Alan replied. "Just long though it helped that we both had new books to read, made the time pass quite quickly."

"Made the time fly," John agreed. "How is everyone at home Scott?"

"As well as can be expected," Scott replied. "Have you two read the reports yet?"

"Not in detail we wanted to be home before we did that," Alan answered as they reached the car. Though Alan's voice was calm Scott clearly heard an emotional shudder in it. Alan was obviously only just holding onto his composure and Scott didn't have to look at John to know he would be the same.

"I understand," Scott replied unlocking the car. "Climb in guys we'll be home soon."

Without speaking Alan and John climbed into the car. It did not escape Scott's notice that they both sat in the back so they could comfort each other if they needed to, he nodded approvingly even as he got into the drivers seat.

"Buckle up guys," he said fastening his seatbelt before starting the engine, filling the car with a soft thrumming sound as the hydrogen fuel cell supplied power to the electric motors that drove the wheels. He watched through the rear view mirror as his siblings buckled up, then he reversed out of the parking bay before starting them on the final phase of the journey home.


Tracy Farm And Ranch

Sometime Later

Grant Tracy looked worriedly at where his only son sat looking at the flickering flames in the open fireplace. Jeff had been very quiet since he had arrived here with Virgil and Gordon two days ago. He was barely speaking to anyone and seemed to be spending large periods of time on his own in his old bedroom. Everyone was worried about him as it wasn't like Jeff to be this quiet and withdrawn from everyone, this was even worse than he had been in those first terrible days and weeks after Lucille had died.

"Jeff," Grant said trying to get his sons attention but Jeff showed no sign of even being aware that he was in the room. "Jeff," Grant said more forcefully this time.

This time Jeff reacted to his name being called. Blinking he looked away from the flickering flames and was surprised to see his father in the room with him, he hadn't heard him come in.

"Sorry Dad I didn't here you come in," he said apologetically. "Were you trying to talk to me?"

"I would like to talk to you Jeff," Grant said moving over to his favourite armchair and collapsing down into it. "I'm worried about you, so is your mother and everyone else. You've been very quiet and withdraw since you arrived."

"Have I?" Jeff replied looking back at the fire and feeling its waves of warm heat breaking against his face.

Grant frowned in concern; it was obvious that something was very wrong with his son. He was no genius but he didn't have to be to know what was responsible for Jeff's current behaviour. It was the NTSB report, it had brought all the pain and anger about Lucille's death and amplified it, and it was those emotions that were dragging Jeff down. Pushing him towards a deep dark place filled with depression and despair, a place Jeff had been periodically skirting dangerously close to a few times over the last year, but now Grant feared that Jeff was about to fall into that abyss. If he did then god only knew how long it would take them to get him out of it again.

"It's the report isn't it," he said at last. "Come on Jeff talk to me, don't bottle it up inside. That would not do you any good."

For a few moments Jeff didn't answer, just sat there looking at the flames slowly consuming the logs in the fireplace. Finally though he did speak, but in a voice that was so quiet that Grant could barely hear it.

"What good would it do," Jeff said. "It won't bring her back, it won't change anything. Nothing ever changes where these things are concerned."

"I know talking won't bring Lucille back, much as we all wish it could," Grant replied. "But what do you mean by nothing ever changes Jeff? What doesn't change?"

"The senseless dying," Jeff exploded pent up anger, grief and frustration suddenly filling his voice with fire. But Grant knew Jeff's wrath wasn't directed at him, instead it was at the world in general. "I've been doing some research on the Internet for the last few days," Jeff continued his voice tone still heated but he wasn't shouting now. "What I have found... it's appalling, disgraceful and no one cares or does anything about it."

"What have you found," Grant asked just as Virgil poked his head into the room having been drawn by the sound of his father shouting. Grant looked over at him and Virgil nodded - reading the silent message that they needed to be alone - and disappeared.

