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The Girl Next Door.

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This is not an Andy story, first off. And it's also different from my other two stories, so be nice because it'll get good. Tracy Wright is the girl next door (literally). She's smart, she's se...

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There he is.

I watched as the familiar headlights made a right onto Forest Ave. I knew his car all too well and I've been sitting in front of this window waiting for it to do exactly what it was doing right now. My neck stretched towards the window to count when he was at the third house away. This was my cue to start heading outside. The mail had been waiting for about 3 hours now, waiting to be picked up. I don't go outside unless he's there to see me. His blue car pulled into his driveway as I started to walk down mine.

Okay walk slower, walk slower. It usually takes him about 4 minutes to get out of the car. Act natural. Flip your hair. Hands in the pocket. You look good. You look damn good.

I opened the door to the mailbox and took time to rumage through the junk mail that was now cold from sitting in there for so long. I heard the car door open, a few seconds went by, and it slammed shut.

Don't make it obvious.

I still managed to pretend to look at the envelopes with my parents' names on them. Bills, debts, payments that will never be made.

Don't these people realize that both Jane and Alexander Wright are dead? These bills will never be paid. Leave me the fuck alone, its not my problem to pay their debt. Dumb parents.

Well, that was kinda a lie. My parents arn't dumb, well, weren't. I loved them very much. They were just a little careless when it came to spending money. I was told I didn't have to pay their debt because it wasn't my problem, but these credit card companies still insist on sending me pointless letters. Way to kill trees.

Okay this is it!

He got his mail too and was making his way to the house. We were almost parallel. I turn around and act surprised.

"Oh! Hey Joe!!"

He politely smiles at me. I know he wants me. It's obvious.

"Hey Tracy - what's going on?"

I flash him a flirtatious smile and don't answer him. I play it cool. The typical girl next door type.
He loves me, I know he does.


This is different from my last 2 stories and I promise you it gets good and its not the typical bubblegum kinda teeny love story.

ACCK ps - I don't know why its doing this thing with the chapter and skipping the summary part. It's really annoying.

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