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Chapter 3

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Harry is emancipated at 16, and now he wants revenge. This is a grey!Harry and grey!Ginny

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We are going to have a mind merge here.

A/N: damantaray is the beta reader of this chapter. Without her and beta readers like her, none of you would read these stories and I would already giving up writing a long time ago.


Grimmauld Place looked much better now with Ginny at his side. Ginny had changed so much compared to the previous years that he knew her.

She was so different from the girl she was in his second year at Hogwarts. He remembered when she was being sorted in Gryffindor at the welcoming feast at Hogwarts. She was a girl then, but now she was dramatically changed. Her hair grew and reached now her waist. The color of her hair had changed as well, and looked redder.

When he looked more closely, he could see that she did not have only red hair, but he saw orange and red ... even blond. The overall effect was an amazing bunch of flaming hair. Her face was changed as well. The baby fat from the past disappeared and was now replaced by a face of a beautiful woman. Then he saw her eyes. The red-brown color was amazing, and they looked as though they were shining throughout the world.

She also grew, her head came up to his chin, and he knew that he grew a lot as well. He was one meter and eighty-three centimeters and she was about one meter and seventy-five centimeters. Moreover, when he could judge her legs, she had long slender legs, for sure a looker. And not to think about her well developed curves, those were something to ...


Harry shook him self out of the stupor. "Eh ... sorry" he said and blushed. "You look good."

Ginny watched his face more closely. "Were you studying me, Mr. Potter?"

Harry looked in her face. "Yes, Miss Weasley. You are a looker."

Now it was the turn of Ginny to blush.

"Tell me, Mr. Potter. What is going on, and why is the Order not here?"

Harry grinned. This is the most amazing prank I ever pulled off. I pranked the Order very well, very well indeed."

"Tell me, Harry. What pranks did you pull off?"

"Well, the first prank I pulled off with the order was enchanting the walls and shops in the Diagon Alley, so they had battle with the order. Except that the prank went a little too far, so the order destroyed the walls and shops.

"Then I kicked the order out of headquarter and they are not able to get back in. Sorry Ginny, but your mother was here and she was removed from this place as well. I hope you don't mind."

"No, I don't mind." Ginny replied with an even face. "For sure she deserved that."

"Well, that is it. It is not much, but the effects were perfect."

"Well Harry, your prank at the Diagon Alley made the twins lose their shop."

"Well, I will rectify that the next time I come at Gringotts," Harry said. "We can't let the world live without their shop, can't we?"

Ginny smiled. "Tell me Harry, what are you doing here, what are your plans and tell me also why you invited me and not Ron and Hermione."

Harry nodded. "You want to have butterbeer, and something to eat first, Gin? The story is long."

Together they moved to the kitchen were Harry made sandwiches and Ginny took the butterbeer.

"It started end the end of the year, after the fiasco at the ministry, when Sirius died. After that battle, Dumbledore asked me to come to his office and he told me that the prophecy is destroyed, but not lost. He told me the full prophecy and I became very angry. It seemed that he knew all the time the prophecy, but never wanted to tell me for my own good and because I was not ready."

"What does the prophecy say?" Ginny asked.

"The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches. Born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies, and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not ...

"It is not the full prophecy, only the first part of it. This is the part Voldemort already knows ... the other part only Dumbledore and I know.

"Anyhow, after I destroyed his office, he sent me back to the Privet Drive again, where I receive my yearly torture. I am sure that the headmaster knows that those relatives of mine are mistreating me, but obviously, he thinks that it is more important to keep me alive and tortured, then somewhere else happy."

"And how do you feel about Sirius?"

"Sirius? He died because of me. Well, not exactly, and I did not kill him, but he was with us at the ministry, because I did go to the ministry.

"When I was with my relatives in Privet Drive, I felt so bad. I had the feeling that I managed to kill the only person who cared about me. It took time, but that feeling became less and less. It was clear that I did not kill him, but Voldemort."

