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The Wisdom of the Owl

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A one-shot piece based on the fanfic "Betrayed," by Kateydidnt...

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DISCLAIMER: I don't own Harry Potter or his universe; all of that belongs to J.K. Rowling and whoever owns a piece of the pie.
SPECIAL DISCLAIMER: This is based on the epic story "Betrayed," by Kateydidnt. In that story, Harry was imprisoned in Azkaban for murder in his fifth year. Ten years later, he proves his innocence, kills Voldemort, and leaves the Wizarding world for good (or so he believes). I've always wondered what happened to Hedwig. Chances are she died while Harry was in Azkaban, but here I try to answer my own question nonetheless.

"The Wisdom of the Owl,"

By Quillian

I will never see him again.

I will never see my master, my companion, my friend. At least not in this lifetime.

Years have passed since Harry was arrested and imprisoned in Azkaban for murdering Hagrid. The very thought of that makes me angry and sick. Harry murder the giant man he considered as part of his surrogate family? That very notion is preposterous.

I've been feeling that a lot lately, even when I haven't been thinking about it. I know I will not live for much longer.

Even still, I try to remember Harry as he was when we were together. Not when he was taken away.

He always put his friends before himself. He always did whatever he could to protect them. He loved and cherished them because he never had friends before. He saved them from danger, no matter what, no matter how much harm would come to himself.

And yet they thought the worst of him. They thought he would just join the one man who murdered his parents and ruined his life. They thrust him away, knowing that innocent people have been imprisoned before. They neglected to use whatever methods they have to discern the truth, and cared more about simply finding someone to blame and punish.

Probably the worst was Dumbledore. That foolish, stupid, self-righteous old man whom Harry put a majority of his trust and faith in. It took all I had in me not to simply leave droppings in his hair and beard for what he did, as I knew that would probably have repercussions one way or another.

I never returned to Hogwarts after that. After what they did, I wouldn't be caught dead in their hospitality.

Why must humans (or at least wizards) be so foolish?

For all their history, accomplishments and power, they sure are a thick lot.

But their foolishness is not the only reason I dislike them so.

The other important reason is their refusal to listen to logic and reason.

I saw the murder itself. After killing poor, innocent Hagrid, the imposter ran into the woods and purposefully dropped Harry's wand so the Order of the Phoenix would find it. Then the imposter dragged Harry out to the edge of the woods just to make sure they would find him.

Now why would a murderer on the run go into the woods, then allow himself to be found on the edge of them? He wouldn't.

A tried to get the attention of his headmaster, friends, and others, except they all shooed me away. They thought I was just being ignorant and desperate for Harry.

Me, ignorant? I never failed to deliver a letter to any of them, and they turn me away because they're so sure of themselves and they think they're right.

I haven't seen any of them since, and I never will again. That much I'm glad for. Especially after I pecked Ron so hard he cursed with profanities that made Hermione smack him.

Here I am now, in some distant forest and away from all of them.

I'm also away from Harry now, too.

But what can I do? I'm only an owl. A smart, loyal and loving owl, but an owl all the same.

At least there is some consolation in that.

If one owl can have more faith in a young man than an entire nation of intelligent wizards, that's not much for them to boast about.

A/N: So, how was this? -Quillian
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