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no summary just read very beutiful

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Today I stopped to breathe in air and for a moment caught so rare
I ventured forth upon the surf and found what ne'er no one had turfed.
A tiny village, a hamlet green where people long ago had seen;
The ebb and flow of blue lit shores
A lover's place need say no more

Yet here I stopped to tary long with the dreams born upon my song
Amazement one could say did grace upon my pretty yet tired face;
For here along this shore so far without a moat or motor car
I felt the call of long ago of peace and love and dreams foretold.
And there I sat

Picked up the writer's pen and shared this thought of praise
Left behind the mortal bonds so tied and let my voice raise
Look behind the waters edge from sky so blue and green of hedge
Can You see the dreamers sleep there on hill beside the keep?
The flowers bloom surround them so as they rest in warmth, a ray a glow.
Sitting here in Peace

One dreamer's thought reached out for the other
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