"But Harry, listen to me. If we did not go to the ministry, Voldemort would take the prophecy himself and he would know the full prophecy. If that is the case, then things would be much different, and Voldemort would have a great advantage."

"That's true, Gin. When he would know the prophecy, he would simply start killing, because he would know that he could not be killed, and he would hunt me with new vigor."

"I don't understand," Ginny said.

"The prophecy says that only I can kill him, or he can kill me. I think if someone else tried to kill me, I would not die and the same for him."

Ginny was shocked. "So that is what the prophecy is about ... It is between the two of you."

"Yeah, and you must realize that Dumbledore knew the prophecy, and never made an effort prepare me for that to come. It looks like that he wanted to control me until the moment Voldemort would appear in front of me at Hogwarts or wherever, then dumb me in front of Voldemort, and say 'good riddance', hoping that it works out."

"You don't know that, Harry."

"Well, I don't want to find out the hard way, Gin. I walked away and I want to train myself, so that I can defend myself against Voldemort. Not forgetting to defend myself against Dumbledore and his Order of course, because they've proven to be my opponents as well."

"And what are you going to learn, Harry? Dumbledore knows so much, and Voldemort as well, and both of them have so much experience, and the order have many members. I know that you are good in DADA, but not that good."

Well, I know something they don't know. That I know without doubt, and I plan to know much more."

"And what is that you know?"

"Parseltongue and rune magic."

Ginny frowned.

He explained. "Rune magic is rare, and nobody I know is able to perform rune magic. That magic is lost, and I am the only one who has the books with the rune magic. Only Voldemort is able to speak Parseltongue, and of course, I am able to speak Parseltongue as well. I suspect that you speak Parseltongue too, Ginny."

"Why do you think that I am able to speak Parseltongue, Harry?"

"In your first year, when Voldemort took over you, you were opening the entrance to the chamber of secrets. To be able to do that, you need to speak Parseltongue. That is why."

Ginny nodded. "Yes, I speak Parseltongue," she said somberly.

"In that case you can learn as well Gin, when you want. You are here with me, and I plan to study both magics in order to defend myself against the whole magical world."

"Why must you defend yourself against the whole magical world, Harry? It is not so bad."

"Well, it is a question of time. First, I walk away from Privet Drive and Dumbledore cannot control me, so he will soon ask the ministry to help him looking. He will say that I turned dark. Secondly, you walked away and you are with me. The ministry will say that I kidnapped you, and that is against the law. Your parents will blow a fuse, and we will have a manhunt.

"What about you, Gin? Why did you walk away?"

"There are many reasons I walked away, Harry. After my first year, I had always nightmares, and they never went away. My parents tried to get help, but it never really helped me. The nightmares became a little less frequent, but I still have them.

"Because of the Chamber of Secrets ordeal, I had never real friends: only you, my brother and Hermione. When Ron and Hermione started to get feelings for each other, they dumped me and I was alone again. My mother's worried about me, but she thinks that smothering me is what I need.

"Then I have my brothers, who are watching me as well, and every time I have a friend or boyfriend, they interfere. I am fifteen, and they treat me as if I am still eleven. It's unbearable. When Ron was bugging me about Dean, I lost it and I cursed him. My mum got very angry and locked me up in my room. That's her newest tactic to keep me in line. That was truly the last straw, and I was thinking about running away from my family. Then you made your move and ran away. I wanted to do that to. Maybe we could do this together. And voila, here I am."

"I ran away Gin and I don't want to go back to the Dursleys. You ran away, but do you want to go back to your family? They are your family, Gin."

Ginny looked at him directly. Her eyes were wide with unshed tears. "You know Harry; my family treats me like a little kid. When I go back, they will treat me worse. The will lock me up permanently, and I am not sure if I would be allowed back to Hogwarts."

"But Ginny, I don't think that I will be back at Hogwarts either!"