"That the chronic under funding of rescue and emergency services that contributed to Lucille's death is happening everywhere," Jeff replied his voice faltering as he mentioned his late wives name. "All over the world, these disasters happen and people die because of insufficient or outdated emergency equipment. Governments express shock and promise to do something they don't, as soon as the exact details fade from public consciousness they do nothing."

Inwardly Grant winced knowing that Jeff was most likely right. The energy crisis had devastated economies and militaries the world over and caused the worst global recession since the 1930's. Though the energy crisis had been over for a few years the political, economic and strategic shockwaves it had caused were being felt all around the world. Add to that there were now five superpowers in the world. It created a situation where things like adequately funding emergency services were very low on the list of priorities for the world's governments.

"Then don't let them do it this time Jeff," Grant said at last. "You've got factories and offices all over the world especially in the five big powers. I know you hate playing political games but the fact you have so many factories in so many nations gives you quiet a lot of political clout with them. Use it as it gives you more of a chance to change things then what private citizens have."

Jeff blinked and looked thoughtful at the suggestion. Grant got the distinct impression that it wasn't something that it wasn't something that had occurred to Jeff before. Which given his sons reluctance to use the political power that came with his immense wealth did not surprise Grant one bit.

"That's certainly an interesting idea," Jeff said after a moments thought. "I'll have to give it some serious thought. Thanks Dad I needed to get that off my chest."

"Anytime Jeff," Grant replied. "Anytime."

Jeff smiled and was about to reply when his sharp hearing picked up the sound of a car entering the farmyard. He couldn't hear the engine as modern cars powered as they were by hydrogen fuel cells made little sound, but he clearly heard the crunching of gravel as wheels ran over it.

"There's a car coming into the farmyard," he said.

"Scott must be back with Alan and John," Grant reasoned not surprised that Jeff had heard the car before him; Jeff had inherited his sharp hearing from his mother, Rose.

"No doubt, though they've made good time considering there is still so much snow about," Jeff replied standing up. "If you'll excuse me Dad I'm going to nip upstairs to freshen up before I see them."

"Sure Jeff go ahead."

Jeff smiled then left the living room and started up the stairs. They really should get these fixed, he thought as some of the steps creaked under is as he ascended, even though he knew his parents would never get the creaky old steps replaced. The creaking served as a useful early warning system. They had caught him out many times when he'd been a kid and been trying to sneak downstairs when he should have been in bed. They'd been especially effective at Christmas when he'd been trying to see if Santa had been yet - usually at around four in the morning - he'd never once succeeded in getting down the stairs undetected.

Reaching the top of the stairs Jeff headed for the bathroom. He had almost reached it when a voice came from behind him.

"Virgil's in there a moment Dad," Gordon said. Jeff jumped and spun around as Gordon continued. "He's taking a dump so unless your desperate I'd stay out of there for a few minutes if I were you. You know how he stink's the place out."

"Hark whose talking," Jeff replied smiling and looking his six foot three copper haired forth son over. Though he was quiet pale from lack of being out in the open air - the USS Swordfish spent months at a time underwater Gordon looked fit and strong, the disciplined life of the military agreeing with him completely. Something which never ceased to amaze Jeff as Gordon was a very high-spirited, independent minded young man with a penchant for practical jokes.

"True Dad," Gordon replied grinning a moment before they both heard the front door open. "Guess that's Scott with John and Alan. Are you going to come downstairs with me Dad?"

"Yes. I only wanted a quick wash."

"Okay then lets go." Jeff smiled at Gordon's enthusiasm about seeing his brothers - especially his partner in crime Alan - again.

"Lead on then Gordon," Jeff said. Gordon grinned in reply before turning around and heading for the stairs. Jeff followed a few paces behind him, quietly looking forward to having all his boys together again.


Scott's Car

A Few Moments Earlier

John smiled when the large old farmhouse that had been home to many generations of Tracy's came into view. Home at last, he thought as Scott parked the car, John idly noticed that their grandparents Land Rover was missing. Someone must have gone out, he thought glancing over at Alan. John's smile turned into a grin when he saw that Alan was leaning against the door fast asleep.

