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Song of Fire

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A theif from the Yamahis is shipwreaked in total where she meets a strange woman...

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Chapter 1: Capture
Sariana Yallimi dove under the worn dock. She surfaced, and proceeded to swim beneath the worn boards to the other side. The fragile, yet strong willed Yamani girl, obviously poor, was having a hard time fleeing her persistent and faceless pursuers. The murky sea lapped by Sari in small waves. Her hands, trembling with fatigue, slowly gripped the edge of the dock. She pulled herself up, and ran through the narrow alleyways. Sari's breath was now coming in ragged gasps. Just ahead of her she could see the market place, where she could lose even the most malevolent and determined pursuer. Almost there... just a bit farther... she thought. With a sinking heart, she felt strong fingers encircle her ankle, and pull her down. Flipping upright, she saw the fist falling towards her head. Her last conscious thought, before she sank into inky blackness, was this time, well, what had she stolen?
Keladry of Mindelan slowed Hoshi to a walk, bringing her up beside Neal of Queenscove. Neal was muttering under his breath. Something about them not going fast enough, Kel thought, as she ducked her head to hide a smile. Neal had been complaining about their speed since they started yesterday. Now he was complaining that they could get there tonight if...
"If we ride full out, possibly killing our horses. Yuki can wait and so can you." Neal glared at Kel, silently fuming, and grasped for an adequate comeback. Kel grinned as he snorted, and watched in silent mirth as he urged his unwilling horse into a trot. With at least several yards of distance between himself and his battle-ready friend, he called out,
"And what about your precious cousin of mine?" Kel glared when Neal's contemptuous comment drifted back to her. Seeing the death stare he was receiving, the young man spurred his horse into a full gallop, his friend not far behind.
Sari awoke to a pounding headache, and something small poking into her ribs. Sitting up as best as she could, Sari quickly took stock of her surroundings. She was kneeling in a small cage, suspended five feet above the ground, which was firmly bolted to the ceiling and held up by a thick chain. Sari moved cautiously from side to side, trying to make the cage fall. It didn't even budge. Mages work! She thought with bitterness. Tacked to the dirty wooden wall across from her was a piece of plain, yellowed parchment. Frowning, she leaned over to read it.

WANTED-the crime of MURDER
Will be awarded a total of 1500 Yemi for Capture
To be executed 5 days after capture
By order of his most Imperial Majesty,
Emperor Harisian

With a thud, Sari fell back, not even noticing when her head hit a cold, metal bar. How long had she been in this place? How long did she have left? How could she escape? The thought were whirling in her head faster then the Mitick River could flow. Then a bucket, which had been tipping precariously since the cage had begun to swing, tipped over and spewed its foul contents on the floor. Some thing inside her snapped and she leaped back up screaming.
"Murder! Murder? I have never killed anything in my life, not even a fly, and certainly not a human!" Pausing for breath, she heard the sound of crazed laughter, reverberating from behind her. Sari whirled around, eyes widening in shock...

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