Ginny's eyes widened even more. "That's right... when you go, you will be caught and be locked up as well. We are both in the same position. What are we going to do about that?" she asked, lifting an eyebrow.

Harry started to smile. "We'll form a team, the two of us. We'll study the magic from the books we have here, and both of us will become a force not to be ignored. And when anyone tries to subdue us, they will have big problems."

Harry looked at Ginny expectantly.

Ginny smiled. "I like that very much, Harry."

"There is a slight problem, though," he said frowning.

Ginny's eyebrows went up. "What problems are those?"

"I finished already my OWLS, you haven't. If you don't mind, we are going to instruct ourselves, so that we can become more independent. Then we are going to hire teachers who are going to teach us the material for OWLS and NEWTS. What about that?"

"Alright, that sounds great."

"Sirius left me some things, one of them is a lot of money, then he left me Grimmauld Place, and he left me my emancipation. I'm adult according the law. Because I have a lot of money, we are going to travel a bit to buy a lot of stuff. What about that, Gin?"

"But Harry, that money is ..."

Harry touched her lips with his hand. "Hush. My money means nothing to me. But in this situation it is easy and it helps us a lot. My money is your money as well. Without it, we have some serious problems."

"Well Harry, I feel very uncomfortable taking your money."

"You don't have any choice, Gin. " He smiled a devilish smile. "I have an idea. First thing I need to teach you some runes, and the most important one is the invisibility rune. That makes you invisible, that even Dumbledore is not able to see you."

"I have a better idea. Why don't we study the rune magic and Parselmouth first, and I learn what you know, then we go," Ginny said with a wide smile.

"Deal," Harry said.


"Listen to this, Ginny. All spells in this section of the book about Parseltongue are about large surface manipulations. Here is a spell which will remove all vegetation from a surface ... wow ... one square kilometer! Here's another spell which burns everything with hellfire ... also one square kilometer. And look at this! This one removes twenty centimeters from a large surface, and this removes all living beings over one square kilometer."

Ginny was reading a book about enhancements from the Black library.

"Harry, do you have a moment?"

"Of course I do, Gin."

"I am reading here a book about enhancements using rituals. And there is one ritual, which might be of interest for the both of us."

"Rituals? You mean with blood and-"

"Not with this ritual," Ginny interrupted. "The ritual only uses the blood of the recipients, a lot of spells, concentration, and time. It takes about two hours to complete it."

"What ritual are you talking about?" Harry asked, now more interested.

"The ritual is called 'Mind Powering'. It requires two people."

"What does the ritual do?"

"Both of us have nightmares, which become only worse every night. And you have the problem of lacking protection of your mind against Voldemort. And both of us have the problem with occlumency or rather, the lack of it.

"This ritual will take care of several things. First it makes it impossible that anyone is reading our minds, your mind link with Voldemort is included. Second, it will take care of the other thing, like the nightmares. When you have a nightmare, you 'jump' to my mind. The same for me of cause, when I have the nightmare, I 'jump' to you."

"What do you mean by 'jumping'?" Harry asked.

"Well ... you know that everyone dreams, not? When I have a nightmare, I jump to your mind and live through your dream, but with the both of us."

"Both of us?"

"Yes, you will see suddenly me with you, when you are dreaming. In case you have a nightmare as well, you feel much better with me next to you."

"But my nightmares are terrible!"

"My nightmares are terrible too, but I would feel much better if we were together."

Harry was thinking. "But what happen when I have a dream about ... you know ... girls?"

"Do you have wet dreams, Harry?" laughed Ginny. "But I don't mind. For sure it is better than a nightmare and maybe we'll have fun!"

Harry was blushing furiously.

Ginny looked at him contemplating and then back to her book. "Never mind." She continued to read.

But Harry was reconsidering the idea. He liked to have protection against those mind fuckers like Dumbledore and Voldemort. Voldemort was for sure sending him all those images of his murdering all the families last week, and those were terrible. If such ritual existed, and it would give him protection against him, that would be a blessing from above.