"Alan," he said softly reaching out and shaking Alan's shoulder. "Alan wake up we're home." Alan snorted and opened his eyes before looking around in momentary confusion.

"What? Home?" he said getting his bearings and realising that they were indeed home and that he'd dosed off on the way home. "Thanks John. I guess I fell asleep, its weird how I can sleep in a car but not on the train."

"A little," John agreed as he opened his door and climbed out of the car, shivering in the cold air. With the land around so open they had no protection to speak off from the frigid wind blowing across the area, it stole the moisture off his lips. "Burr where is this wind coming from, the North Pole?"

"Probably," Alan agreed getting out and shivering himself. "Though its not helping that were not wearing really thick clothing, when we should be."

"You two thought you we're still in Florida," Scott said grinning. "You two go straight in before you catch your death of cold. I'll get your cases."

"Okay Scott," John replied heading for the front door of the farm house with Alan tagging along behind him. Scott watched them for a moment, before springing open the car boot and going to get there cases.


Alan and John both sighed in relief as they entered the warm air of the farmhouse, the solid, old stone walls banishing the cold to the world outside.

"You know John I forget how cold it gets here in winter," Alan said making a mental note to remind himself next time so he could remember to put a jumper on over his shirt.

"Me to Alan," John agreed as Grant appeared in the living room doorway. "Hi Grandpa."

"Hi Grandpa," Alan echoed.

"Hi to you to boys," Grant said moving closer and giving his two blond haired grandsons a loving hug, despite his advancing years Grant's grip was surprisingly strong.

"Where's Grandma," John asked pulling back knowing the Grandma would have come to see them by now, unless she was in the toilet. She might have the Land Rover, John thought, she'd be the one to go out somewhere like the store as Grandpa's bad heart means he can't do as much as he used to.

"She took the Land Rover into town," Grant replied. "She went into town to get some stuff for dinner tonight, you know Rose she's going to throw a special meal to celebrate us all being together again. I would have gone with her to carry all the shopping, but the doctors have forbidden me from doing that kind of lifting now, thanks to this thing." Grant tapped his chest over his heart. A heart that was slowly but surely failing him, the consequence of some of the foolish things Grant had done in his youth.

"You do still try to do too much Dad," Jeff said as he and Gordon reached the bottom of the stairs and moved to greet there newly arrived family members with warm loving hugs.

"Don't you start Jefferson," Grant replied in a mock warning tone using his son's full first name on purpose. "I get enough of that off your mother and younger model." Jeff laughed in response as did Alan, John and Gordon. They all knew full well that Grant was referring to one Scott Tracy in the last part of his statement and the fact that Scott could be so like his father that it was eerie.

As if on cue the front door opened, letting in both the aforementioned oldest Tracy son and a blast of frigid air. In each hand Scott held a suitcase while frowning at his two blond haired younger siblings. The cases were heavy, heavier than Scott would have thought they would be.

"What did you guys put in these cases," Scott asked. "Lead weights? These things weigh a ton."

"Only a few essentials Scott," John replied grinning, he was not about to reveal what himself and Alan had put in those cases along with changes of clothes. Jeff smiled and shook his head; it was obvious to him that John and Alan were hiding something from them. A glance at Scott showed he knew it to, but they both knew better than to push it. They would find out in due time anyway.

"Come on boys lets get those cases in your rooms before your grandmother gets back," Jeff said still smiling. He knew that his mother would want Alan and John semi-settled at least by the time she got back from her shopping trip.

"Okay Dad," Alan replied. Jeff smiled and led the way upstairs. Alan and John followed with Scott bringing up the rear carrying there cases.

John exchanged a smile with Alan as they followed their father up the creaky old staircase. They were both glad to be home at last with the rest of their family, now that they were all together again they could begin what was going to be a long hard journey. A journey to come to terms with the findings of the report into the accident that had killed their mother. They knew that they had to accept what had happened to provide the closure they all needed to carry on with their lives. It was going to be hard, so very hard, but they knew that they had to do it.

For there was no other choice.
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