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Ch 4

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breakfast with fall out boy leads to some chilling moments and some curious realizations that no one can figure out. now review suckas.

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"So, seeing as we have no ideas on what to do, Pete, do you want to go get breakfast? I'm starving." Patrick said.

Pete nodded. "Same here."

Pete opened the door and went out, quickly followed by Patrick, who shut the door right in my face.

I went right through, but it gave me another chill.

"Bastard!" I exclaimed jokingly.

Pete snorted. "She called you a bastard."

Patrick looked surprised. "Damn. I shut the door on her, huh?"

Pete and I both said "Yes." at the same time.

Patrick muttered a "sorry," before turning a light shade of red.

Poor guy. If he was embarrassed in front of a ghost, then when he was around real girls it must be terrible.

We walked down into the main lobby of the hotel where they had a breakfast bar set up.

I licked my lips when I saw the biscuits and gravy, but my face fell when I realized I couldn't eat them.

Pete noticed. "Sucks to be you." He said with a chuckle as he grabbed a plate and loaded it.

I stuck my tongue out at him, and then went over to sit at a table.

When the guys were done loading their plates they came over and sat opposite of me. I think Patrick only did it because he wanted to sit by Pete, and he pretty much had no idea where I was.

They ate their breakfast in silence, and I sat there and watched with longing something that I'd never thought I'd miss. This was weird.

"Patrick! Pete!" Came a male's voice. I turned around to see Joe Trohman running towards our table, much to the dissatisfaction of the hotel employees, some of which were eyeing the 'No Running' sign.

"Joe!" Pete and Patrick said with a laugh in unison.

Joe stopped by our table and sat down right on top of me.

Ok, so I'm one of those girls that would have simply loved to have Joe Trohman inside of me while I was alive. But this was a totally different experience than what I'd always wanted.

Pete laughed, but didn't say anything. For that I was glad. I didn't really feel like proving to anyone again that Pete was really seeing a ghost.

Patrick eyed Pete and then looked at Joe, who shivered. Patrick caught on, and laughed himself.

"Is it cold in here to you guys?" Joe asked.

Pete raised an eyebrow. "No."

"Oh." Joe muttered. I then slid out of the chair (and Joe) and stood up, feeling a little woozy.

"Hmm... it feels like the temperature just went up about 30 degrees or something," Joe said, his face full of confusion.

I laughed hard, as did Pete and Patrick.

"What?" Joe asked.

"Guys!" Came another male voice.

I was willing to bet I knew who it was, and I was right. I turned around to see Andy Hurley running to the table. He stopped and stood right where I was.

Ok, nobody please hesitate to sit or stand right in the middle of me, I don't mind, really.


Andy shivered when I stepped backwards, causing Pete and Patrick to burst out laughing again.

"Dude. It was cold. And then it wasn't." Andy said in an extremely confused voice.

I suddenly shivered and my whole body went weak. I tried to grab the side of the table for support, but of course my hand went through and I fell to the floor.

"Brai...." Pete started to stand up and help me, but instantly sat down, remembering that Joe and Andy had no idea what was going on.

I stood there and rubbed my temple. Weird. I didn't know ghosts felt pain. Maybe it was just me. But the headache from hell had definitely arrived.

Joe and Andy both raised an eyebrow at Pete. "What the hell was that?" Joe asked.

"Uh... My reflexes set off or something. Dunno what happened." Pete tried to explain something that he couldn't explain, but not yet.

"Ok..." Andy muttered, and then Pete stood up.

"Well, I'm going back to the room now, ok?" He said, slightly nervously.

I'd managed to stand back up, but I instantly fell over directly towards Pete.

It was strange though, because this time when I reached out my hand to stop myself I actually grabbed his jacket.

Upon realizing this, I leaned fully on him, having barely enough strength to stand up.

This whole ghost thing was weird. Why the hell could I touch him now?

I sighed, and when Pete started walking I walked with him.

When we made it up to his room I collapsed on top of the bed. Don't ask me how I could lay on it.

I closed my eyes and tried to find sleep, but it didn't come. I realized that it never would.

I then opened my eyes and looked at Pete, who was looking at me with a slight smile on his face.

I snorted. "Well, I guess a smile is better than that shell shocked cat look, huh?" I joked.

He chuckled, but kept staring at me.

"What?" I asked.

"You look cute when you sleep." He muttered.

Ok, I couldn't help but laugh.

"One: I can't sleep. And two: God Pete, you realize you are hitting on a ghost?" I explained my laughter to him.

Pete's eyes widened. "Damn. I forgot. It's just... well, you look pretty solid. Real, in fact, except you kind of have this dark shadow to you. And you can't touch me."

"Oh? I look real huh? Awesome." I muttered, sitting up. "I feel loads better now."

Pete laughed. "So how long do you think you'll be here?"

I had been thinking about that. Maybe I was here until my wish was complete? That would probably take a long time. I don't know how I'll ever give that much back to him.

"I dunno, Pete." I said with a sigh.

"Well, maybe we'll grow on each other. I mean, you had to come back for a reason, right?" He suggested.

I smiled and nodded. "Of course."

He smiled as well. "Then I guess I better be open to find that reason."

"Yeah, so you can get rid of me." I joked, making him laugh.

"Well, yeah..." He teased, and I laughed.

Maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all.
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