Also, he knew that Ginny had nightmares because of Voldemort, and it would be perfect for her as well. The alternative would be learning occlumency, and that was a mind-numbing prospect and it also required teachers. They would never find a way to protect their minds unless they found teachers and they would need a lot of time and training. If that ritual could made them immune against mind tampering and reading, it would be perfect.

"Ginny, it is a perfect idea and I love it. You're a genius," he said.

Ginny looked up surprised from her book. "Do you mean that, Harry?"

He nodded.

"But what about our dreams ... they might be very personal."

"I don't mind," Harry said.

"When do you want to start?" Ginny asked excitedly.


Ginny took the book, paged back to the proper page, took some parchment, and wrote down the incantations. "Find me a ritualistic knife and we need to go to a bedroom with a bed, because we need to lay down for this to work."

Suddenly she deflated. "I can't do any magic, because of the under aged restrictions."

Harry laughed. "Of course you can. This place is untraceable and magic cannot be detected within this house."

Ginny looked happily up again. "Ok, let's go."

Harry went to search for a ritual knife, and Ginny was copying the incantations. After an hour of searching, Harry went back to the library. He took Ginny, the parchment and the book and went to the bedroom, which was used by Ginny and Hermione last year. There, they went to the bed and placed everything on the table next to the bed.

"What do we do?" Harry asked Ginny.

Ginny took the knife in her hand. "First I need to make a small cut in your arm. I will do the same. Then we need to lie down on bed on our backs, lying next to each other. I will say the incantations, which will take about ten minutes, then we need to wait for about two hours, and that is it."

"That is it, Ginny? When we wait for two hours, can we talk?"

"No, no talking."

"And what happens when we fall asleep?"

"We won't fall asleep, and we're not supposed to talk. The ritual will take care of everything."

"Ok, let's start," Harry said.

Ginny made a small cut with the knife in Harry's arm. She did the same with hers. With her wand she murmured an incantation. Their arms were bound together, the wounds were closely together, and their blood was mixing. They lay down on the bed next to each other and waited.

Then Ginny started to chant the long spells from the parchment she had copied and after ten minutes she was finished.

Harry, in the meantime, fell asleep because of her monotone voice and woke up with a start. He was dizzy, and he felt a band tightly wrapped around his forehead. Then he felt the girl next to him. The fuzzy pain of the cut in his was vaguely noticeable, but he felt a presence ... wild and innervating, refreshing, full of fire. Wow, that was Ginny! But she was warm and caring as well, a feeling of a mother washed over him and he felt himself being cared for, being hold, being loved.

Harry was living in a bliss, that for a long time. The night came, and went, the morning sun was shining through the window, replaced by the afternoon rain, and it became dark again, night fell and the morning sun arrived.

Harry and Ginny woke from the trance like state. Harry looked to the girl next to him. "If your brothers would see us now, they would kill me," he said smiling to Ginny.

Ginny smiled back. "That was a rough trip, wasn't it, Harry?"

Harry nodded. "Yes it was, and it was precisely like you said Gin, only two hours."

Ginny giggled. "You can't believe everything what a girl is telling you, Harry. Sometimes they take things the other way, not?"

Harry climbed out of the bed, and held his hand for Ginny to grab. "Let's eat, I'm starving!"

Harry and Ginny walked down the stairs to the kitchen. Ginny made sandwiches and sat down and started to eat.

"Do you feel any different, Harry?" Ginny asked worriedly.

"No, not a thing," he said. "Did you have those feelings, Gin? I mean, during the ritual after your incantations, I felt very nice. I think I felt your presence. "

"I think I felt that too ... I mean, your presence."

Both of them were smiling to each other. "Let's get to work then," Ginny said.


Mad-Eye Moody was laughing his head off. It was a very long time that he had so much fun.

"Albus, you are seen as the greatest wizard alive. Voldemort is the most powerful wizard alive. The Ministry has most of the aurors. The Order has the best specialized wizards and witches. And what are we doing? All of us are hunting for two teenagers, who are living in a hidden house which was our headquarters, and there is not a thing what anyone can do!"

"Ha, hahahahahahaha, HA HA

"And the only thing what you all can do is making declarations how bad those teenagers are, how evil and dark they are, how big of a criminals they are?" Mad-Eye continued.

"Do you have a better idea, Alastor?" Dumbledore replied dryly.

The retired auror paused. "Better idea? Why do you think I have any idea?"

"I know you Mad-Eye, when you laugh like that, you know something what nobody does," Dumbledore said.

"That I do indeed," Mad-Eye said. "The reason why you can't go in Grimmauld Place is because Potter is the owner ... and as the owner he can invoke the magic of the house and remove anyone, and that he did. And the reason why you can't break into the house is because it is defended by runes. That is all I know."

Dumbledore looked surprised. Runes ... he never considered the use of runes. And how was it possible that Potter knew something about runes and where could he have that information from?

"How do you know that runes are involved?" Dumbledore asked Mad-Eye.

"I see the barely visible traces of runes with my magical eye, Dumbledore. That is why."

"Why did you not tell me earlier, Alastor?"

"I never paid attention and I never believed that it was possible to perform rune magic. The last person who performed rune magic died eighty years ago and the knowledge of rune magic disappeared.

"I could not find an answer to how that Potter boy was able to stop us from entering Grimmauld Place, unless he was using something else. When I looked, I saw the vague traces of runes and then it clicked."

Dumbledore nodded somberly. "It is now ten days that both of them have disappeared. We are not even sure if Harry is at Grimmauld Place. I am not even sure if Ginerva Weasley is with him. She simply disappeared when she arrived at King's Cross railway station."

"But King's Cross railway station is close to Grimmauld Place, so we can assume that they are still there. Unless they crept away from us, then I don't know."

"Tomorrow is the birthday of Ginny Weasley, and Molly is upset," Dumbledore said.

"Isn't she angry at young Potter for kidnapping her only daughter?"

"She doesn't think that Harry kidnapped Ginerva," Dumbledore replied with a smile. "She thinks that Ginerva ran away and is somewhere in the countryside, near the place where her uncles had lived."

"What do you think, Dumbledore?"

"I think that Ginerva went to Harry. They probably exchanged owls. I think that she went to King's Cross railway station, Harry picked her up and they disappeared in Grimmauld Place, and that they are still there." Dumbledore smiled.

"I truly hope that Ginny has her virginity intact after they show up, whenever that is. She has many older brothers and they would not be too pleased with Potter if that happens," Mad-Eye smirked. "What do you plan to do when you can catch Potter?"

Dumbledore was looking pensive for a moment. "I'm going to lock him up, Alastor. And the 'key' will be hidden, that boy will not surprise me anymore, and he will also not be able to run away. He will stay under my control until the final battle with Voldemort has finished."

"Well Dumbledore. There is the other possibility that you did not consider, yet. It is truly possible that the Potter boy will surprise you so much; that you might burn all your bridges and there will be no way you can control him anymore.

"There is also the possibility, which I think very likely to happen, that he will disappear from the magical world and you will never see him again. If that is the case, what are you going to do then? You are gambling with high stakes, Dumbledore. "

Dumbledore became irritated. "What is with you, Alastor? I understand that you like the boy, but to tell that I go too far with him is a bit too much to accept from you."

"No Dumbledore. Everyone who is able to perform magic with runes is a very powerful wizard. From what I understand, he did perform rune magic. I know he is intelligent, resourceful, and smart. With the firecracker Weasley next to him, they will be a force, which might burn your behind, Dumbledore, maybe much more than that. Have a good day."

And Mad-Eye moody left the room while with a cackling laugh.


A/N: damantaray is the beta reader of this chapter

A/N: Dreaming each other dreams, confrontation with the Order and pranking
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